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FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make sure that my idea / invention will be safe from those who may want to steal it?
123 Inventions: (Previously we would have given you this answer:) *Gather all the information you have on your idea. Write it all down. Include pictures, graphs, and any other important information. Make a copy of all this material. Seal that copy of the material in a large heavy duty envelope. Go to your local post office, and send that package to yourself certified mail. When you receive it, DO NOT open it. Sign for it, and keep it in a safe place. What this has done is given you a postmarked, certified registered mail receipt that you indeed had this idea on the date in which that sealed package is postmarked. (Some call this a "poor man's patent.") So if there were any issues that may arise from that point on, you could use this sealed package as evidence that you had that particular idea since at least the date that was postmarked on it. It is not a fail-safe method, but in some circumstances it could be helpful.

* But after further investigation into the matter our opinions have changed. So basically it stands like this: The "poor man's patent" is not a valid piece of material to be used as evidence for a inventor, and will NOT standup to the test of the courts - so save your postage stamp. Sorry to say.

Click here for a sample confidentiality agreement information.

What does 123Inventions think of my idea?
123 Inventions: We do have our own minds, and opinions, but we are not investors, and it is not our job to analyze your invention. That will be up to the investors that view your invention. Your idea/invention is yours, you should think highly of it. Your idea is unique and original. If it were not, someone would have already patented it by now. You should be proud of that. The attitude that you communicate to potential investors will be detected. That is a very important aspect of communication with the investor(s). So basically what we or anyone else thinks about your idea is irrelevant, until it comes down to the point of buying or investing in it. The person and/or company that is seeking new ideas will find yours, you just have to be patient sometimes. Do you think that all investors thought that the pet rock idea would be a success? I think not. But one investor did think so, and took that chance, and it was successful. That inventor made millions of dollars. Sure the inventions didn't last long, but never-the-less they did become richer from it.

How much do you think my idea/invention is worth, or how much should I sell it for?
123 Inventions: We (123 Inventions) are not in the business of buying ideas and/or inventions. The amount that an idea is worth will be different with each interested investor. If it is a highly sought after invention, then obviously it will generate more worth then an idea that will only interest a small group of people. This reflects the age-old adage 'Supply and Demand'. You have to communicate the want and need for your idea to them (the investors). You have to show them what the benefits will be to them by having your idea turned into reality. The way you present your idea is the key to the worth of your idea. We personally cannot tell you what your particular invention is worth.

Is My idea worth posting, or worth the effort to showcase it on 123 Inventions?
123 Inventions: How many times have you seen a new invention and said to yourself, 'I thought of that idea before'? Well, this is a prime example of having an idea and not following through with it. If you do not take the opportunity to take advantage of your idea(s), then someone else will. Your idea is worth posting, because it is unique. 123 Inventions gets a lot of traffic from inventors and investors from around the world. The opportunity for you is great, if you make your idea available, by having it showcased here at 123 Inventions. You will only be performing a small task, not a big effort to get your submission(s) placed here. You will also be spending very little money for the service provided, this alone should make it worth your while.

Can 123 Inventions help me find a manufacturer and/or investor for my idea?
123 Inventions: We can help you, but not instantly or directly usually. The way we will help is by showcasing your idea here at 123 Inventions for you. Your Idea will be presented in a professional manner on the most popular invention web site on the Internet. Here the manufacturer's and/or investors will have many opportunities to view your submission. When they see your idea, and the potential that it has to become the next great invention, then they will/may contact you directly. You won't need to find them. 123 Inventions will not be involved with the communications between inventor and investor, that is strictly private. 123Inventions is the breaking ground, for inventor and investor to come together.

Should I get a patent?
123 Inventions: The best answer for most people is "No". Although about 95% of all patent applications filed eventually get a patent issued to them, Probably less then 5% of these actually generate income or provide significant advantages for the inventor. For individual inventors, the percentage is probably even less. Thus, from a statistical standpoint, it is highly unlikely that you will make money just from having your idea patented. You might as well play the lottery. A patent and patent search is a very costly endeavor. The average inventor doesn't usually have the funds to follow through with the patent process, and costs that are involved.

Whether or not an invention makes money for the inventor depends on the quality and demand of the invention itself, and also the amount of effort that the inventor puts into the invention. A great invention, no matter how great, will waste away from lack of inventor involvement with regard to development, prototyping, and marketing.

On the other hand, a mediocre invention will probably not succeed no matter how much it is developed or promoted. A patent will not cause the invention to succeed or fail, in and of itself. The patent will only provide you with ownership rights to the underlying invention concept. It may be helpful in preventing others from copying your invention, or it may be useful when the time comes to sell your inventions to a business. However, the patent, by itself, will not make you money just by having it. The underlying invention must be able to stand strongly by itself, with regards to its benefits for the consumer.

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