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Confidentiality Agreement

If you show your idea to a potential investor, you will want them to sign a confidentiality agreement of some sort so that you are protected from having your idea(s) stolen. We recommend having a lawyer draw you up an agreement that you can use. If you prefer to do this on your own, you may view the agreement I made (below) and revise it to fit your needs. This agreement has never been viewed or approved by a lawyer. It is something I wrote up myself so I would have some protection when showing my invention idea to a potential investor. We are in no way claiming that this agreement is legally binding. You are welcome to use it as you wish. Simply click the link below and then Save.

Download Example of Confidentiality Agreement - MS Word Format

This is a Word document. You can view and edit it in Microsoft Word or other compatible programs.

Good luck!
Ron Landry

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