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Submit Your Invention

Thanks for visiting 123 Inventions. If you would like to submit your own  invention to be listed/posted on the Invention Listings pages, you may email 123inventions@gmail.com and we will add your invention idea to the web site. (Please limit the length to around 100 words or so, also pictures or drawings are ok to add to the listing as well.) Please word it in a way as to entice investors or companies to want to know more about it. They may then contact you directly through the contact info you provide. There is no middleman. 123inventions is not involved with interactions between inventor and investor. Do not ever offer up more information than necessary. There are too many con artists in the world. When you do feel comfortable with someone that has contacted you, make sure you get them to sign a confidentiality agreement, or something that will prove that you indeed had the idea first. Mailing your idea to yourself and not ever opening it is not a perfect plan. Others have tried that method and failed, thinking it would prove they had the idea first, but it didn't hold up in court.

We're sorry, but we cannot answer questions about inventions or give specific advice. We have lots of good advice on this website that will be helpful to inventors, so please check the site out. If you don't find what you are looking for, you can send us a short email.

NOTE: When typing your invention listing, please use your best grammar and spelling skills. DO NOT WRITE IN ALL CAPS or your submission will not be accepted. Please put some thought into this before you write it. Type it as though it were a school paper, not an email or chat message. You want it to look as professional as possible so that investors will think you're smart. Don't use slang or chat speak, and please proofread your submission a few times before you email it. I realize this is a lot of information for the smart people to have to read, but you wouldn't believe the amount of poorly-written submissions we get from well-intentioned people.

Please enter any contact info that you would like published with your invention listing: phone number, fax number, email address, mailing address, social media link, etc. Be aware that putting your email address on a public website can result in spammers adding your address to their lists. You are not required to include any contact info that you don't want to include, but you need at least one way to contact you in case someone is interested and wants to buy your invention.

Submissions should be emailed to 123inventions@gmail.com.

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