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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Doug Holbrook ~ 35 years old with a wife and 2 kids.
Home: (502)802-5711/ cell: (502)653-1722
7001 Hawkins Rill Dr. Apt.2 Louisville, KY 40291

My name is Doug Holbrook and I've thought of several inventions through out my life my first one being at age 12 that is now a huge seller of which I had nothing to do with someone else thought of it 20 years after I did, I was too young to convince people to see that it would work. Now I have several ideas I would love to discuss with a serious, intelligent, investor with a eye for a great idea. First off I do not have a patent or any pending patents on any of my ideas and none of them exist to my knowledge. So I can only say very little about them and of course to learn more about any of these please contact me. The first one I have is a string instrument teacher with a lot of residual revenue it's a electronic trainer that will need to be made of which I have all the specifications for. Next I have two camping inventions both go with the times and are economy driven Ideas, next is a pest control system that will change the way companies treat homes and companies with applications to be sold and used by any current pest control company that will cut down human exposure to chemicals and decrease the price of treatments, and putting the chemicals where they need to go instead of being sprayed on based boards and being accessible for adults as well as children and pets which is the number one complaint from pest control customers and no more pest control person in the home it all can be done from the outside with a system which I've invented. Next is a new game/sport that is a combination of a current sport and game with each having a lot in common including the science of using the same part of the brain to perform both as individuals. Last is a personal invention that is close to my heart because it will save lives, it will help car wreck victims get faster response and more options to get to the hospital fast especially the accidents that happen at night, this one is my contribute to the world and if it saves one life that would be worth it to me. There are a few more that still needs work and will be posted in the future. If you are interested in hearing more about any of these please contact me at any of these listed contacts above.

Dean Day

Imagine sitting at your Windows Desktop, you have a back ache. So what do you do? You leave the PC for a break. Imagine you want to show your girlfriend something cool, but she's busy upstairs. What do you do? Leave it or email her. Solution? Your brand new wireless touch screen monitor! Giving you the power to make your Desktop PC wireless! Just pick up the monitor, removing it from the docking station and use it like a Tablet/IPad/Laptop. But with the power of a Desktop! Supports touch, speech and even has a camera. Power your PC off and on, even play music! The gadget of the year.

Clifton Johnson

1) Inflatable Swimsuit / Beach wear and accessories The swim suit is easy to construct , a liner placed into the swim Suit and beach wear with an air capsule or foam activated by pulling a string or turning a knob to release air or foam . Everyone loves the water yet many cannot swim , 9 people drown in America every day if this swim suit can save 1 life it would be worth it . People only buy life jackets if they own a water craft , everyone will buy this swim wear . Life jackets are bulky , confining and restrictive beach wear is not . How many people have you seen fishing off a pier or sitting around a pool wear a life jacket and they cannot swim .
2) Unique Portable Water craft - A simple version is a surf board with a troll motor installed . The water craft can be folded and carried like a suitcase or back pack . Battery powered and solar cell charged . It can be in any shape you can think of , a flying saucer , a magic carpet , a bird etc . It is made of styro foam with a troll motor in the middle , you can sit , stand , or kneel . The controls similar to a motor cycle with telescoping controls that can be raised or lowered . With battery indicator you know what charge you have , can you imagine walking to any lake , unfold the water craft , step on it and drive away . I need some one to help me with my dream .

Zain Pietersen

My invention is for handheld cameras that can be pre-loaded. Say you are going to a party on a certain night the camera will take only photos of incidents that you pre-loaded on your camera beforehand. Say you in a good mood than the camera will only snap those events where people are happy and generally in a good mood. Say you are sad than the camera will only take photos of sad events. I know you asking but how does the camera know when these events happen this happen beforehand when you upload data and info into the camera. Also this camera can take the pictures that you want but using a famous or well known photographers style of taking photos. Maybe you cannot take photos professionally but you can download the styles of famous or professional photographers.

Jason Gonzales

Patented wheelbarrow. Anybody who owns a wheelbarrow knows that in order to dump all the mulch, gravel, or dirt out of it, you need to tilt it past ninety degrees and swing it back and forth. This can cause back pain, muscle spasms, or discomfort. I developed a wheelbarrow that opens at the front from top to bottom (like an upside down garage door), to make dumping easier by limiting the degree of tilt. Also, one can dump as much or as little as they want by opening the gate as much or as little as desired. Perfect for construction sites, home gardens, and landscaping companies.

Marlyn Hill

Hi, my name is Marlyn, like the fish Hill. I am looking for potential buyers and investors. Invest in what? A flying car that is worth the money. Oh yeah, and the time. This not a joke and I am serious about getting my design off the ground and in the air.
I am a student in Sacramento, CA. I am a graphic design student at International Academy of Design and Technology. I have been studying other courses as well; such as, I studied aerodynamics, flight, simple physics, and engineering. Although I am an artist at heart, I can be technical and somewhat of a perfectionist.

Who wants to fly? We all have at least thought about it. I need to get this project in the air asap. I am requesting funding for paten and manufacturing. This vehicle is design for this planet and space exploration. Lets make the mark.

My idea will spare the air. Firefighters can use these vehicles for hard to reach and unsafe areas. The vehicle will operate on clean electric energy. The power source will not run off of fossil fuels. The control and steering can be operated by licensed driver or firefighters in an emergency. The plan is to help eliminate pollution and congested road traffic. There will also be less road construction which in turn will allow wildlife to grow in their natural settings.
My idea in the simplest form is a flying car. My vehicle can fly forward, backwards, up, down, side to side. The Vertical Electric Vehicle can occupy up to ten people including driver and co-driver. Maneuvers can be explored by operator according to vehicles capabilities. There are motors and air pumps which allows complete air mobility.
The main controls are similar to that of a modern sedan. One can steer this car manually or automatically. The computer on board is equipped to handle emergency control and traffic control. The computer system is base on the maps of which city or state is uploaded upon arrival to destination. There a GPS and safe landing gear.
The power available can vary depending on the usage of the vehicles. This car has an electric conductor on board that will give it plenty of thrust and levitation. A quick charge station will be created for specific location. The quick charge is only a bust because this vehicle will run mostly off of power that is generated and stored on board.
This is a one of a kind aircraft that can change the way humans travel. My design can be use for local and international travel. Rescue mission will be a lot faster and safer for firefighter. Emergency personnel can have more control of traffic in the air and on the ground. Vertical Electric Vehicle will change the way product is delivered. This will also make travel around the world possible everyone. Yes, it is a spaceship. It can be use in zero gravity with its unique air duct system.
This vehicle is designed to use the technology of today(2011). This a fast, new, and cool.

Heidi Lechner
Long Island, NY

I would like to see that there was a PC/Mac keyboard that had the same style/feature as my cell (holding down a button for extended letter-type) for European symbols instead of always typing in codes or whatever trying to figure out/remember what each one is..


Investor(s) wanted for perpetual motion generating machine. This machine runs on it's own power without the use of gasoline, oil, or any other fuels. Prototype was made, but one of the main parts was stolen. I need money to replace and restore prototype back to working conditions. This machine can be manufactured for various uses for industrial, construction sites, residential - camping etc. This machine produces it's own source of power that runs a generator that produces 220 volts or 110 volts or less of electricity for any jobs or personal needs. Can be used indoors without harmful toxic consequences.

Tracie J. Swando
(941) 526-6188

One of the most annoying habits men have- not putting the toilet seat back down! There is nothing more frustrating than waking up in the middle of the night and the toilet seat has been left up...you sit down, and fall into the toilet. My idea is to have a Glow in the Dark Sticker- yes, a sticker that would actually Glow in the dark! The sticker would be placed under the toilet seat, so when a toilet seat is left up, the sticker will glow in the dark, which will alert you that the seat needs to be put down before you sit. This could also help the embarrassment when company is over. If the sticker has writing on it in a bright red bold color, this may help a man remember to put the seat down afterwards, therefore eliminating the embarrassment of company entering a bathroom with a toilet seat up.

Arvin Brad Stanley

HISTORY: The heavy and burdensome machine of today's tattoo phenom has not significantly changed since Thomas Edison first patented its design. Purpose: The purpose is to change the design of today's tattoo machine to A) relieve the artist of most hurtles and duties other than painting on skin, B) decrease the time by which to do the art, C) save the parlor owner money in multiple ways, and D) do it cost effectively. DESIGN: The Arvin Ink Machine and Cabinet is drafted, with each component having multiple views to allow an easy transition from print to assembly. To view, and possibly invest in something that a billion dollar industry is begging for, send an e-mail and proposed 'Non-Disclosure' agreement to Arvin at starvinarvin2@msn.com.

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