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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Luis B.
New Jersey, 08320

I have invented a paste made of food grade materials (edible), which is applied to the closed eyes, and left on for twenty minutes. Once washed off, it increases the vision acuity demonstrable. If ones vision has a nearsighted rating of #3 (0 being blind, 10 having 20-20 vision) the vision keenness would jump up to approximately a #5. Subsequent applications will make it jump up to one or two digits! The paste is made up of totally natural ingredients, made up of food grade materials (edible).

Dave and Annette

I can designed new line of clothing for men, which possesses special qualities. This improves the definition of there muscles, providing they have somewhat of a physique to begin with. Note: This clothing does not replace the gym, but however will enhance the look and shape of the body. This clothing is not constricting in any manner and does not induce sweating or weight loss. You will notice a change within a week of wearing this clothing. Undress in front of a mirror and if you are not satisfied with the outcome, send back for a complete refund

Giannhs Lymperis

The main object of the hydraulic tie rod for construction projects of our invention along with its application method in the construction field for structural projects is to minimize the problems associated with the safety of structural projects such as buildings in the case of natural phenomena such as earthquakes, tornados and very powerful winds in general. According to the present invention, this can be achieved by a continuous pre-stressing (pulling) of both the roof of a large, geometrical part of the building structure which independent of the load-bearing structure towards the ground and of the ground towards the structure, making these two parts one body like a sandwich. ~ www.antiseismic-systems.com

Dave and Annette


hi, are you a manufacturing company struggling to compete in the market place? are you searching for new inventive ideas (innovations)? I can develop for you countless innovative products, ranging from -medical apparatuses -virtual video devices -exercising equipment -all major household appliances improvements, including microwaves -auto body collision tools, including refinishing booth -battery less vehicle propulsion hybrid system, including battery less electric moped -phone app software -new cell phone design circuitry, included BCT. (bridge circuitry tech) and countless others. furnish me with a team of engineers and lets get it happening and create jobs jobs jobs...


Nandu Kotha

My invention name is: Height Of A building By A Spets .yes we can know height of any building with a spets. How? ANSWER: I took a spets and drawn 2 lines horizontally on one of the glasses and possible horizontal lines are drawn between the 2 lines. I stood before a building and the down line should coincide with the base of the building and see the building then some part of the building will appear. I measured it then it will be some x then keep a figure on the upper line and and make down line and figure to coincide then the distance of base to the upper line will be 2x.like that how many times will come those many times we have to multiply with the x. lastly some distance will be remained that distance will coincide with the one of the lines that are drawn between the 2 lines then if we measure that distance down of the building something will come if we add those values we will get height approximately. this is the easiest way to tell a height of a building by seeing that building with a spets..

Contact Robert

A new and innovative tool and process which allows a user to change an air filter located in the ceiling without the use of a ladder. This will prevent personal injuries, property damage and save time. For use in residential and commercial applications. No known tool on the market to accomplish this task. USPTO 8,075,031.

John Grebas

I have an idea for an invention that can be summed up simply. I have a way to stop people from pirating movies when first released n the theater. This should be of interest of movie producers, and theater owners both as just about everyone I have ever met has seen at least one of these pirate versions of new release's not out on DVD yet. I am about 90% sure this will be 100% effective at this point. I am severely disabled and do not have the means physically or economically to further this invention.

Jason Grimes

My pad removes fiberglass insulation from the skin. Its patent pending and I'm looking for someone to help with marketing for a licensing agreement.

Dennis Dykstra

The idea I have is to enhance a typical online checking account manager used by banks. With my own personal account I am able to view my checking account balance online and see all the cashed checks, debit purchases, withdrawals, and deposits. I can always see my current balance. My idea is to have a check log where you can enter how much the checks you write are worth and the check number, and your account balance can be updated when you send out checks, so you don’t have to wait for them to clear to see how much money you have in your account. This would be very helpful keeping people from overdrawing their account.

John Radvillas
1935 B county rd 420
Cullman, Alabama 35057

I have an idea for an invention I call Self contained garden bails. I am seeking an investor or mfg in the gardening industry to enter into a licensing agreement. This invention is designed for the consumer who wants a easy, affordable and convenient method of gardening. The advantages of this concept are • No soil preparation. High quality soil and container are in one unit• Conserves water. Water is concentrated around the root system of the plants. Excess water is retained in bottom of the bail. • Can be used in areas where conventional gardening is unpractical. The bails can be placing on hard surfaces, decks, roof tops etc. • Low cost. no gardening equipment is necessary. ie wheel barrels, hoe, tillers, soil amendments, fertilizers etc. • Recycle able. After use the soil can be spread on lawn or reused as house plant or conventional garden soil. • Insect resistant. Plastic liner isolates ground borne insects. Estimated gross annual sales would be $1.4000,000/yr A written Statement of confidentially will be required for correspondence.

Michael Muenchausen

Oar Beams is a boat oar with integrated LED lights to make it easier for individuals to navigate waters, especially in dimly lit conditions. The product also assists individuals in distress by allowing them to signal others with the lighted oars. The boat oar may also be utilized as a flashlight on shore. This product is ideal for use by individuals who own and operate boats, as well as for use on search and rescue missions. Consumers will appreciate the convenience, safety, and efficiency that this product affords. There are many things that can go wrong when boating. Individuals that row using oars may find themselves rowing in the dark or in heavy fog. It is difficult to navigate without a light, however it is impossible to hold a flashlight while rowing. In an emergency situation, it can be hard for individuals to signal to others that they are in distress, especially in the dark. The boater may not be visible to others on shore or to the search and rescue team. An efficient solution is needed. Oar Beams is a boat oar that has three signaling LED lights installed on the shaft. The oar can be used as a conventional paddling oar, but it can also be used for safety purposes and to help individuals see in the dark or in the fog. The oar may be made from materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, carbon-fiber, plastic, or wood composite. The oar handle may be made from a gripping rubber. The handle threads into the handle of the oar. There may be a waterproof sleeve that slips over the threaded connection. Batteries can be inserted into the handle opening below the actual handle. The battery spring is attached to the handle. There is also a rubber O-ring at the threaded connection. Below the battery housing is another threaded connection. This too has a rubber O-ring on the inside. This section can house the internal wiring and electric components. This section is also waterproof. There are three white LED lights positioned on the handle, in the upper portion of the handle. These are threaded into the handle. There is an on/off switch located above them. The lights are able to be put into strobe mode if desired. The exact specifications may vary.

Zak Alsadaq

My idea is how I can spot driver and passenger wearing seat-belt from far distance (200 ft + ) by police. This simple idea is submitted to auto factory for new cars manufacture, and can be installed on currant model as after market device.

Dave and Annette

I can develop a high-tech flashlight. now you may think what??? well wait till you see what it is capable of doing. I guarantee you will be astounded due to this new would be advanced cutting edge tech. I guarantee that all children, including the child in all of us would purchase this, due to its unique properties, creating a industry of its own. and thus creating more jobs jobs jobs.

B. Munikwa

I have innovated a 3-sequence gravity mill whose main shaft is continuously rotated by weight in beams kept on one side to weigh down the main shaft using ordinary lever action. The beams are made to repetitively re-set themselves by a camshaft. The rotating main shaft can be used do any mechanical work, like generating electricity, with no other motivational agent like fuel, wind, water etc. The gravity mill can be set up to any scale, anywhere to produce the required power output from the natural phenomenon - gravity.

Ken Miles

I have designed and made a model of a CVT (Constant Velocity Transmission) automotive gearbox. Research indicates that it is original and unique. It also overcomes all of the disadvantages of current CVT gearboxes in use. It is very patentable and when the gearbox performs as it is intended, it will revolutionize the motor industry. Various enquires seem to indicate that the patent rights could be worth up to $100 million. I am sure you have access to experts who would be able to assess the worth in principle to arrive at their own figures.

What I require is $150,000 to do the following:

1. Purchase all materials for the project.
2. Complete a prototype and modify it if required.
3.Prepare a full patent specification including CAD drawings.
4.Conduct a patent search.
5.File a provisional patent.
6.Make a video of the gearbox in action.
7. Prepare presentation packages for potential clients such as Mercedes - Toyota - Ford- BMW, etc.

I am prepared to negotiate equity participation in the patent rights and to enter into legal agreements which will protect both the investor and myself.

It must be borne in mind that no patent right assignment can be executed without the consent of all participants, and that international patent law is extremely effective. Thus the investor will be well protected as he will be an equity partner.

Should you be interested, I have much greater detail and information to supply, which I am sure will satisfy you.

Dave and Annette


I can develop for your company a medical device that can avoid crippling, due to spinal injuries and or save lives. this device can also subdue additional pain, without increasing pain management medication. this device also decreases the down time to instigate treatment. this device is reusable, portable and very easy to operate, and would be very economically priced. this device is only used for a few seconds per patient when needed, therefore I would guess only 10 units per hospital floor is needed, and kept at nursing station for use. also would be used at all medical clinics throughout. also this device would be useable in animal hospitals as well. this device would promote a new manufacturing industry alone due to the development of materials needed, therefore creating Jobs...Jobs...Jobs... come on America, lets get moving rather then talking about it sheesh..


Zak Alsadaq

Cheap hurricane shutter installed during building homes from inside, can be manual or motorized, it can be from aluminum or fiberglass materials, you would not know if home has it by looking from outside. ideal for new construction homes in Florida and other states, rolling up and down can never be easier during hurricane season, fast, no lifting, no hiring people to put up, down, save in insurance, very affordable, better resale value, all done from inside, upper box ,track to outside with robe up ,down or motorized

Rynaldo Stoltz

My invention holds relation to a Blind System and although an age old invention, my design and system in mind is more modern and promises to replace AND improve the 'everyday' existing blind. This system is designed with convenience and has great potential according to recent market research. I am in the process of negotiating the development phase of this system, however, I am falling short of funds to make this happen. This is what I need: 1. Open-Minded Investors to assist in getting my project to development phase ($25 000) This will essentially assist me in : - having X Company pre-develop the system - having X Company represent the system - having X Company locate potential licensee/s after full development Once successful, X Company will generate 10% of ALL sales and I will receive 90% of ALL sales generated! I am ONLY looking for 1 - 2 Investors and I am willing to give 20% share of my 90% to Investor willing to assist should the product/system reach success! Please contact me for further details!

Bryon Simpson
706- 282- 5875

My invention deals with Baseball, the concept is to build eye-hand coordination for little leaguers. instead of learning to hit the ball off a tee, the ball would actually be projected about four feet in the air. I know that when I was a kid learning to play baseball my interest dropped because the big boys seem to be playing a different game than me. The concept is safe and and cost-efficient. I vision a small plastic version for ages 6 and under. and a more professional version for older individuals. if interested in investing in my invention, feel free to contact me.

Menon Thejus Mohan

I have developed a digital mirror. Following are the main features of it: 3 dimensional view (all four sides can be viewed), thin, wall mountable, water proof mirror, touch screen mode, BMI facility can be attached, styles- clothing, hair styles, hair color, eye color, lip color, ornaments, rechargeable, games like chess installed, video/audio/digital albums installed and can be played, can be used in hotels, saloons, malls, posh villas. I am looking out for investors to start this project. The cost details are as follows: Prototype cost $10000 to $ 15000, Unit price on mass production : $ 5000 - $ 6000 For further details please contact me.

Warren Davis

I have an idea , it's simple or at least I think it is, and I can almost promise a profit with right marketing. My Idea is called baby me. Just imagine kids are able to buy baby dolls made to look lime them , we can set up an web site to where they can send a face picture , front , right side, left side, with brief information about themselves, we have doll made in collector addition with a like a card with the brief information on it , or little boys can order them selves as action figures and be apart of an elite cast , like marvel comic super hero , or G.I. Joe. Just imagine you actually playing with yourself . It's the holiday season let's make some money.

Dave and Annette

Imagine a city of 500 thousand people not having to smell garbage ** ***** ****’* mmmm sweet fresh air. sorry for the censorship of part of this message due to secrecy. this new innovation that I could develop for manufacturing could eliminate the smell entirely. this is not established by any chemicals or de-odorizing products.

David Stump

I am 24 years old, I am currently a student at University of Phoenix in Arizona. I have come up with a new revolutionary business idea, that every person would want to try and be apart of. I believe it would be as successful, if not exceed past any Wal-Mart, Quick Trip, or any other Fortune 500 company. It would go right along on top of the charts.

I am talking about an innovated way of coming up with your own unique design of clothing. I am talking about a business, that you walk into, that has almost every kind of jean material, cotton based, wool sown, silk, and any other kind of fabric you can think of. You as a consumer, walk into a new renovated retail store, where you as the consumer, can design your own clothing: Pants, Shorts, T-shirts, Dresses, Suits, and the list goes on. You can pick out your material, which is organized by color and by material, so you know where to find it quick and accessible. There will be a person that will size you, so your outfit fits you, not you fitting into your outfit. Your new unique original style will fit to the measurements of your body use less you want to make it a little bigger. This associate of the company will then take these calculations and the material you chose and will type it into the computer. After the measurements are in place, the computer will then give an outline of the consumers body. The associate will then ask what this person is wanting to make with the material. Well say pants for this scenario. The computer will then show the pants and this is where the person in question can describe how they want their pants to be designed. After this process has been done the associate will then take the material and place it on the CNC where the pants will be made. This process shouldn't take no longer than 20 minutes at tops to cut the material, stitch the material, wear/tear to give it the look of worn, the logo established if you wanted, the pockets, and zipper will all be done on this machine. This machine will delete the person (usually know as a Taylor) having to hand sow and taking the Taylor days if not weeks to design a new outfit that can take minutes instead. This can be done for kids going to a dance, mothers wanting to get those special pictures done with matching outfits, to help out the big and tall people, the list goes on.

This is innovative and accessible to anyone with an idea of their special clothing desire.
This sounds like a long shot cause at the moment its just an Idea ready to happen but it just hasn't quite seen the light yet.

Tomas Petkevicius
Baznycios gatve 22
Elektrenu Savivaldybe
Lithuania LT 21413

 Parking ideas that is similar to "stacking cars in the garage" which is in this site. I come up with these ideas for better parking on August 2010. Some of them are to save space, one is to make car safe without garage, and the first parking ideas that I have created is made for good and easy parking. You Simply drive car after car into garage and then when one car out of whole lot is needed you will get it parked out on the driveway. Also there is many modified versions, underground version. Also one idea will help to clean the roof of the car or SUV, or fit baggage box or bicycles easy. Contact me and we will discuss further questions. I need money for prototyping, patenting, and then offer it to customers. And these are not the only ideas I have. Also I have unique and custom house ideas. Unique driving into the lot idea. And many more. I Will answer fast, same day in few hours.

Unique CD/DVD/Blu Ray box, with one good function. ~ I will describe it shortly. With this box for disc you won't have to touch it with hands. It won't fall on the ground unless it will fall with the box. It's made especially for disc drives like PS3, Car CD player. But if I will get investor I will also be able to make a version for standard disc drives.

Computer/ Laptop - notebook / projector combined into one portable device. ~ It's like Laptop but without LCD/LED screen. Instead of that It will use projector. You're going to some office with your company's offer? Why bother with all the projector capability things and other problems. simply put your projector-computer on the desk and point it to the wall. You will have everything ready in your own portable presentation center. Also it's like portable entertainment center. Watch movies with your unique projector-computer.

Richard Barwick

Key FinderIdea 1. We have all seen the key ring gadgets that are available if we lose our keys, we whistle, the gadget bleeps…ok, so let’s go one step further…What if you can’t whistle, or not very load, what if the gadget does not recognize your tune ? How about a small devise that we put on our key ring, simply ring the paired number from your mobile phone, and your keys start ringing. Making it simple to find, even in the hardest places.

Idea 2. Square canvas/wood block, with nice detachable edging. Then people can buy a roll wallpaper they like, cut and fix into place, and you got a super canvas style wall design that can be changed easy, to match any décor. All for the cost of a roll wall paper.

Idea 3. We have all seen the green L plates on cars, we all seen “baby on board signs” , all very good warning signs to avoid potential dangers, but have you ever drove abroad ? had foreigners beep horns because you’re driving so cautious, not understanding road signs, opposite side road, left hand drive ? and all you want is a great big neon sign saying I’m a tourist, give me a chance ! well how about a simple warning sign with the letter T (for tourist) and foreign driver wrote underneath in several languages. This would cost £1.99, it could be bought at airports, newsagents, travel centers etc, lay flat in case, and easily stick to your rear window when driving abroad. This could also be used for tourists visiting our country, they buy/hire a car, then drive like idiots. Least if we are following a car that says foreign driver on board, we can expect them to do something unusual.

All the above ideas cost very little to produce, and can appeal to most people. I have wrote in detail my ideas and posted recorded delivery to myself to act as a time stamp to prove my idea was first. The problem I have is paying for the patent and finding help to produce. I am very keen on these ideas, and believe could make lots money if aimed at the correct audience. I am open to any ideas and would love any thoughts/backing/help.

Luc Cote
(416) 992-7871

"Pontoon Autodock is a patent pending invention that permits a solo operator to dock and launch a pontoon boat from a seated position at the helm. Incorporating wheelchair accessibility, this invention is a game-changer in the boating market. If the operator can drive a boat within a 24 inch window, at up to 15 degrees, docking is assured. Automaticly adjusts for waves, boat load and water levels. I am seeking investment, and/of licensing agreements."

Dave and Annette


Attention manufacturers of electronic language translators. so you may think you have the best, smartest, fastest computing device in the market place, well you don’t. the design I could invent (develop) for your company “providing a freelance engineering status contract is in place” would surpass the intelligent software that is currently being used in your devices. the system feature that I would develop for you, would not require data loading of languages. this system would possess (smart chip) scanning, therefore using a fraction of memory storage. if after learning of this process, your company is not 100% satisfied on realizing the potential of this improved product. all investing capital (funding) will be returned, including time that has been invested will be compensated. requirements: must be setup with a team of your engineers that will follow instructions with out question. the technical advantage that your company will achieve will be overwhelming, this I promise.


Brady Brevik
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Invention: Lazy Top: This device is a type of stand for your laptop. What makes it so different from other's is that it's nothing that is on the market today. I'm not going to specify details of the invention because it is not patent yet. Numerous companies want this item as I contacted, I just don't have $800 laying around for them to just look at this idea. This product is going to sell! Low budget feel free to contact at anytime.


Are you a hunter and hate sitting in the tree stand and snow or rain comes down onto you? Well my idea is a camo umbrella that has straps that wraps around the tree and it hangs over your head to keep yourself dry. If your an investor and is interested in my patent e-mail me at. Thanks!

Have you ever played a sport or jogged and your shoelaces were just too long and make you trip? Instead of falling or tucking them inside your sneakers, use a shoe clip. The clip is like a clip used to hang clothes. This clip will be smaller and perfect size to clip your excess shoelace to the tongue of the shoe. If you think this is a great idea please e-mail me

Dave and Annette

Attention General Electric, Kenmore, Maytag, or any other major appliance manufacturer, that wishes to move into 1st place in the market place. if placed “ as a freelance engineer” under contract with your company, I could design new internal workings (smart tech) in all your major house hold appliances, including microwaves ovens. as a example, imagine a washing machine that consumes less power then what a small 9 volt battery can provide over a three hour span of continuous power output into the machine, without any external intervention. now I sure you must think “yea sure whatever” but remember all inventions are unbelievable until invented. provide me with a team of engineers under a 6 month term and together under my supervision, will develop new cutting edge technologies that will allow your company leadership in the market place. innovation is the key to a strong economy, we must sell more then we buy, that is the secret. lets not talk about it lets do it.

Andrew Smith

Hello my name is Andrew Smith, I'm from Deltona Florida and I have something that will change the world! I have made a magnetic generator that works. I have built a small working model but lacking the capitol to scale it to a size that will make an impact. I plan to scale it to a size that will be able to recharge the battery of an electric car, boat, airplane... etc. This invention will change the world for the better, who wouldn't want to be a part of that? please contact me with any investors who are interested in making this planet a better place to live

Phillip Nesbitt

I am sending this message because I saw your website and have an idea to submit. It is about a DVD/CD resurface machine beside Redbox and blockbuster kiosks. Most people have disc's that are scratched, dirty or just will not play. If it had a sensor inside to regulate what is beyond repair and what may be on the disc i.e. anything sticky or to thick to clean off.

Jonas Mcmillan & Maurice Mcgowan
732 779-8127

I developed a heated car cover and heated runner for your stairs. It allows you to remove snow off your car and stairs without all the back breaking work of shoveling. It features a internal heated coil pack and a self regulating thermostat that will power on according to the outside temperature. It is currently patented pending # 500269380

Dave and Annette


Hi, I have tried to get a hold of Apple to inform them, that they are completely going in the wrong direction with there new iPad and I see they do not wish to return my call. I presume they must think they employ the smartest engineers in the world and don’t require any help. Further more every other manufacturers of the same interests, seem to follow there lead. Now if you are a investor of a competing manufacturer, and wishes to gain the upper hand in this very competitive market. I can present to you a new electronic tablet, due to its properties of encouraging innovation and creativity within it’s user. Sure it is fine to learn what others have accomplished, “information thereof” but what about what you are capable of achieving? That is what this new tablet is all about. Who is most important? you are!! because without you there is nothing. You are indeed the center of the universe, this world is your oyster so start enjoying it, and buy my tablet. (: PS. I also noticed they have revealed the new iPhone and got it wrong, including the exterior of the design. I can also correct this flaw, so add me to your team of engineers and lets get with the program.


Jeffrey Skarupa
256 East Tulip Ave
Defuniak Springs FL 32433

I am an inventor/tinkerer. I spent the last 14 years in the US Air Force and now work full time Civil Service for the Government. I do not want to do this forever as my current job bores me when I could be making so much more money. I am an avid fabricator and like restoring muscle cars and drag racing on weekends. I guess you would label me a gear head and I love all things mechanical and high tech electronics projects and building them from scratch, or taking apart two different items for the guts I need, then soldering them together for my purpose of the new machine. I know resins and plastics, metal fabrication, and woodworking/plastics and resins for mold making, fiberglass and epoxy construction or jack of all trades per say. My favorite thing to do is invent tools or cut apart/modify current tools on the market when I see a design flaw that I can improve upon. I actually use the tools in the workplace, so I tailor it to do many different things or better than the original manufacturer thought of.

I have a spiral notebook full of hand illustrated products and electronic designs I drew up. Kind of like Davinci's  drawings of useful tools, widgets, and or construction equipment to make the workers job easier with less effort. I need an investor to jump in and help me take one of these items to market for profit. Then from those profits, we can launch another item off one of the other pages. I have been adding to this notebook since 1988 after high school. I have ten and a half acres of undeveloped land that I just recently paid to have cleared , leveled and gravel driveway installed. I want to build on it a 60X80 pole barn with concrete floor and air lines to manufacture these items and ship them out the back door into a waiting tractor trailer.

This newest item I'm working on now involves manufacture of specialty "sheet/boards" that would be air stapled or nailed, or screwed into the wood rafters of the existing attic on new construction or presently built structures. They can be easily trimmed with a utility knife or hot blade knife to fit inside side walls between 2X4s and up in rafters along the roof underside. I will sell them in convenient 4'X8' sheets with special plastic moldings similar to tongue and groove flooring for a seamless crack free finish. They are very lightweight and are non conductive of heat or cold. It also is 96 Percent efficient against radiant heat of sun penetrating though shingles into the insulation of conventional houses. Basically, to win the war of air conditioning, you must "keep the heat out" and not allow it to "penetrate" down into the home. It must be kept outside. The second law of thermodynamics says heat seeks cold, not the other way around. Keep the heat out, and you'll stay cool inside by not letting the heat attack the nice cool inside and try to equalize it to warm. Not rocket science, but to this day I know of no other product that does what mine can do and ease of installation. I can easily see it replace conventional pink panther R-19 fiberglass insulation in the future. The panels are also a class A fire retardant and water proof once cured. Mold resistant and wont hold moisture. Once there installed, customer never has to worry about them again. The panels work. I want to mass produce them and sell them by the truck load to new home and business contactors or Lowes and Home Depot etc.

Dave and Annette


Hi, now with this particular innovation that I believe that I could create “but not yet sure” would enable personal flight machine tech to become reality without the huge amounts of energy that is now being needed to accomplish . this device would not require any rocket propulsion or rotors (propeller) yet capable of vertical lift, and even operate where air is not present. for this reason is why I don’t call it a aircraft. this innovation I would sooner fund myself providing other innovation that I could produce become a success.


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