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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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John Hungler
Office: (704) 489-2725 ~ FAX: (704) 489-2785 ~ Mobil: (843) 833-1818
johnh@bolttechmannings.com ~ bolttech.com

A new tablet/laptop (T/L) design where any Smart phone (SP) becomes the motherboard/operating system when connected together. When docked the system will operate as one, phone calls and video conferencing can be achieved with a second camera system.

Also when not docked, the SP, the T/L will operate as display system for documents, pictures and video viewing via an on-board SSD hard drive storage. Any SP could be used and inserted into a T/L by a internal docking adapter.

James R.

The vision for the "Quik Trim" system: The quest for the perfect wood trim cutting tool has progressed over many years, from manual miter boxes and table saw miter gauges up to the present day laser line compound miter saws. While each new generation of tools has been an improvement over the last, they still carry limitations that frustrate as well as impede the efficiency of the craftsperson that uses them on a daily basis. Even though safety systems have improved over the years, even the most "state of the art" tools available, at times expose both the experienced user and "do it yourselfer" to unsafe cutting situations that are necessary to complete the cutting task. "Quik Trim" evolved from the passion of the inventor to address these lingering problems and thereby make a genuine leap into the next generation of wood trim cutting tools.


This invention is suppose to revolutionize mobile devices. It is a computer on your wrist. You can listen music, watch movies, and even give off your own wifi. This device is able to become an USB drive if need. Its suppose to feel futuristic and powerful. This inventions name is The Phoenix Gantlet. It is the most powerful mobile device ever had imagined to data.

The Phoenix Gantlet Invention

Gilbert Rono

A newly invented money transfer system ~ I have an idea on how to send money make payments accept payments. I do believe that the system will be one of the best in the market if introduced to the market. The new invention provides a very fast and safe way of transferring money. I am looking for a sponsor's to assist me in getting an international patent and necessary licenses to complete the project. Willing sponsors to contact me on the address above. Please serious only.

Rodney Cartwright

This invention will change the way we view all hand held devises and devise in our home. This invention will not only change two major electronic markets but will create several more. With some help from the right investors this invention can be put on the market soon and will place all involved ahead of all and any competition. This invention will change the world forever in a positive manor. It can be produced with the technology we use right now. Its the future right now. I am looking to present this to a major electronics manufacturer. It will work. serious investors please.

Mr.Kevin Taylor
165A Ashburnham RD
East Sussex
TN35 5LL
Tel. 01424 443054

After being diagnosed with rectal cancer in april 2010 I was left with a permanent colostomy. As a result of this I was finding it very difficult to get the colostomy bag to adhere to my skin properly and was advised that the adhesive surface of the bag needed to be warmed to make it supple and fit nicely into the creases of the skin. At present people are placing the bags in airing cupboards, under their arms, sitting on them and using hair dryers all of which are not ideal.

As a result I have invented a practical electronic device to warm the adhesive surface of the bag which makes the adhesive surface more supple and the adhesive itself more sticky. The device can also be used directly onto the bag once applied to the skin for extra adhesion. I have been the" guinea pig" and have found that using the device has been very successful and in my case have had no need for added adhesive .i.e. sprays and pastes which are very harsh on the skin. it is also portable and can be used anywhere.

I have a prototype and a patent.

Whilst having surgery recently I showed the device to my surgeon a professor Northover and also several stoma nurses who all thought it was a very good idea that would benefit not only people with colostomy and ileostomy bags but also bladder bags. It is portable and rechargeable and can be carried with the other supplies needed. The figures for people wearing a bag in the u.k are 350,000 and the u.s.a. 1.2000,000 and rising all the time. the potential worldwide market is massive. I am at the moment gathering figures for a business plan. I am looking for investment to take the device to the next stage and onto the market.

Evan Peacock

Hi my name is Evan Peacock. I am very excited about my newest idea for a very simple invention. The best part about my new idea is that it is extremely cost effective and even more simpler. The details of this idea are simply to install a snap on button and the inside hand of a newborn's pajamas(obviously they would need to be long sleeved) and on the collar bone area allowing you to cross their arms and snap them together creating the swaddle position. What this will accomplish is to help your child remain in the position that is most recommended by professionals because it creates a womb like effect that ensures the child they are safe. This will also help with many different things such as breast feeding by keeping their hands out of their face as well as helping the child to be safe from scratching their face. Childcare is one of the most difficult but most rewarding task anyone will ever have and I hope that this idea will eliminate some of a new families difficulties. Thank you for you time. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Eric Dello Russo

I was trying to sleep the other night and I came up with a product that is so simple, yet important. If you go to the doctor to treat insomnia, the first thing they will ask you about is your sleeping environment. A lot of light is very bad. A doctor will also ask you what you do when you have trouble sleeping. Most peoples answers involve laying in bed, tossing and turning...constantly taking a peek at the clock and doing the sleep countdown. You know the one. OK, If I go to sleep right NOW I will get 4 hours of sleep (that's not bad). OK if I pass out right now I can still get 3 hours. and so on and so on. After each glimpse of the clock your filled with anxiety and only exacerbating the problem. I've tried turning the clock away so I cant read it, but what happens if you wake up before the alarm? After struggling to fall asleep your prone to wake up early. Now you have no idea what time it is ! My invention is the INSOMNI-CLOCK ! A clock that has a sleep time mode with two options. It can turn the time display off until day time, or from a preset time before your alarm. You can set it to turn the display on 30 minutes, 1 hr, or 2 hours before your alarm goes off. This takes care of everyone. People that way up really early (before dawn) can sleep , as well as people that sleep in. Sleep is a beautiful thing !!!

Edward R. Cagape MD
Suite 21 Um Multitest Diagnostic Center
Ponciano Reyes St. Davao City, Philippines
tel no 082 302 1443 ~ mobile: +639295549685

medical instrument to evacuate blood and air from the lungs in traumatized patients

I invented a medical instrument to evacuate blood and air from the lungs in traumatized patients in vehicular accidents for example.. This surgical procedure is currently done manually by a doctor who had 4 years training in surgery. In expert hands, the procedure takes 45 minutes to open the chest, feel the space between the ribs and insert a tube the size of the small finger into the lung cavity. With the use of my invention, the procedure can be done by paramedics in 2 seconds even on the road. I have patented this instrument in 2005.

Gyem Thinley
Tashi InfoComm Limited
Post Box No. 1502
+975 77100055
Phone : +975 77889977 (Ext 8809)
Mobile : +975 77100055
Fax No. : +975 2 336318

Seeing the tragic event of 9/11, sea storm, flood, shipwrecks etc around the world, where hundreds of innocent peoples’ lives were lost. Though there could be emergency escapes / exits many would not have made it through the emergency exits.

Hence, I thought of “Gyem Dome”- a multi-accident proof object developed so that lots of lives would be saved. The object will be big enough to accommodate several people and may be placed in strategic locations of every flat of a building or in a ship where it will be easily accessible. Looking forward to genuine investor or manufacturer.

Justin Lewandowski

Hello, My name is Justin Lewandowski, and my partners name is Yusuf Shah. We have a great idea that would possibly revolutionize the world of mattresses. Our idea is a mattress that can change its temperature based on the owners preference through a remote control. It is also a memory foam mattress. For more info please reply to this email.

Joe Costello
Ph. Australia ~ 612 69472638 -- 0432 479820
skype ~ killenard1

We have just filed a PCT Patent for a Riveting Tool/Drill Point Rivets. The Tool can drill and set a DRILL POINT RIVET in one operation. We have also filed for further protection Design Patents for our DRILL POINT RIVETS. The global market in 2004 for rivets was US $50 Billion dollars . We would expect to capture a good % of that market with our Rivet Tool/Drill Point System. Fastening companies have been trying to develop this system for many years. We now look to find a suitable partner/investor to further develop this Riveting Technology. We are interested in a JV with the interested party.

We know that if we approached any of the fastening companies, we would have a License deal on the table very quickly. Our preference is to fully develop the Rivet Tool/Drill Point Rivet Innovation in China , where costs to develop are minimal compared to development in industrialized countries. The company Worth AG in Germany have excellent distribution throughout Europe, and have distribution in most other countries. As a first step, we would forward our Confidentiality Agreement for signing, and then we would forward the IP for a full examination by the interested party. They would need to fully explore the fastening market, which is enormous to say the least.

Jose Castillo
New Skool Sports, Inc.

I have a product that I would like an investor to review. The Knuckle Racquet is a new type of racquet that allows you to punch the ball, giving you the feel as if you are boxing with the ball. This develops your arms, shoulders, chest, back, core and leg muscles, creating an intense workout. Also an excellent Boxing training. This game has the same rules as racquet ball, but it is much more exciting than your average game racquet ball. And you can use it at any indoor or outdoor racquet ball court. Knuckle Racquet is a new sport in the making. Accessories can be added to this product. For example, a different size ball to develop different skills. A bigger ball for strength training, and a smaller ball for speed training. The Knuckle Racquet is patented and invented by Jose Castillo. Contact me as soon as possible for a presentation. Here is a video: http://newskoolsports.com/knuckle-racquet.html

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