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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Joanna M Bruzzese
3954 Coolcrest Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89103

The other night I was at a bar with a friend, and after a couple beers, sometimes I want a cigarette. However, never do I want to buy an entire pack, because then I am tempted to either smoke the whole pack in one night, or throughout the remainder of the week which is no good for the lungs. I have other friends who feel this way.

As a solution to this problem, my idea is the "Pop-a-Cig". The Pop-a-Cig would be identical in design to that of a straw dispenser, the only difference being that it would produce cigarettes instead of straws, and of course the customer would have to insert a coin/coins to eject the cigarette, similar to a tampon dispenser.

I think this idea would be wildly popular among America's youth. While I realize there are many campaigns focused on steering the public away from cigarettes, I feel this invention is both realistic and convenient for the casual drinker/smoker. You can get your nicotine fix and then walk away without having spent unnecessary money, or caused excessive damage to your lungs. I know this would be a great product if the cigarette companies would go for it.

Flemming Dahlin
Oevrevangen 2 Udsholt3230 Graested
Denmark Phone: +45 3052 0242

Please make mail request for additional information like Business Plan, Animated Video.

WISE~ relates to a Patent Pending, edge-breaking unique new Technology in the field flat panel displays. (FPD). The Methodology holds a fundamental divergence compared to the current Technologies present. This Technological Concept ensures an immense impact on this Market Segment and will provide an enormous opportunity for creating sustaining shareholder profit. In order to meet demands from OEM’s and VC’s we seek fundraising for manufacturing of a (POC)

Prototype. Capital needed - $400.000

One Giant Leap, LLC
1801 Century Park East, Suite 2400
Los Angeles, Ca, 90067

My company developed and patented the ParaBounce® Experience. To date, over 1,000,000 riders around the World have experienced the Lighter-Than-Air ballooning attraction and we have received worldwide news coverage. Numerous videos are available on our YouTube and Web page. (www.youtube.com/parabounce) (www.parabounce.com)

We are planning to launch permanent ParaBounce® facilities in popular amusement destinations in the form of huge air-inflated domes able to accommodate over twenty aerostat riders as they experience the patented ParaBounce entertainment innovation. Imagine being able to gently glide and fly through the air under your own power!

Over 4 million dollars in private funds have been invested in the company. We are seeking investors for our first permanent facility to be erected in Las Vegas. The investment sought is 12 million dollars. Complete business plans and additional information is available by request.

Google Search: "Parabounce" for more information and LIKE us on: Facebook.com/parabounce.


Adrian Farley
Ray City, GA 31645
Home: (229) 242-2569
Email: adrianfarley248@yahoo.com

I would like to submit two ideas for any investors who are interested in my ideas. My first idea is a toilet with a built in gas fan and an air freshener. I believe this invention would be a great idea for restaurants, airplanes, and buses ( mainly greyhounds and charters). The invention would work when gas is released into the toilet then the fan would turn on automatically and then release the air freshener when the toilet is flushed. My second idea would work in the medical field and family members who have patients or family members who are paralyzed from the neck down or anyone who can't take care of themselves. This invention is a motorized pulley with a cushioned harness for hoisting up those who are paralyzed so it could help in lifting up dead weight, so making it easier in cleaning, clothing, and taking strain off of those who have to care for the enabled. To any investors who are interested in my ideas please contact me via email or phone. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule reading my ideas.

Dave and Annette


Hi, now this is a amazing discovery that I have stumbled on. I shot a combination of lasers on one substance, then continued its path onto secondary substance “ that has been altered via nanotech ” then back on to another piece of the first substance. You should see what the outcome was, absolutely amazing. This new discovery could replace a certain type of a working process that is currently being used today in large volumes. The drawback of the currently used product, is not green what so ever “due to its poisons that are generated into the environment” whereas new replacement working process would be very green, or at least surpass original process by a large margin and several times easier to manufacture, including cost. I would consider employment with a interested manufacturer, that possesses a working environment suited to the said subject and materials needed to conduct.


Mr. Charley Johnson
Telephone 07949278502

My invention idea is called Alcoscan, its is a unit that can be fitted by all car manufacturers into vehicles, what Alcoscan would do is exactly what it says ,it scans for alcohol in the drivers breathe, the way it would work is as soon as the driver opens the drivers door and sits in the drivers seat the scan is activated and starts to analysis the drivers breathe for ,the amount of alcohol if any present. A reading is then sent to the unit and if the driver is below the legal driving units ,it allows the vehicle to be started .if the driver is over the legal alcohol limit a voice activated warning is sent out stating that the driver is not safe to driver, which in turn will with the use of a trip switch like an immobilizer .stop the vehicle from being started until a safe alcohol reading is detected.

I feel my idea would save thousands of lives on the road every year and prevent a lot of drives making what could be the biggest mistake of their lives and safe the heartache of many families.

Anybody Genuinely interest in either investing or buying the ideal which has been legally protected can contact me directly

Raymond Raye
(216) 825-5111
16715 Grovewood ave
 Cleveland, Ohio 44110

Hello my name is Raymond Raye an my invention is for high class cars and for people who need a little more security in there life pertaining to there vehicles. My invention is simply a thumb scanner on the outside of the door instead of a key or other things individuals use to open there door and also a scanner for the ignition instead of a simple button that anyone can access an if other people wish to also drive the car all the owner of the vehicle would have to do is simply enter the persons finger print into the built in GPS screens that now come in cars an thus by my invention would help prevent the percentage of stolen vehicles in America.

George De Vito

I have a product idea that is patent pending. My product closes the toilet seat after every visit(5 second after exit). This product helps to keep a sanitary toilet as well as limits access to water from small children or animals. My product can be added to existing toilets. This product should be able to be produced fairly inexpensive leaving room for a health profit margin. I am looking for an investment opportunity.

Anthony Anderson

My invention, the 'Surf N' Water Rodeo Ball'. a new water sports product innovation., designed to not only propel the water sporting activities of surfing to new levels of recreational fun & extreme challenge, it is also designed to launch -worldwide- the new water sporting activities & competitions of 'Watr Rodeo'.

Abiodun Quadri
Telephone: +2348066698882

Multi-swift washer is a scrubbing device used to scrub toilet and it alternative embodiment scrub floor finishes materials such as vitrifies tiles, marble, granite, carpet and rug. It just requires the user to press buttons on the board. This will carry out the scrubbing task in a fast and efficient manner. Multi-swift washer enables housewife and other person experience stress free scrubbing task in every bathroom in the home and restroom in public places.
Multi-swift washer put smile on the faces of every housewife and other person by providing sparkling clean toilet and floor in every home and restroom in public place without spending much time and cost. It eliminates laborious task, odor and seeing human waste. Multi-swift washer accomplishes multiple scrubbing tasks in a shortest time. It is safe to use and provides value for money. It is cheaper to produce and used.
We look forward to reliable contingency licensing practitioner that can help in license this product to manufacturer. This amazing product is open for licensing purpose and investor. Patent pending number GB1215639.4

Talib Janabi, Ph.D., P.Eng.
5636 Millbrook Lane,
Mississauga, Ontario,
Canada L5M 3X8

I have developed a new methodology of control (of industrial systems, machinery, equipment, etc.) in the field of fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence. The methodology was implemented as add-on software to MATLAB. This add-on is not available now, but independent software has been developed instead.

The system has been kept as industrial secret. Only one small part of it was registered as an invention in the US.

I am looking for help in licensing the technology or joint venture. If you deal with this area of technological development, please let me know so that I send you more information.

Melvin Johnson
88 Roht ST
Buffalo NY 14211

This Invention Allows One To Fish From The Bank Or Shore Of A Lake Or River. It Will Be Similar To A Fishing Boat With Down Riggers And Trolling Motor. The Troller/Receiver Will Have An Electric Motor, battery Pack, Propeller And Provision For Fishing line Connection. The Transmitter Will Have All The Electronics Needed To Control The FishTroller/Receiver Speed, Directions Etc.

Katie Popp

I am a new mother with an idea for an improvement to a widely used baby product. This concept will be a "must have" for all new parents who hate to miss those every day special moments. It is a simple idea that will sell. My friends and family are looking forward to buying one.

Peterson Rogers

The Snow & Ice Removal Truck is a heavy-duty service truck designed to provide comprehensive, effective winter maintenance on roads, highways, parking lots, runways, & freight terminals. Equipped with a range of features designed not only to remove and collect ice & snow from paved surfaces, but also to dispose of them as water, thus facilitating the process. This is a real major project involving billion of dollars. We're looking for real serious investors to license and manufacturer companies.

Benson Chanda

I am sure I have found a solution to the limitation of speed in electric cars and the quietness of their engine when they start or are moving. I have been able to come up with an idea on how to increase the power supply of an electric car. This by putting into a car a dynamo I call multi- cable, in that it has more coils and cables on it to generate more current when the magnet rotates. There is also the exhaust system. It mainly consists of a motor fan and pipes. It works in such a way that, the fan blows air into a build up chamber which then flows through the pipes to make the sound of a running engine. The motor fan is propelled in such a way that it responds to the power transmitted to the engine. I am asking from any investor who is willing, to please promote these ideas so that they can be applied to reality. I wish I could show you blue prints of the two, but i have limited resource.

Mr. Dennis Maroudas
2711864-1549 Res. 27721974511

This miracle show will prevent concussion leg fractures, like big city life and like many other race horses. We now have a incredible front leg protection shock absorbing shoe. Manufactured in South Africa, Patent number 910136. Tested by scientists at the Sabs proven that the shoe reduces the 5,000 kilos of deadly front leg bone fracturing concussion by a massive 50% and this reduction will prevent disaster and fatal breakdowns. This amazing shoe has also never ever failed to restore concussion crippled race horses to stride out and win races, plus they were kept racing sound. Approved and tested by t he JC.SA and by the J.C, of Australia. Here is concrete evidence trainers, B. Warren Cheyenne 7 wins in a row. D. Zaki Elegant Emperor 6 wins in a row. B Hayden, Dame Helen 3 wins. All three horses were crippled lame no hopers and were kept racing sound. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information. Poor horses can't speak. But, my leg saving shoe speaks for them.

New horse shoe invention helps horses.

Ikenna Samuel Umeh
(234)083-231844, GSM- 08036698053

You see, when I am traveling and I see two or more cars that collided, I always feel bad and at the same time I feel a little responsible for the accident. This is because I have got what it takes to put an end to it or rather the idea to stop all these road accidents. But you know that I cannot just give out the idea just like that because I have to make money out of it and also make a name out of my idea. Please contact me for more information.

Robert Powers
1021 Enfield St.
Enfield, CT 06082 USA
(860) 745-3784 or (413) 218-0083

95% of environmental damage happens to the top, ( i.e., trunk, hood, top ), of cars. Traditional car covers are bulky and time consuming. My invention is a portable or permanent retractable light weight car cover which protects vehicle from sun-fade, bird droppings, etc...A mere 20 seconds to cover car!!! People will use at work, the mall, etc., where damage happens!! Huge potential, plus advertising logo emplacement ensures secondary market success...Summer and winter applications.

Steve Mitchell
(252) 357-1843

Have you ever had a problem with tail lights on a trailer? I have talked to approximately fifty people who have utility and boat trailers, and got 99% excellent feedback. I am looking for someone who would like to invest and has knowledge about the invention process. Serious investors only please.

William Best
(330) 853-1398

My name is Tyler Best and I've been thinking about my invention idea for quite some time now. I have been an avid weightlifter and have been involved with fitness my entire life. As of a few months ago, I've became a personal trainer and an always looking for something new to learn about and teach my clients. I have chewed gum for many years and have always chewed while working out. I find it to be comforting to me and the people I train use gum for stress relief and even weight management. One day after looking online for new workout products, I can to the realization that I have never seen a product like a chewing gum that was solely intended to boost workout performances.
The idea that I would like to further pursue would be just that; a chewing gum that is able to boost mental and physical energy, have a long-lasting great taste, and to be shared by the entire fitness world! I have a lot more to say about this, so please contact me by this e-mail or by phone

Christopher Mabuwa

DOUBLE POT/PAN - A stove is one of the biggest contributors to a high energy bill. Now imagine cooking two different foods on the same stove plate at once. The double pot/pan will do exactly that. With one pan on top of another, it will make full use of heat energy that would have otherwise been lost. Primarily using the steam from the bottom pot, the top pan will absorb the heat energy through conduction.

TOOTH PASTE BEAUTIFIER - One of the silliest arguments that come between a husband and wife stem from the toothpaste tube. Someone (usually the husband) has squeezed it in an untidy way. This is were TPB comes in. When the toothpaste bottle is inserted in the TPB, it carefully aligns the tube to make it neat in appearance. It also makes sure that the toothpaste
is fully used up. Therefore its a potential stress reliever in marriages!

James Bailey
(918) 853-2515

I have designed a heating pad and I did a pre patient search .there is nothing like it ever made ,it is not your typical heating pad, cool deign WILL NOT fall off the arm or leg you can unplug it go do something with it still on you then plug it back in. the main design is in the pad not the plug very innovative. So simple but very cool.

Kelson Jonathan
07885 700273

Bathroom and kitchen tap Ideas Advantages: This will allow any diy or expert to get easy excess to undo tap connections and install new taps and turn off the water supply easily to the taps without taking off a bath panel. This connection can be adapted for different types of taps.

Who Will Use: experts and diy
Problem Solved: Through my experience as a plumber this connection will eliminate the need to take bath panels off, cut out part of kitchen units etc to get to the nut (tap connector from below). And this will eliminate the need to have to get into difficult places to remove taps. Also in some cases when the bath taps are put onto the side of a bath it is almost impossible to remove them once installed without cutting through the wall behind. Another reason is when the bath panel has been tiled you have to take off the tiles to replace the taps. This will get over that problem easily.

Detailed Description: I have come up with this idea as through experience it can be a long and difficult job to replace taps especially under baths and sinks. There is two simple parts (made out of plastic or metal) to this one which I have called part (D) this is attached to the bath or and tap surface. This part will permanently stay in place and be fixed by a nut underneath. Once this is done and the tap is plumbed in, you can replace future taps easily without getting underneath the sink, bath etc. All can be done from above. Part two (C) screws onto the tap thread. You then attach a flexi hose (widely available) with a service valve (to allow you to turn on and off the water supply) to the tap thread. Part (C) then gets lowered into part (D) and twisted to lock the tap into place. You then do up the grub screws.

When you want to replace the tap you just do all in reverse.

Cay Williams

I like to use my re-usable shopping bags. I just have trouble remembering to bring them into the store. If I do remember to bring them into the store, where do they go while shopping? I need all the space I can get in my shopping cart. I also make shopping lists that never seem to make it to the store. So, I have made a smaller version of the re-usable shopping bags with a pin attached telling me, "Grab your bags!". I can put my shopping list and coupons in this convenient bag and then unsnap the handle to gather all of my re-usable shopping bags together. When I arrive at the store, I grab my bags. I can then unsnap the handle and place it around the shopping cart handle. This will hold my bags and make my shopping list and coupons handy, too! Please take a look at the pro-type that I made. I would like to patent this idea and market it to large retailers. I believe Wal-Mart and Target would love to stamp these mini-bags with their logos and sell them, too.

Reusable bag Invention, and reminder.

Dave and Annette


(1) Attention Xbox or Ps3 gaming systems, I can develop for you a application that would work with the computer games that you have in the market place, including upcoming games that are still in your production stages. if you would allow me to work with your programming engineers under contract with leading authority, we could produce new software that would increase the marketability a 100 fold, due the cutting edge tech that I could present to your company. I could guarantee that your rival competition would apply for exclusive rights pertaining to this new technology.

(2) I can develop a certain type of breathable facial mask that allows for better quality of air input, including improved oxygen mixture due to a extracting carbon dioxide process, and increasing more oxygen to the lungs. this mask is not hooked up to any hoses or requires any oxygen supplying tanks, this device would not require batteries and does not use electricity in any manner. however this mask does not last for ever (when in use) and must be replaced occasionally, but mask is very cost efficient and disposable. this development would create JOBS via innovations i have procured, come on America lets get with the program sheesh.


William Jefferson
Hcr 31 box 820
Sandy Valley NV.89019

The M.A.K.V.E. is here in prototype form. Searching for investors who can wrap their minds around an all new clean green motor that will become a world wide energy source, for transportation and power generating plants alike. It's an electric based booster engine, building torque and h/p ratings never seen before. All research has been done, development is at 90% complete. If interested contact, Thank You

Ad Boland

The idea for a heated knife came about after watching a cooking channel where the chef and mystery shopper were testing kitchen and restaurant gourmet knives. While it was a great knife being advertised the chef exclaimed "hey no heated knife out there yet” Then it clicked to me why not design a heated knife that plugs in to charge and heat up. Since safety is important an auto shut off feature is added>This knife can be used for slicing cheeses, cheesecake, pie or anything of that consistency or used as an everyday knife in the kitchen to make slicing easier and smoother clean effect .......please....any advice or assistance with making my invention a reality help me


Fire Extinguishing Roof Soaker
This invention advantageously fills the aforementioned deficiencies by providing a fire suppression and extinguishing system for installation on the roof of a building. It is maintenance free and can be easily installed or uninstalled under roofing materials, which further requires no penetrations into the roofing materials. It is a sprinkler system used to suppress and extinguish flying embers that land on the roof from a wildfire or brush fire.

Greg Elledge

What I have invented is a strike alarm for ice fishing. Not one of those that you have to have the bale closed in order to set it off. This is an open bale, free spool which any walleye fisherman would agree, that's what you need and also the use of a rod and reel combo for them large fish. Been using my invention for a few years now and have caught some large trophy class fish waking up to an alarm going off or watching television in the comfort of my warm shack, or doing what ever you want cause you don't have to watch that bobber. Nothing attached to your rod and reel. Using the same battery for the last couple seasons. Seconds to set up, inside or out. Myself and a couple friends can't ice fish without it.

Greg Swanson
Stockton, CA

I have two inventions that I am very passionate about and am confident that they will be successful. My first invention is related to agricultural education. My second invention is related to the beverage industry. I am looking for someone to partner with to assist me in financing, developing, licensing, producing, and marketing these 2 excellent inventions. Please feel free to contact me at anytime. I look forward to discussing these two exciting ideas with you.

Metta Terrell

I have an invention that will deter the public from wasting hard-earned cash on multiple belts. This invention will work excellent on children, women, men, and even animals. During today’s recession, this idea will work out perfect. It’ll demolish belt racks, heavy suitcases filled with belts during travel, and it’ll keep up with any fashion statement here to come. I believe famous people may out buy this invention before we can comfortably get the item on shelves. Call now, longer we wait, the higher risk we’ll face losing this opportunity to make cash. Low cost in making, and selling!!!

Steve Royall
301 806-3494

Five minute gym

Gym that gives a full body workout in five minutes Works arms, legs, stomach, back, and obliques. Built in progression as you increase resistance.

Waldo De Beer
35 Letaba street
South Hills, Johannesburg
+27 84 895 4509

I am currently working on an invention with a company in the U.S.A and I have been really struggling to get the money for the development of the invention. I am a proud South African and unemployed, since June this year a signed a contract for the development of my invention and the contract expiries in December, the mentioned company has not started with my invention and the contract will expire if do not do something real quick.

This invention will change the way you look at the ordinary house hold light bulb, and will even put a stop to load shedding. I really need funding to make my dream come true. I do not know who to turn to or what to do, I have tried the banks but who will lend money to some one who does not have a job, I even tried friends and family.

The company I work with is really great and once all the development is done they look for possible buyers to buy the right to produce the invention, once this is done and it goes into production, you get paid royalties on each product sold, which is they take ten percent and I keep 90 percent, this is done on a quarterly basis ( 3 Months ). If and when this will happen I will be happy to share my profits with any investors.

James Bailey
(918) 853-2515

I have made a knew design for a heating pad ,and also did a pre patent search there is nothing like it ever made. Very cool design it WILL NOT fall off. But you can unplug it also while still on your arm or leg go do something then plug it back in. the cool part is in the pad design itself not the plug. Have sketches on all of design

Scott Hickman

For the sports fan! Waking up to a alarm clock that has the sounds of a basketball swishing the net, the golf ball falling in the cup, the baseball cracking the bat, the crowd cheering, etc. Different shapes of baseballs, basketballs, etc for the alarm clock itself. You get the picture. You can have the sounds loop or change sounds. Just think it's a cool idea. email wrnnsucks@yahoo.com if interested!

Global Engi-Tech

Disposal of the used Sanitary Napkins has been a very common problem everywhere. Girls do not like to carry their used Sanitary Napkins or maxi pads to a household bin in front of family and friends. She doesn't keep it in normal bathroom bin as it leads to embarrassing visuals and smells. The most common way she use is, Flush it into the Drain. I have developed Sanitary Pad Disposal System / Sanitary Pad Burner which can be mounted on the Wall of Toilet or out side of Toilet which is suitable for offices and Public Place.

Gary Sires

I have over 15 inventions and one that is on the Internet. It's called Bump Key Safety Device. Every ones deadbolt is obsolete to the bumpkey. Go to nobumpingmylock.com. Looking to sale my invention or a investor. The product is ready to be manufactured. This product can be sold around the world.

Shaun Durant

Hello my name is Shaun and I'm for Barbados, I have an invention that I believe to be a new force multiplying device it increases water pressure and is closely related to hydraulics, in hydraulics an increase in pressure is gained when the pipe size is increased, with my simple prototype an increase in pressure is gained when the number of pipes are increased, There is more testing to be done over the next two months, but from what I'm seeing now this can work along with hydraulic systems to increase the weight they can lift. I would really appreciate some input as to how to handle this since its my first invention.

Brian Kent

I have an idea that I believe will be extremely useful and profitable. The idea is relatively simple. A V shaped snow shovel that measures the same as a standard sidewalk. The V blade would be smaller at the bottom and larger at the top of the blade thus pushing the snow away from the sidewalk without having to bend over and throw the snow aside as with a traditional snow shovel. This is the same concept as a snow plow attached to a pick up or street cleaning equipment but instead the person doing the shoveling simply has to walk behind the shovel and the shovel itself pushes the snow to both sides of the sidewalk.

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