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Cool New Interesting Invention Gadgets


Laptop Stand

Sound Insertion for Cell Phones

Fake Call for Cell Phones

Carbot Computer for the Car

Wherify GPF Locator Watch

Wherifone GPF Locator Phone

Splashpower Battery Charger

Towel Warmers

Affordable Granite Counters

Formica Honed Counters

Stainless-Steel Backsplash

Glass Block Shutters

Rainbow LED Candles

Lumenae Candles

Auto Cup Holder Storage

Bar Code Scanner for the Home


Infrared Remote-controlled Smoke Alarm

Self-Cleaning Windows

Wonder Vase

Mushroom Chair

Panton Classic Chair

Parabel Dining Table

Womb Chair

Vivid View Screens for Windows

GeoDecor - Meteorites, Fossils, for the home

Vibrating Home Theater Device

Custom Tile Murals

Portable Fireplace

Maya Romanoff's Wallcoverings

Portable Walls

Crypton Super-Tough Fabric

Home Automated Living


Silicone Baking Cups

Ornate Refrigerator Trim

Save Your Wine


Carver - The Most Athletic Car in the World

Toyota Prius - Hybrid Car

Stacking Cars in the Garage



Magnetic Soap Holders

Séura™ Television Mirror

Jeweled Sinks


Children's Chalk Mats

Laser Spy Games

Combination Word Lock


Air Conditioning for the Great Outdoors

SwiMP3 Water Music


Berkeley Lower Extremity Exoskeleton (BLEEX)

Rubber Sidewalks



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