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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Ronnie C. Landry
The Flag Banner
(423) 584-0124

My idea will replace car/vehicle flags that you see attached to a vehicles side window. The original flags do not function the way they were meant to.  The good thing is, the general public caught on, and bought the idea. That company makes millions in profits. The customer's wants are already established. My invention is a better idea, that will improve an already existing product. My idea will cost half the price for production that the flag/banners cost.

Luis Martinez
Automotive Safety Innovation
Three-Piece Interior Rear View Mirror Assembly
817 East Plaza St. Weslaco, TX
(956) 472-6785, (956) 968-6391

Automotive Safety Research and Development is a constant process of progress our lives depend on. My U.S. Patent # 6,588,911 B-1, is one of many Automotive Safety Innovations that will elevate the Automotive Industry to a higher quality of Safety Standards. I would like to offer an Investment Opportunity for a portion of the proceeds my Patent will generate for a determined period for time, backed with a money back plus interest guarantee.

Athannael Anderson
Project Director

 Here at C³ Development we have invented a device capable of projecting electrical fields around the entities in possession of the device. We are waiting 10 days for a response before we sell this technology to the military, I look forward to hearing back from you.

Mr. Lee C. Richerson II
2532 Centinela Ave unit 2
Los Angeles, California
cell 425 974 0480
message phone: 310 312 5025

Hello Potential Investors, My name is Lee Richerson II I am an Inventor, I have New a product that does not exist on planet Earth. Sounds bold. Well just the facts . My new product " Pool watcher, Watches the bottom of your pool with a fisheye camera lens, incased in a protective waterproof invisible liner. it floats on the surface and runs on solar panels recharges itself all the time , The fisheye camera is wireless and with the pool watcher application you can send the live camera feed of your pool to your G4 phone, IPhone, IPad, HDTV ect. So you can look at your pool bottom no matter where you may be. 24 hour live feed at your fingertips, plus you can arm or disarm the pool Watcher alarm from your laptop,G4 Iphone ect. the alarm also sounds off directly from the pool watcher as well! It can give the pool owner more peace of mind knowing that they can see the pool bottom from there phone or hear it right at the pool on the water. I'm looking for investors who are willing to help me finish the prototype, help with marketing, distribution, and retailers as well. I'm asking for 250.000 for 33% of the net profits. See attachments. Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions, Thank you for your consideration!


Dobby, Robert

I have been in the Army for about 9 years now and after constant days, months and years of using the same old equipment with no new upgrades or changes to conserve or lower the use of fuel, they consistently require more the next day than the day prior. While working in a field environment we primarily have to use Generators to provide power to our ever growing technology. The demands are getting ever more increasing. I think that there are other ways to conduct the battlefield operations when it comes to power restrictions and fuel consumption. By creating a new line of generators that power themselves through and solar means.
By in-casing a typical large room fan with three or four wind turbines allowing the batteries that are held underneath in a sliding draw for maintenance. You can in-fact have a generator that is completely self sustaining. Now given that there may be an issue of output power of the wind turbines and power consumption from the batteries to ensure there is a steady flow of juice to the batteries you can place several flexible solar panels on the top of the generator to provide that little bit of extra umph. I have a paint document with a small design it how it may turn out to look or with other modifications it gives at least a starting point. To begin research and development of the future way to provide power to the masses.

Robert Dobby Invention

Mike Snook & Joyce Holderman
Picture Perfect Designer Blinds
La Mirada, California USA
(562) 903-5974

Our invention is a line of window blinds which are decoratively painted in a variety of unique and traditional designs. Design intent is to improve existing blinds as well as capitalize on the opportunity to provide more visual interest. These blinds feature a decorative picture which would be applied to the slats or panels. Pictures could be incorporated into one or both sides of the blind’s slats or panels. Great atmosphere and decorative enhancer.

Marvin Harding

Provisional patent application number: 61849940

A "Computer user pain relieving vest" is a garment which prevent or alleviate pain while using a computer. It provides support to the neck, shoulder area, chest, upper and lower extremities in the back while using a computer for an extended period of time.

A "Computer user pain relieving jacket" is a garment which prevent or alleviate pain while using a computer. It provides support to the neck, shoulder area, chest, upper and lower extremities in the back, along with the arm region while using a computer for an extended period of time.

I have absolutely no doubts about its ability. I have not been able to get it into the right hands so I thought I would ask for your assistance if Possible?

It will benefit millions if not billions of people who suffer from pains from use of a computer. It will benefit mankind in the computer environment we live in today.

This invention is very unique and new, looking to license manufacturer's a product that will be very popular and profitable amongst the masses. Its an untapped market for compression garments. I know for a fact it will benefit man kind, especially in the work force. This is the potential market for my invention. Just click on the URL below:

http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm ((approximate internet users in the world))

Not only in the USA, but around the world! Studies have shown that computer users, 65 TO 70% and upwards suffer from pains my invention treats!

Once people hear the name of the invention it will resonate. It will be a hot item based on its use. Who doesn't want to get rid of pain???

Allen J. Solomon
Chinnock Cottage
 58 Grange Gardens
Pinner, Middlesex, UK HA55QF
0044 208 933 7108

GoBrush - The latest hypogenic toothbrush. It is non-mechanical and designed with convenience, hygiene, price and attraction in mind. As dentists recommend that toothbrushes should not be used for longer than 2 months it can be adapted. The market potential is unlimited ranging from travel to children. I am the inventor, and hold a world patent with all the rights to this product. Looking for a company to manufacture.

See Full page description with picture, Great invention!

Arthur Gabriele
87-26 Woodhaven Blvd
Woodhaven, NY 11421
Ph: 718 849-2830

I’m seeking a partner for my patent pending invention. It has been in progress for 2 years. I am retired and can no longer make the payment to answer the actions and pay the fees. It is filed in 5 countries beside here. The UK, Germany, Canada, China and India. It’s a shower faucet that can be replaced without breaking the wall or the tile.
There’s a big market for it. It has cost me 37K so far. There isn’t much time, To avoid paying late fees imposed by the PTO, a response to this Office Action must be filed by October 27, 2011

Roy P. Conley
Conley” keyboard support fixture/stand
750 Songbird Street.
Elyria, Oh  44035-1819 USA
(440) 365-1819

My “Conley” keyboard support fixture/stand has been developed for use by persons who are afflicted with an upper body weakness. The stand is usable in various positions with the height and angle adjustable, and different leg shapes. A forearm support of various widths is available as may be requested by the user. With Patent Pending on my invention, I am looking for investors to complete a business plan, and eventually bring my product to worldwide market. Custom-made stands are available, as shown at my web site, to buys at this time.

Mike L
Boulder, Colorado
money2investnow at gmail dot com

I have several inventions that will no doubt make millions of dollars with under a 50k investment. At no point do I need to control the money. Rather than give a vague description of my inventions I feel it is more important to let you know that I have a 142 IQ, and graduated HS at age 16. No offense to any other of the other inventors, but I am certain that I can give you the highest ROI, period! If you are a investor seeking a invention to invest in I am the person you want to contact!

James Fyfe

I have invented a chest/tricep workout device that is unlike anything on the market today. It is called the Chest Rocker and it currently protected under a US Patent. This device is compact and can be used/taken anywhere. The Chest Rocker works out pectoral muscles that get neglected by just doing traditional pushups. It could be manufactured at a low cost as there are no moving parts or electronic components. I have built working prototypes and a demonstration video is available upon request. I am in the process of marketing and trying to sell this product.


Dave & Annette

hi, let me start by saying if Tepco would have built there 6 nuclear power stations in Japan to my specs, the accident would have not happened. I have designed a nuclear power plant that would not be affected. for instance, lets say a conventional nuke plant became a terrorist target, and was hit by a cruise missile, or suffered from a earthquake 3 times as powerful as Japans. I know for a fact that no backup safety system would operate in theses conditions. where as my design is safe, so safe that backup safety measures are not required, due to the fact that my system uses nuclear energy correctly. but however I see that Germany is dropping plans to consider nuclear development and plans on spending billions on new alternative designs on electricity manufacturing. I can just imagine what a typical household is going to spend on power bills yikes. please note investors (my work is fully money back guarantee)


Steve & Stephanie Gross

I have the patent pending on a gas-powered, motorized skateboard attachment that will go on almost any skateboard, and can be removed easily at will. We would like to make it a realistic option for everyone, and are seeking a partner/investor. Our website has more information as well as videos, and we would be happy to answer any questions, anytime. Thank You for your time and consideration!

Amber Kostecki.
2910 s. 61st st.
Milwaukee, WI 53219

Have you ever had a coffee from (insert coffee place here) and then drove home and realized that you had to carry not only your coffee, but also 7 library books and several bags of groceries? You could not possibly all of that without dropping something or spilling your coffee.

With my invention, you can carry your coffee in a hands-free, made from recycled materials, reusable, dishwasher-safe holder, without worry of spilling even a drop.

Also, on the same note, ever go to a coffee shop and buy three or four coffees and take them home in the stores hand out cup holders, then throw out the cup holder as soon as you don't need it? Well, with this other invention, you can take to home or work your coffees in a reusable, made from recycled materials container, while at the same time forging the stores throwaway cup holder and saving the earth.

Roger M.

I'm Roger, I'm 21,I'm from Phoenix, AZ. Plain and simple, I'm currently trying to get my business plan and patent my invention. This Idea will take movies into the next generation. This will be the next big thing. Better than the DVD Player, Red box, Netflix, and blockbuster. Combined. I just need some help and financial backing being a big part. I was going to use a companies submission package until I was told they take around 15% of my earnings. This honestly being a 100+ million, possibly Billion dollar idea. That is not sitting to well with me. It's been real difficult for me because I'm a real amateur to all of this. But my visions and dreams won't allow me to give up. But I need an investor/partner to help me for a smaller percentage for their financial backing. I'm 100% legit. I'm not B'sing with anyone and I'm not looking for it as well. If your interested please reply back and give me your percentage number. If it sounds reasonable I will reply back. Then we can set up a meeting or something. I'm real confidential about something like this, so you must be NDA friendly. Once you hear me out, if and only If you love it. Which, I strongly believe you will. Then we can work together and get the ball rolling as they say. All I ask is for the opportunity to share my dreams with you. Since this may lead to a long term partnership, I'm looking for good people like myself.

Randy J. Abel
Phone 888-506-5224

Most ear piercing is performed using an instrument that "shoots" a blunt starter earring through the ear lobe. Professional piercers use a hollow needle to do the piercing, which
takes excess tissue with it - a much more desirable method.

My invention, PiercePro, uses a needle and medical-grade plastic sleeve, which is secured by a snapped-on disc. The excess sleeve needle, are cut off, into its own sharps container. The sleeve acts as a barrier, so the piercee can change earrings from day 1.

Danny Williams
A Variable Duration Camshaft - the Helical Camshaft.
+61 0249434473

The Helical Camshaft system allows the variation of an engine's valve opening duration to be achieved over an extremely wide range (typically more than 100 crankshaft degrees) with all the variation being at full valve lift. This is the only purely mechanical system of valve opening duration that has this capability. Many inventors (and car companies) make similar claims but the Helical Camshaft is actually the only system that can perform as claimed. This is the only mechanical system in the one hundred year plus history of the automobile that can vary the duration in this way - and the Helical Camshaft may well be the only mechanical method by which genuine wide-range duration variation can be achieved.
The following links give more detail and information on the system: http://helicalcamshaft.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helical_camshaft (More background information on the Wiki article "Talk" page as well). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Variable_valve_timing (The whole article is interesting but the "Types - Purely Mechanical" is especially relevant).

The camshaft system can also be demonstrated running to anyone who is interested. The "live" demonstration is essentially that which is shown on the Helical Camshaft website short video segments. There are also several other variable valve timing systems that may be of interest (some applicable to V-8 pushrod engines) - but the Helical Camshaft is by far the most capable. Thank You. Regards, Danny Williams.

Alex Romano
Project Director

Vacuum Battery - a device for high energy storage based on the Electron Cloud principle. Please take a look at the pictures on the following page: http://innovate.naturemethod.com The lab device can be converted into an industrial product. To manufacture the Battery no new material or technology is needed. We search for an investor to complete the project.
The invention can be patented into the name of investor's company. Please do not hesitate contacting us. We will answer your any question.

Donald Harkness
Self Sustaining Generator

My idea is a self sustaining generator that does not use fuel or oil. It is fume free, eco friendly and runs quieter than conventional generators making it a great idea for use in the military, camping trips, during power outages and more. I'm would rather not explain my idea on here for it to be stolen. Please contact me via e-mail if you are interested.

Charles Stowers

Trillion Dollar Idea! I could use some help if you're not too busy. I have a state-of-the-art electronic new method to recover crude oil too thick to pump by conventional methods. 67% of the hydrocarbons are left behind when an oil well is considered pumped dry on average. That's 300 billion barrels in the USA alone. This apparatus will recover approximately 96% of that 67%.Any questions? Best regards, Charles Stowers

Peter Zimler

The invention works when the engine is off and the outside temperature is below freezing. It is powered by a lithium ion battery and is deactivated when the engine is started. If the temperature and humidity sensors sense that the conditions are right for the formation of ice or frost, gas tubes inset into the outer window and windshield molding emit far infrared rays,7-14 microns (which is completely safe for all living things) warming the glass and metal surfaces to about 110F, preventing the formation of ice or frost on said surfaces. Please go to my website ice-buster.com. Please click on "Background and Description of the Invention" for all the details. Please click on "Virtual Prototype" to view a flash animation. I believe that millions of people worldwide (US, Canada, Europe, China) would love my invention. One would not have to use an ice scraper to scrape the ice and frost off the windows, windshields and mirrors of the car. A precipitation sensor senses the presence of snow. I received a utility patent on August 24,2010.(US7,783,400B1)

Julio Espino

I have an all natural recipe that has been in my family for 5 generations, when it was handed to me, to my surprise no one had even attempted to Put it on the market. This recipe is can be manipulated and re-structured so it can also be a Conditioner, Leave in Treatment, Gel and muse, Just to name a few. The way it works is simple 1. Apply to the scalp directly and massage in before taking a shower (5 to 10 min). 2. Rinse. That simple.

The recipe helps strengthen the hair and depending on one’s body chemistry, Hair Re-grows where hair once was. In some people, the hair may grow quicker than others. Thank you for your consideration and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Yara Hassaan

What if we didn't need to use mouthwash after we brushed because it came out of our toothbrush anyway? Instead of wasting time in the morning which we usually don't have! I suggest we manufacture a toothbrush that can hold toothpaste and mouth wash all at the same time. It will be hollow so that it in itself can be used as a compartment to hold the mouth wash. After the client brushes his/her teeth, pressing a certain button located below the brush will release the mouth wash into the mouth. And voila! Mission accomplished.

D.W. Major
Zero Emission Transportation Ltd
HK Tel: 63774836
London / Hong Kong

My patent is a new method of transportation that uses Air i.e. aviation technology on a specially designed Track. It uses Air Breathing Scramjet technology. This technology is clean and produces water as the only exhaust by using hydrogen as a fuel. The positive environmental impact of this system and its capabilities are astronomical. On my website there is more information about my work and a short introduction is below. zeroemissiontransportation.webs.com

Hypersonic Zero Emission Transportation The Airstream Train System is a new method of transportation that's a faster, safer, cleaner and cheaper solution for city, country and continental transportation. With small variations in design and speed it can be used in a low speed city environment to a high speed continental transportation system. The Airstream Train flies around the Track using cutting edge aviation technology. The Track is a hollow elliptical tube that provides a space for Internet, electricity, telephone, TV and even water to be supplied through it. It is easy to maintain and upgrade. It is a silent Transportation System that is faster than an airplane while producing water as the only exhaust.

New invention - Zero Emissions Transportation

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