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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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General Scott
910 546 1637

Invention summary: If you are a woman and have had a kid and breastfed then you know the discomfort and pain it can bring, and if you are a man then you know from your wife or girlfriend. My invention will make it safer and easier through the entire breastfeeding experience. Some breast feeding common complaints are arms tired from holding cups to the breasts (uncomfortable), tender breasts (pain), milk build up making hard breasts (lumpy(pain, unsafe). Every pregnant woman will buy my invention. If your an investor and are looking for someone with great ideas to invest in then look no further I have many more million dollar ideas.

J. Tommy Midyette

I am a visual artist who creates paintings with the aid of a special pair of eye glasses. Because I am left-eyed, my glasses have a magnifying lens where a regular left lens should be. On the right side of the glasses, there is no lens at all. With small plastic pieces, I am able to mount a photograph a specific distance away and in front of the left magnified lens, making sure it is in sharp focus. I keep both of my eyes open while I paint onto a canvas. My left eye takes in the magnified photo information, and my right eye paints it onto the canvas. I have to keep my head still for this process to work well. Currently, there seems to be some distortion, at least, vertically. The horizontal dimensions seem true, but the vertical dimensions seem a little exaggerated by being too long. Maybe a lens could be developed to correct this distortion. I've been using this method for many years. The photos that I use are 4 x 6 or smaller.

Casy Akers
1512 N Jupiter Ct.
Post Falls, ID 83854

My idea is to improve the comfort of toddlers while riding in car seats. Small children always seem to find car rides soothing and will fall asleep in the car. I found that with my daughter, she would fall asleep and her poor little head would flop over. Its very uncomfortable for them to sleep in varying unsupported positions. What I would love to see, is a a type of soft cushioned head rest, that could be attached to the existing car seat. This would allow a child to lean to one side and rest their head comfortably while they sleep.
Countless times I have seen my poor little girl's neck being strained while she slept...this could be the answer all parents like me need. It would be perfect for long trips and car rides, as well as everyday use. It would help small children get the rest that they need without the pain and strain of their neck and head. It could be made in fun appealing patterns and colors and I know my "Angel Rest" would be a hit with all parents.

Paul Harper

I have just had an idea which is probably stupid but here goes...... I wear glasses to watch television but was thinking 'it would be nice if I didn't have to watch TV with my glasses on.' I wondered if it would be possible to make a thin sheet of plastic that was essentially the same prescription as someone's glasses/contact lenses that could go over the tv screen enabling the viewer to watch TV without the aid of glasses/contact lenses? Probably a silly idea but saw your website and thought I would get in touch.


I have come up with an invention for the [hopefully] next generation of automobiles. it is a police-issue breathalyzer which will be placed into the cars engine system. in order to start your vehicle, you will have to take the breathalyzer, and if your blood alcohol level is over the legal limit, your car will not start. this will ensure the safety of the driver as well as other drivers due to the elimination of drunk driving, one of the leading causes of death in the united states is drunk driver related accidents, and to be sure theft is virtually impossible, you must also use the key/ignition start of the engine. thank you for your time

Steven Carew
106,Taunton Rd. W.
Oshawa Ontario L1G-3T2

Invention for the creation of electricity with absolutely no pollution for the cost of .004 cents per kilowatt. Total in home source of heat and electricity. May be placed inside or out.

Preston K

Our invention is a fishing lure unlike all others. We call it The Wild Worm. The worm looks like a real night crawler, has an internal treble hook and weight, a motor, which rotates, in order to make the real motion of a night crawler. We believe in our product! We would be willing to give 20% for the money we need for our prototype and help with marketing and help finding a manufacturer.

Misty White

I was thinking of a shower curtain that has a magnet strip all across bottoms and side ao the shower curtain isn't blowing in on you while you are taking a shower

Peter E Sisco IV
St Augustine Fl
Floating Front Motorcycle Rim

I have spent the last 4 years refining a floating front rim for motorcycles. It involves everything new fro the rim, forks and caliber design. I am looking for an investor ( custom builder preferably ) to help put this idea in motion. I have also designed a trike electric drive system that will spill over into the automotive world. Please contact if you are interested .

Adrian Fourie

The bottle is over ten thousand years old and the time has come to turn its world upside down.

My idea is a bottle that has the lid on the other end, the thick end of the bottle. Inside the lid is a smaller thread in the middle that allows this lid to be screwed on to the sealed, threaded base at the narrow end.

So, to open the bottle, simply remove the large lid and screw it on the bottom, to form the base of the bottle that is now a glass. Many benefits from easier to serve and pour to a advertising novelty.

bottle that has the lid on the other end simply remove the large lid and screw it on the bottom bottle that has the lid on the other end simply remove the large lid and screw it on the bottom

James Bose

I have an idea for invention that offers the public a product thy didn't know thy needed, It can be manufactured for residential and commercial uses with minimal production cost and high return. There are no moving parts, and assembly is not complicated and can be achieved using recycled material. When you contact me I feel you will find my idea has merit. Its intention is to decrease clutter in the home or at work     thank you

Kenneth Cameron
Riverside County, California USA
(951) 301-8912, (951) 345-8608

Investor/Partner needed for manufacturing the most unique transporters. Light Weight, Robust Structure for Motor Sports, Water & Winter Sports, General Flatbed, Advertising, Outdoorsman, Industrial, etc. Transforms in to a compact unit with NO lose parts to loss. Heavy Duty Unit fits in a vehicle for easy transporting. High Profits, Excellent market, 0.1% market equals $1 Mil plus yearly profits. Over a dozen products for pilot production, more products ready for manufacturing, and more on the board. Hogdea is in Start-up Phase with Patents, Names, Logos, VIN Numbers, Brochures, Web Site, etc.

Garry Michael Ames
11 Mary Mclean Place
Opawa Christchurch New Zealand

My idea is called ADVERTISSUE. this will consist of a pack of tobacco roll your owns tissue papers. each paper will have an advertisement on it repeated several times. e.g coca cola "the real thing". the pack will sell cheap because most of the profits will come from the advertising. good for the advertisers and public as well. the color of the pack will be black and white or rainbow. kindest regards.

Kevin Lovett
229-344-5890 Or 229-379-6472

Invention information: gloves/shoes controller (more like socks) Rockstar Band is success because people want more real feel to games than buttons. Gloves/shoes controller gives you that feeling and mock your moves for sports games (including madden fans), racing games, fighting games, any games. No prototype but know where to get parts to make prototype. Need to start as-soon-as-possible to sell/partner with Microsoft (Xbox) by fall, can be in stores by Christmas.

Mike Martin

I don't know how it would really work, but after having a home made burrito fall apart on me today, I got the idea for it.

Arnold Wright ~ Samuel Muiruri

According to my understanding the computer IT world is developing so greatly that it is the potent force making it the mix of new man as a machine less likely as a biological super mutant. This is based on Moore's law which says the computing power doubles every year.

From what I know of evolution as mutation and the process reversible www.technologyreview.com/biotech/21126/
www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/.../is-aging-an-acc.html my idea is to become evolution itself. I've read as much as I can on evolution and mutation as deleterious, conserving advantageous genes and so on... what if we can be the evolution we want, govern the molecular world of our DNA so to speak.

My first riddle is HOW, and the riddle to me as I might take it as mutation is random. I was hoping to find evidence it is similar to chaos theory random that can be predicted to a degree, so far I haven't. Maybe you can make this discovery, I have yet to learn how to speak in equations. Going with the first case;

Mutation has no direction just a process that with time gets advantageous genes. A computer model is made of the dna, first of all it's deciphered to figure out what a gene means in the species, we can do that. with AI's and a human observer the idea is to have a computer model that can finally tell this code of gene based on it's data banks and how it perceives as our body decodes genes will cause this observable change in an organism. With this it's made to run a model on longer living humans. From the idea of evolution; what is impossible in a few hundred years is inevitable in a billion years this model able to run evolution in the billions I hope in a matter of days at most months MUST get eventually an array of genetic codes to increase the human life span.

Mutation is planned with a plan ie; if I take 2 twin (clone) lizards to a new environment they will mutate with a more or less similar pattern showing mutation is more or less organized. Therefore the pattern is found and by this a formula which makes finding an immortal gene easier. There is the junk DNA which basically has no use, first you need to disregard this which you must know. my idea in final is to make mother nature live in the hard disk and serve the computer administrator. imagine for example reversing evolution to the dinosaurs (possible impossible based on an article I read which stated if evolution was rerun we as human would not be here) but since this is a monitored evolution reversing it to the dinosaurs based on ecological history which is said to be the influence for evolution. now branching outwards you get evolution tree complete with even possible species in your hard disk equipped with their genetic sequence, for this I believe you need the earth's geological history. Now you can better understand evolution if it works. The best thing about science is the surprise of an new discovery which I hope you make that I didn't expect, this doesn't sound like a high budget research based on the fact you should find it easy to get copies of genetic make up of creatures and sequence them.

I think it's a good idea most of all I don't see a hindrance to it and for me it means it needs to be taken seriously. That's why you're honest opinion is what I need most, telling me I'm on to something when I'm not isn't that kind then again I hope you point out the mistake, maybe as the original designer I can fix them. A reply is what I hope for most, thank you for listening.

Satish Rai

I have an idea to make a generator which can produce electricity without any source of energy for 24*7 hours. it will remove the demand inverters from the market. With the help of this technology vehicles can be made which can run without any source of energy and pollution free and a lot can be done with the help of this technology.-

Cathy Gemkow

 A little lint hair Dryer brush to save the life of your hair dryer and a haft cap around your neck to keep your cloths from getting wet after you wash your hair. This is pretty simple but I know have looked ever where for something like this, Copy right Cathy Gemkow

Jonathan Chen

Magic Mirror.. unique design for driver & rear passenger. Special Massage.. for more safety
1. Double mirror pasting car's B pillar.
2. Driver through Rearview Mirror can see drive blind angle.
3. Rear passenger before open the car door, through Magic Mirror can see rear car for avoid accident.
4. Taiwan & China patent.
5. Made in Taiwan

Magic Mirror.

Livingston Tautua

Hi I am 25 and my wife popped this really great idea into my head. I STRONGLY believe this product that I have as an idea would be a great invention. This is a brand new invention that would be involved in vehicles and emergency vehicles. please email me if you are interested. serious inquires only..

Nick Patterson
(605) 359-0451

My invention that I propose is a small valve-like cusp on cologne bottles that require the wearer to dab the fragrance onto their skin. As a guy who likes the smell of cologne, but hates spending a large amount of money on cologne, I buy the smaller bottles and dab. But what often happens is that too much comes out at once and I end up wasting cologne and reek of the fragrance. The valve-like cusp would prevent all of the liquid from flowing out when tipped. It would prevent the wearer from using too much and would significantly reduce the amount spilled if the bottle were to accidentally be knocked over.

Mike Petrie
Crystal Beach On. Canada
289 876 8880

I have devoted 15 years developing insulair building systems. IBS is a green completely finished wall building envelope for residential and commercial building structures. A completely maintenance free, hybrid, green, highly energy efficient, one piece 8 inch think wall system constructed in 8 foot by 12 foot panels, completely finished, meaning: a finished exterior shell simulating a number of exterior textures, insulation., framing, and interior shell replaces drywall and has a paint ready surface. These components combined together create a very energy efficiency and strong light weight wall, roof and floor panel system called Insulair Building Systems or IBS. Important features of IBS: No lumber at all required, insulation (R-value of 110), fire and insect resistant, earthquake and waterproof, a maintenance free, very cost effective, drastically reduces construction time, labor. Heating and cooling costs are drastically reduced up to 70% or more. Would be comparable to living in a cooler or thermos, keeping occupants warm in the winter or cool in the warm climates, using limited heat and cooling sources. Creates a very clean and sterile environment. Very appealing to builders, emergency, quick build housing and disaster and war torn and low income building. IBS is highly marketable, green hybrid one piece building system with ability to be licensed world wide and create a large impact on the building industry with Insulair Building Systems.

Matt Hamilton
4661 Old US 35 SE
Washington Court House, OH 43160

After 34+ years I don't think there is anyone out there who is not familiar with George Lucas' "Star Wars" franchise. As a perspective investor you'd have to realize that over the years anything even remotely related to "Star Wars" has made money. I'm giving potential investors the opportunity to get their own piece of the "Star Wars" pie.

Last year, in preparation for Halloween, I made my own custom lightsaber prop. It turned out so well that I decided to do something constructive with it, and in doing so made a very cool custom LED flashlight. Out of curiosity, I had a patent search run and discovered that I was indeed eligible for a design patent. I now have 10 separate designs, all of which are eligible for design patents. Pictures are available for any interested investors. Ideally, I'd like to find someone to partner with to take my idea to market, but I would also consider selling the idea outright.

Note: These are not movie replicas, they are all custom designs clearly inspired by "Star Wars". I have further checked, and there are no copyright issues calling these "The Force" Flashlights

Natalie Santos

I have recently been submitting my wonderful garden invention to various places . I would welcome the opportunity to submit my invention for "sale". My garden invention currently has a patent pending and I can provide a 3 d prototype for viewing purposes. My hopes are to enter a licensing agreement that will be beneficial, at the highest levels ,for all parties involved. My garden invention is targeted to home gardeners of all ages. It is a multi-functional garden tool holder, that enables one to have their garden tools accessible to them, directly in their garden or landscaped space. It acts as a "deterrent" or "scarecrow tactic", and adds an etheric sense of beauty to any garden/landscape. Gardeners will enjoy using and seeing in their outdoor space. I see it to be .....magnificent!

Chris Humphries

Did you know that it costs retailers an extra percentage when their card reader cannot read a credit/debit card? It does. I've produced a product that will stop these fees for retailers like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Home Depot and any other retailer that uses this product. If interested please contact me. Thank you.

Tiffany Reine
Hearing Section
225-925-3800 x 200

I called them “Stiflers”, because it stifles the world out. Think how nice it would be to work at your desk home or work and not have the wire dangling and ripping out every so often. if lost one could pick up a left or right ear bud for like $10. And the whole kit is about $40. Let me know if you need any other information. Thanks

Necessity is the mother of invention!

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