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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Brad Haines
Phone: (250) 442-0167
P.O. Box 2234
Grand Forks, British Columbia

Research at the Vancouver Library and attorneys in B.C. have given me the amount it would cost to patent this invention, and how much it would make. $11,000 for patent in the U.S. and Canada, and about $60,000 to patent 11 more countries. One sale world wide will bring $9,366,000,000, 3% royalties is $280,000,000. Sure seller, 50/50 basis. For proof and disclosure forms, fax a copy of credentials (e.g. driver's license) to (250) 442-5131. Other inventions for sale.

Ben Kaspick

I would like to post this invention idea:  I for one am tired of kneepads that you have to strap on and half the time the Velcro doesn't even work! I have come up with a brilliant solution to this problem! If my idea is invested in, I think it would replace those annoying kneepads all over the world!

Victor Newman
(415) 378-4635

The description of this invention is best for Termite and Pest Control licensed professionals. This invention is designed to last longer and is ecologically safer and will be proven to pass EPA standards for registration and economically competitive. This invention has a Provisional Patent Pending on File with the P.T.O. and just needs to complete the Intellectual Property Claims, for a Utility Patent. I am seeking funding for attorney's fees.

Alexis Medeiros

Hello, my name is Alexis Medeiros and I live in a little town called Sunbury right in the middle of Ohio. My idea is called the Hot Tea Straw. The concept is to be able to quickly and simply make a hot glass of tea. You simply boil water (with sugar for sweet tea) and then insert your straw. The straw will have tea leaves of what ever flavor you may want. As the water goes through the straw it will flavor and you have delicious hot tea. There will be a filter on the end of each side of the straw to present any tea leaves going into your glass or mouth

Sharon Newkirk
sher82051@adelphia.net ~ sher82051@go.com

I have invented a bandage roller for Melanoma and Breast Cancer survivors with lymphodema, that is not hand cranked. Hospitals have motorized models, but they are very expensive, heavy and stationary. My model is motor run, will have a carrying case, and will sell for between $50 to $75. This product is going through SAI Inventors Group, and I need funding to go from the final patent process to production.

Angie Dibble
6 Briar Road
Weston Super Mare
BS24 9RS
Tel: 01934 707309

My idea is a water saving device. I am not a plumber so I would need to work with some one who has these skills, perhaps a bathroom utilities designer. Each time after spending a penny, the hand washing water goes strait down the drain. If a plug hole with a pipe line that leads into the bowl of the toilet could be built into the toilet & sink design, this water could go via the toilet. It would be suitable for lightly flushing away urine, but not other matter. This idea occurred to me when washing my hands. I some times put a basin in the sink & then use the hand washing water to flush the loo. My invention would be a more sophisticated way of doing this. It would also encourage people to wash their hands! Well, sorry about the subject matter! I do hope that you will consider my invention idea, & that it has not already been thought of by some one else. I would be delighted to hear from you. Angie Dibble.

O.P. Mishra
+91 9838643005

USA Government on my request has agreed to support me in construction of an invention (Fuel less & fume less electric power generation system) which has been duly approved by Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad (MNNIT) in April 2001.This would be possible with the partnership of a US Citizen/company only. I have some more good inventions too. US Citizen/Company, if agrees to accept my partnership, will get 51% of my invention (s) and more as per the other conditions. Thanks and with regards, O.P. Mishra

Brian Gray

To whom it may concern; The invention is a standard 3 prong 120 electrical plug, that will lock into any standard 3 prong receptacle, no special receptacle is needed, just a normal 3 prong household receptacle. Idea originated from my dad who built it and designed it, his friend was a big fishing boat captain, when the boat was docked they would plug in there freezers and things for the bait and other things, overnight plugs always got pulled out or fell out which caused a lot of problems for him,, told my father wish he had a standard plug to lock so he didn't have to worry about it, Can be used on any appliances, power tools, computers, TV's audio equipment, campers and RV's. medical equipment would defiantly have a demand for it, especially for things that u don't want to loose power too,,, also little kids like to unplug things ,,like all you're audio equipment that's programmed and other things, could be a lot of things that have not mentioned to, I do have a working product and design, I believe the key part is it fits any existing 3 prong receptacle, I believe the medical equipment companies would really like this product.

Stacey Hansen
4208 Calmont Ave
Ft Worth, Tx 76107

Hello, my name is Stacey Hansen. I am not in marketing or in sales. I am a dog owner, animal lover, and entrepreneur. I have come up with a patent pending idea (#61/525,403) The Pet Assisting Incline (P.A.I.). It is a permanent incline for senior or disabled pets, or any pet not able to utilize the outdoor apartment/condo stairs. There are approximately 77.5 million dog owners in the US. A survey done by Apartments.com in Sept 2011 found, out of 1000 people surveyed, 90% are pet owners. Renters look for pet-friendly apartments and are seeking access to pet amenities. With the economy and the trend to downsize living space, I believe those numbers will increase dramatically. When my idea is implemented, it will alleviate the burden of having to carry the dog/pet up and down, saving possible injury to the dog/pet or person carrying the dog/pet. The dog/pet has its independence and the owner is putting safety first. I have built a model that better explains my idea (a picture is worth 1000 words). I am looking for Multi-Family Developers to showcase my invention to. I know it’s just a matter of time that my idea becomes reality!

Colby Highland

Now you don't have to plug in your boot heater to get the job done!! Why not use the hot air that you are already paying for to do the job of those electric boot heaters?! This boot warmer uses your already existing heat vent and slips into place with no modification necessary!! Just put those wet boots or sneakers on the boot heater and let the furnace do the rest!!

David Fordham
Phone +66 02 373 9082    09 763 8062
Time zone : GMT minus 7 hours

For most types of high performance racing cars, i.e. Nascar, Formula one etc.  These wheels fitted to the front of your car will allow later braking than your competitor on approach to the slowest bends, maintaining optimum speed to the very latest split second but prevent locking/skidding, therefore loss of control, and in most cases, the race. Dedicated racing fan with funds needed for development and patenting. Other unique ideas available.

Shawn Matthews
540 Erie Lane
Clinton, AR 72031

My invention is a charge enhancer for electric vehicles that more than triples the range of an EV on a single charge. In other words, a car that can run 300 miles on a charge can get close to 1000 miles by using my creation. The device can be attached to any vehicle with very little modification without harm to the aesthetics of said vehicle. my contact information is as follows: Shawn Matthews

Stanley E. Dixon, Jr.
Concept Designer
(804) 725-4208

This letter seeks to solicit bids for the design and manufacture of “The Extra Man,” a provisionally patented device conceived to assist in the construction of seawalls and similar structures. As you well know, workers constructing seawalls, bulkheads, and similar structures must install several boards vertically behind the framing of the structures, which must be subsequently pushed into the ground. The process often requires additional workers to aid in holding the boards upright as they are being pushed into the ground. The Extra Man device will securely and steadily hold the boards during the construction of seawalls, eliminating the need for additional workers, and further reducing costs for marine constructors. As a contractor engaged in marine construction projects for over a decade, I recognize the necessity of this product, and have every confidence in the potential for overwhelming sales once the product is placed into the market stream.

While the design for The Extra Man has been conceived, it has yet to be constructed. I have drafted several images of the device, which includes specific dimensions and specifications. In addition, I have provided a detailed description of the device, which is attached. I am soliciting the interest of manufacturers that are interested either in: designing a prototype of this product so that we can move on to the marketing stage; or, alternatively, purchasing the entire concept.

I have every confidence in your company’s ability to manufacture this product according to the specifications, as set forth in the attached proposal. I trust that after reviewing the attached materials, your company will be eager to discuss this matter further.


A. Concept: The concept of The Extra Man is to aid workers with installing boards during the construction of seawalls and other similar structures. When building these structures, workers must install several boards, which must be placed behind the framing in vertical positions and subsequently pushed into the ground. The Extra Man will securely and steadily secure boards during the construction of seawalls, eliminating the need for extra workers to hold the boards upright, and the expense associated with these extra workers.

B. Potential Design for Device: The device should be structured of galvanized aluminum, suitable for use near water. The device should contain a horizontal aluminum bar, measuring approximately eight to ten inches in length, and should contain pivot ridges on the left side of the device. Each end of the bar should be fit with control brace assemblies containing vice grips. The outside of the left control brace should contain a hand crank, and a pressing place should be located on the inner underside portion of the same control brace. Parallel bars should extend from the backs of the control braces, which should be attached to the braces via pivots. A horizontal bar should connect the parallel bars, causing them to be placed in a position parallel to the bar between the control braces. The second horizontal bar should contain a spring that contracts and expands, and should be covered by a rolling pad.

C. Directions for Use: Once workers place several boards against the framing of the seawall or other structure, they will be able to place the device around the boards. When the workers wind the hand crank, it will cause the rolling pad to swing like a pendulum and push the boards against the framing. The device will keep the boards from falling backward.


A. Alternative #1: The concept designer seeks a manufacturer to construct a prototype of the device, according to the specifications set forth in § 1.01(B) of this proposal. The prototype must be designed and distributed to the concept designer within 60-days of execution of a written agreement between the manufacturers and the concept designer. Specific provisions as to the price of the device are subject to negotiation.

B. Alternative #2: Alternatively, the concept designer seeks a manufacturer who is interested in purchasing the concept for this device. Terms as to the cost of the concept are subject to negotiation.

Dave & Annette


(1) Attention Microsoft, I have noticed that your operating system (windows 7) in my opinion, has a security flaw in one of its features. I am unable to verify this, due to the fact I am unable to get into the internal workings of your system to check. However I would be amicable to work for your company under a freelance engineering software developer status, to resolve this issue. This update that I have created, would initiate a security feature that would indeed surpass other competitors operating system by a large margin, ensuring your leadership in the industry. Also I have developed a physical security feature for banking institutions, therefore securing there customers satisfaction. This feature could also be adapted into home or office security. Due to the cutting edge technology that I could produce, other software would have to be developed to accommodate this feature. This venture would create jobs for North Americans, that in my opinion, better then paying companies to hire. The secret in producing a strong economic growth is innovation. We must sell more then we buy, that is the main rule in success. Come on America lets get with the program.

(2)  Let me start by saying, someone on the net (info website) stated ”Don’t describe your invention as unbelievable“ well in my opinion, what is a invention? Is it not suppose to be something that is not here yet? So in other words, is not believable until invented. All inventions are unbelievable until invented. Anyway I can develop a laser driven device that can keep wasps from residing on your property, and no this is not a burning laser. Now as you know its considered unbelievable due to the fact, is not yet invented. But however I would invent it, once investing partnership contract is in place. And then from that point on would acquire a believable status. lol Note: All my developments are guaranteed.

(3) I can develop a exercising device that is considerably light in weight, but when you turn dial it seems to increase weight, therefore producing more of a workout. This device tones all muscles in the body, and even easy to use for females. But yet very compact, and takes a minimal of space for storage. This device does not use resistant technology, springs, magnets, wheels, tension rods or friction. So wear and tear of this apparatus is kept to a bare minimal and could be guaranteed for life. Note: Manufactures be sure to have dial settings set to easy prior to shipping, therefore product is easier to handle.


Ulli Böhme
Beethovenstraße 3
02736 Oppach
- Germany-

Sled and Snowboard without snow. There are the invention in four versions. All have two big ball wheels. One version is driven in a sitting position. The front wheel is steered by the legs and arms. A special seat design provides for shifting the center of gravity towards the inside of the curve. Thus, even handicapped people can go elegant carves. Another sporty version of this product family is driven in a standing position like a snowboard. Both versions even can be equipped with an e- drive. This one is complete installed inside a ball wheel!

Allen Adcock

Have you ever gone out in the winter only to find yourself stuck because of a frozen padlock? If so I'm sure you wish there was an easier way to solve this problem besides breaking the lock or calling a locksmith. I have invented a heated cylinder that is activated by a 9v battery to melt the lock from the inside. I have many companies interested in purchasing this lock including a major railroad! I already have a patent and manufacturing contract, however I'd like to discuss other areas of my patent that are still open for expansion. I am looking for an investor to help me get the manufacturing of the padlock moving, to discuss other ideas I have relative to the current patent, as well as other ideas that have great potential. Please email me to set up a time for a phone conversation or face to face meeting.

Pierre van Heerden

My name is Pierre van Heerden. I have invented a unique Colour Combination Padlock that is easy to open (and which I have already patented).

I am a farmer and the idea started because of farm-gates and shed doors that had to be locked. Access had to be allowed for farm workers, but when they left my service there had to be no chance of them sneaking a key away and coming back to make some “withdraws”. The combination has to be easily changeable. Key-locks have the drawback of large bunches of keys having to be carried around. Even when one key is used for all your locks, the loss of that key could cause serious inconvenience and it would be expensive to replace the locks.

The lock has two pins. It can be opened by rotating each pin in a specific direction and pulling them to a specific colour-mark. When opened, the pins shoot back and out of the position you rotated them to. In the open position the combination can be changed by inserting a different pin. I am looking for an investor for further refinement and ultimately production.

Don Abrams

Nordic walking without the sticks for the serious walker. Inspired by legendary cross country skier, “Jackrabbit” Johannsen, - oldest man in the world, 111 years, 6 months and 21 days. (Guinness World Book of Records) Simulates the body action of cross country skiing. (Cross-country skiing reportedly burns more calories than any other form of exercise or sport -- up to 1,122 calories per hour for vigorous back country mountaineering!) Calibrated to automatically ‘click’ cleanly at the heart level when briskly swinging the arms. Ideal for city walking. Prevents “lazy arms”. Normally only one Magic Ski Pole need be grasped. As a result the Magic Skier receives the full upper body strengthening and building power of the exercise. Magic Skiing is youthful and natural in appearance. It may not be a competitive sport yet but it has a huge trophy . . . health and longevity.

Tia M Brown

I have an idea for household appliances that are electricity free. The appliances would work by a battery (something like a car battery.) I would name them, "Electric Free Echo Friendly Appliances"

The appliances would consist of washers, dryers, stoves, TV's, refrigerator etc. They would save consumers tons of money on utility bills, also conserve lots of energy and great for people who may have had their utilities disconnected.

The revenue would be huge from consumers that are eco friendly, and everyone who would love to save money on the high cost of utilities! People would also feel safe about leaving their appliances on and not having to worry about a fire!

Ion Buzdugan

I Have 26 new metallurgic formulas that I want to sell, their properties are of a great value and there's chances to make new products out of them, the price for one formula is 21500 EUR with no further charges, I also want to sale the property table for metals for computers at 40000 EUR.

Janice Jordan

This unique invention will make cleaning clothes dryer lint screens as easy as tearing off the non-flammable Disposable Lint Catcher and applying a new one. Failure to clean a lint filter is the leading factor contributing to clothes dryer fires in residential buildings. Clothes dryer fires account for about 15,600 structure fires, 15 deaths, and 400 injuries annually. Reduce the risk of dryer fires by always cleaning the lint trap, using the DLC makes it easier.

The Disposable Lint Catcher is a thin sheet of material with nonflammable and adhesive properties. It will be available in various shapes and sizes to fit individual dryer screens shapes available on the market. The DLC has micro-pores to allow air flow. It’s thickness is between 0.01 mm and 1 mm. Sizes available will be between 3 inches to 12 inches in length and 3 inches to 20 inches in width.

Various shapes in claim 1 can rectangular, irregular rectangular, combination between a rectangle and semi-circle, or any other irregular shape of clothes dryer screens on the market.

Trelane Martinez
50 S. 9th. Ave.
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

My fiancé and I have come up with a product idea that we believe will change the way people lace up their shoes and sneakers. There is a product I have seen which is similar to ours, but the idea is really different in many ways. There is a product called Ulace. It allows you to basically convert any style of lace up shoe or sneaker into a loafer. The main difference between our products is, this idea provides a form of advertisement or personal expression space. I have come up with a form of fastener that can be used to display small logos or pictures. I have full schematics of how everything should come together and a full business plan. I am seeking an investor/partner that can see the licensing potential behind this so we can present this to major sneaker companies as well as sports teams in hopes of getting royalty deals.

The concept my fiancé and I have come up with can fit into every age group and span into many cultures allowing it to be international. I do believe that this idea does have the potential to give regular shoe laces as well as Ulace a good run as competition. I am uncertain as to how much it would take to get this concept up and running, but I am certain that a small investment and talking to the right people will be able to return millions. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working with you.

Donta Packer

I have a invention that I call the cast&know fishing scale bobber, it tells you the weight of the fish the minute it's caught, It weighs fish up to 26lbs,it also floats in the water to alert you when a fish is biting, no longer guessing how much the fish weighs, all you have to do now is just cast&know. The cast&know water proof fishing scale will solve many fishermen's problem, any one can use this invention. (very helpful) can you imagine hooking that one fish with a little size to it, and knowing the weight of the fish the minute it's caught, everyone around you will see for themselves, If you would like any more information on the cast&know fishing scale, you can contact me by phone or email.

Quentin Milton
9221 Pagewood Ln #307
Houston, TX 77063

The Windless Windmill
The product is to use solar padding on its propellers (front and back) on a tall windmill. In the inside of the windmill a solar battery will be located. Simultaneously the wind and the solar energy will feed the battery for nightly use. Or when the wind dies in the day and the sun still shinning bright, the solar pads covering the turbine will be used as a back-up to turn the wheel to keep producing power for whatever is using the power and charging the battery. Intergrading this product to homes will also help save money to the consumer.
Let me know if this idea will float with any willing investors.

Dan McMenamin
4339 E cheltenham ave
Phila, Pa 19124

My invention would be a cookie and milk cup that has a cap with a slit on top of it where you can just drop the cookie in the milk and it will hold in in place to get it soaked in milk and take your cookie out whenever you feel the need to.

Barry Jolly
17 Manakin ave
Burleigh Heads
Gold Coast Australia 4220
Ph +61 731033 430 Australia
ph +86 13650000663 china

My invention is designed for the Surfing market. For many years surfboards have been manufactured using fixed surfboard fins which are cumbersome to carry on an aircraft when traveling. I have designed a socket and screw attachment means that is inserted into the surfboard and a surfboard fin that has a corresponding section at its base to insert into the socket allowing the surfboard fin to be either fixed in place for surfing or easily removed for traveling. Another advantage of this invention is that it simplifies the manufacturing process of the surfboard and a wider variety of fins can be used for varying wave conditions around the world.

Lawanda Thompson

A car detection system that lets you know when you are in a dangerous situation for example when your speed picks up all of a sudden, when the car starts to swerve, when the car is losing traction, when the car is starting to over heat, etc. the car has a voice activation system that talks and keeps you aware of the danger that lies ahead.

Thomas Barry

I came up with a complete system that allows electric cars to travel over 1000 miles with out needing a charge. Using materials already manufactured with some small modifications. Came up with idea for golf carts. If your serious email me.  this really does work.

Linda Jean
Hardy, VA

I have invented a utility device to be used in public restrooms. It goes hand in hand with the "baby changers" you see in EVERY public bathroom you use. Needless to say, the marketing potential is tremendous. Will provide detailed info upon request. Have US Patent pending. Looking for licensing agreement or possible sale. Please contact me at . Thanks

Glenn Martin

There is a need for an inexpensive portable acoustic Perspex screen to protect musicians hearing. The device would clip to chairs and the Perspex screen is curved to surround around the ears. Small enough to be carried in the musicians gig bag. Expensive stand screens are available but this would be much cheaper to produce. I foresee a great demand from semi-pro and amateur musicians around the world?

David Holcomb

Good day, Investors. I am an entrepreneur and inventor. I have several moneymaking ideas and inventions. I am seeking investors for either venture. The invention that I want to market is called the "Impact Helmet". It greatly reduces all impact. The other venture that I am seeking funding for is one which will profit very quickly. It is a video venture.

Gabriella Esposito
Power Shower Head

My invention will be used in the shower. It is a shower head that comes down on a hose (which has already been invented) but this one has a cap opening, much like an iron, but instead of putting in water, you put in your favorite shower gel. Then you place on the twist-on lufa to the front of the head. When you turn on the shower, you can change the different ways the water comes out. You can pressurize the way you scrub your body. Then, when the soap runs out, you are ready to rinse.

Tim Updegrave

My idea will upgrade the combination dipand pull-up machine with the weights. It will be the next best thing in the fitness industry and will replace a few things as well. also another invention will be an upgrade to the conventional treadmill. I also have a few more ideas I've been working on in my mind. I can be contacted at 570-617-0655 please leave a message or my email

Edouard C. Machu
Phone 52 958 1051493
Oaxaca - México
Favor confirmar recepción de este correo

The indicator is a cell composed of a solution that reacts with the temperature variation and with a tiny screen that shows two colors, black and white as well as breaking the cold chain and maintain the color even is refrigerated again. The components of the indicator does not produce any damage to health, in case of accidental ingestion, also are separate from the food along with the package. The size is not much larger than a pea and is placed in a conspicuous place in the pack. The reaction temperature (breaking the cold chain) is adjustable -10 Celsius to 0 Celsius and vith + - 1 Celsius. Once the cold chain is broken, the indicator shows the black color and if is refrozen again, kept that color. Bad luck for offenders now! More details will provide as requested. Best regards.

Gordon Phillips
P.O. Box 5154
High River AB. Canada
T1V 1M4

Nail clippers that have nesting integral finger loops. These loops are mounted at the end of each handle and allow a more stable grip. When the handles are in the storage position the loops are concentrically aligned for convenient storage. For more information see U.S. patent number US 7320180 B2.

Jennifer Booker

(Night Wuvs) I was looking to reinvent or to invent something that most of the population uses on a daily basis. I didn’t have to look far; the item I reinvented has been around since I can remember and I am 46years old, and is long over due for an upgrade. I personally use this item everyday, and I found myself improvising it every time I used it. So I decided to reinvent this item. Being the seamstress that I am; I drafted a pattern and made one and life is good again. Everyone probably has one of the old ones; like I said before most of the population uses this item on a daily basis, and I have seen people do the same improvising that I do. So I do believe once this hits the market, it is going to be out’ with the old and in with the new and improved, and there is more than one per household. Forgive me for being so discrete. This is all new to me, but I do need an investor, and I am open for negotiations.

Jennifer McMeekin

My name is Jennifer McMeekin. I found this website on the internet when I was looking for a place to help me get my inventions out there. I'm a single mother of three and I work hard to provide for them. I have had a couple of ideas for a while now and thought it was worth giving them a try.
My first idea is simply an Ethernet cable splitter. I know the make telephone cord splitters, yet I have never found an Ethernet cord splitter. I think they would be highly useful and rather inexpensive to make.
My second idea is for a television equipped with a page button for the remote. People lose their remotes all the time. I know: my children are the worst. Maybe there are TVs out there already like that. However, I have never seen one.
Thank you so much for your time. My email is mcmeekin.jennifer@yahoo.com. My cell phone number is 806-577-5331. If anyone feels they can help me get my ideas sold. Please contact me anytime.

Gugu Nkosi

A calculator with a watch on it, it helps students keep track of time during tests and exams.

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