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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Juan Torres
647 W. 207 St, Apt. 5-C
New York , NY 10034

From all the options available as right now in the internet, I decided to write to you, to tell you about my invention. I have resolved the centuries old quest about the possibilities the human race have of flying, very close to the way birds fly. I have designed a flying device, like a little plane, but in the shape of a bird, with wings and tail, propelled by a main wind turbine that feeds 6 additional smaller turbines, all of them in a conic shape. The wind coming from every exit of the main turbine is multiplied by the receiving “mill” at least 5 times in strength and speed, which at the end, where all conducts exit their compressed air, produce an extraordinary wind force, capable of rotating 18 small (concave, spoon-shape) blades at the incredible speed of 15,000 RPM. The turbines are powered by an 18-volts cordless drill, which goes inside the main turbine, very close in shape and design to those of the regular commercial airplanes in use today. I have finished every detail, including controls and security measures; but I could not take my invention to work in a workshop for lack of money. However, the budget for my invention is around the $5,000.00 (Five Thousand Dollars) mark, which makes my invention very easy to achieve.

Joseph Paez

Solor panel backpacks. It will have two solar panels on either shoulder strap, and with those you can charge for example: A cellular device, ipod/mp3 player, virtually anything that can be charged by a usb port. 

Chris Phillips

My invention is for the tool makers consideration. My idea comes from 10 years of working as a carpenter/joiner, it is based on hanging doors. Basically when hanging doors to existing/old door frames you will always have to plane the door down sometimes a great deal and usually you have to lay the door on its side and prop it against whatever you can my technique is usually lean it on the door frame which obstructs part of the door so I have to reposition to plane all the door. My invention holds the door in place at the bottom so the door will be clear of obstruction all the way up. It is an idea only at the minute, I have a rough drawing and more details about size and materials, it should be low cost to make and there is currently no competitor on the market. I have submitted the idea to designmindgroup and they have done a preliminary report and are very excited about it, I just need an investor to help. thanks for taking the time to read this.

Igor Hrncic, MSc.

I am master of science, author of scientific papers in mathematical physics. I found a way to make internal combustion engines, such as Otto and Diesel, produce 22% more power. The idea is fairly simple, it leaves engine almost intact, adding two more mechanical pieces to it with some re-geometrization. Fuel consumption is unaltered for any number of rotations. This idea of mine is technically well elaborated, but not patented yet. I am looking for investor to jointly venture into patenting this innovation, or for a buyer for this innovation.

Jim Benjamin
+46 13 14 77 81 & +46 707 16 16 35

Four new patents, 1- New golf game can be played indoor and outdoor, play on all terrains, played with one player and up till eight players. 2- New patent to collect dogs and cat’s wastes. I have prototype and it has been tested successfully. 3- New patent to hold plastic bags after shopping, no more pain carrying these heavy plastic bags after shopping. The patent made of plastic and weight 15 grams. 4- New source of power produce electricity not using any kind of Fossil fuels, fusions, comical, batteries, sun and any known fuel form.

Joseph Dister

I have an idea for a “phonepad”. This idea is targeted mainly for teenagers or college students, however, it would be profitable for all ages. My invention combines ideas from the adhesive wall hooks that are now advertised today, with the ideas of the “iHome.” Essentially, all that the “phonepad” would do, would stick to the wall next to your bed, and have plastic case fitting to the type of phone that you own. Obviously, each phone would have a different size pad. Then, with the adhesive wall hook on the back, owners could place the” phonepad” next to them where they sleep. This idea would sell because today everyone uses their phone as their alarm. Also, younger kids are constantly texting, and would love to have a convenient place to put their phones in the middle of the night so that it was always accessible. While there might be some variations of the “phonepad”, the basic idea can be extremely profitable.

Adrian Fourie
Kwazulu Natal
South Africa
epicenter of the Aids pandemic

Cure for AidsCure for Aids ~ 10-Watt ultraviolet bulb measuring 1cm by 4mm. Hollow nickel-titanium sleeve (stent) approximately 2cm long and 8mm in diameter, rounded and smoothed on the ends. This sleeve houses and protects both the light bulb and the artery. Same 9-Volt battery, thin nickel-titanium insulated wire and leg-strap. Circuit tester. A small incision is made in the artery and the device is slid in. The wire protrudes through incision after it has been sewn up and is attached to the battery strapped onto the thigh. Estimated wearing time: 6 weeks.

ABOUSEIRA, Abdel Fattah Mohamed Hatem

Four stroke cycle reciprocating engine works with out valves and camshaft ~ I acquired great experience in manufacturing the rotary valve and its spare parts and I made some requirements for the required materials needed for its manufacture . This give me a complete vision to manufacture multi-cylindered engine which works with rotary valve system and also I have an idea to fabricate fuel injection system ( benzene _ diesel) which depend on the rotary valve but I did not fabricate a model yet I expect my idea for fuel injection to be the best for this types of engines. I am ready to show you this vision through a direct contact between me and you. If you wished with taking in consideration the protection of my rights and your rights too. The advantages of my invention are:- 1 – less manufacture cost whereas the original engines have bigger size, the weight of the cylinder head is much larger and many components needed for the manufacture of engine which raise the manufacture cost. And also there is complexity in installation and turning on but the rotary valve system have less size , less cylinder head weight , less components and simple installation which lead to minimize the cost of consumed material and manufacture stages. 2 – Elimination of the breakdown reasons that occur during engine rotation as A) valve bending B)spring facture C)spring-piston collision Whereas in the rotary valve system there is no reciprocating components and also the valve motion is rotary and smooth and there is no springs in the cylinder head . 3 – less fuel consumption : in the reciprocating valves system to achieve a complete cycle for the engine there should be valves springs resistance , this need to raise the fuel consumption but in the rotary valve system there is no springs . 4 – less engine vibration and noise :due to the smoothness of its rotation whereas there is no reciprocating components or springs

Jack Wishy

Billion dollar potential while making the world a better place. Up until now there has never been a puzzle that different skill levels and or different age groups can work cooperatively on with equal enjoyment. My invention adds a divider to a standard puzzle so that you can have different size pieces for different age/skill levels or players. Puzzles cost pennies to make and millions are sold annually in the US. There is not a single house in America that has not had a puzzle in it at one time or another. Startup cost would be minimal and the manufacturing technology is already in use. More puzzles mean less TV or video games therefore making the world a better place!

Patrick Henderson
Faha East
Co. Kerry

Phone: 064 66 44 744
Fax: 064 66 44 7 44
Mobile: 087 911 2212
Skype: patrick-henderson

wind turbineHas any of your inventors ever come up with, or would be capable of coming up with an accelerator for a wind turbine

I have funds.

Kind Regards, PJH



One of are biggest problems today. Is pollution. You can not Evan breath when your out side or you'll get all that dirty air in your mouth. And what is one of the biggest pollution makers? Car mufflers, the things on the back of the car that all the smoke comes out of. Well with my invention the Eco fan, we can have clean air. The Eco fan is a small fan and vent that you can put on any car muffler and when you turn the car on it turns on and all the smoke gets caught in the vent and the fan blows out clean air only. We need five thousand to start but it will be a great investment cause the world is going green.

Will Meeks

A handheld device that has a list of the amount of carbohydrates in different types of food by surface area. When used you would select a food and then scan the food with a topographic scanner and it would say the amount of carbohydrates. It would have a on-screen display of the topograph map created and tell you the amount of carbohydrates by grams in the food by surface area. Please contact me via email.

Gerald L Thomas

I'm the inventor, Gerald L Thomas, and this is a link to my patented concept, to "wear" personal electronics ( pager, cellular, mp3 players, Gps, USB flash drives etc, etc.) as fashionable accessories... you buckle ! Will you add my link to your site ? I'd like to sell or give licensing, to develop, this wearable technology, for the future of "Personal Electronics" to wear as buckles, (TEENS !!) when not in hand (use) It gives all the detail, as to what, and how the idea came to me, and "animation video" to show how it is used. ~ www.ideasupport.net/view/nbqk2or1150qs23z/

Josephine Lepine

Voice Activation phone when it is lost or stolen.. If you happen to loose your cell phone or forgot where you have placed it. All you have to do is call out its name. You will be able to name it anything you wish to give it, but what happens when the cell phone dies out. Well there will be a little battery inserted into your phone that will only trigger when it hears the name you call out. But if the phone ever gets stolen ,to identify Who it belongs to, there will be a code inserted to find out who owns the phone. That way no one will be able to use your phone and waste your minutes until the person is found and is voice activated. However, if the person is not found or there other contact person they can contact them through their e-mail. After 30 days the battery will have to be removed.
When the phone is voice activated it should play a loud sound that you choose like a melody or a ringer that will play for only 1 and a half minute until the person says the name to the speaker phone. That is when the little battery will automatically shut off until its next use of voice activation. That way the battery will not die out. The battery should be very small and thin. to fit in any size phone. Thank you for your time to read this cause there are a lot of people out there loosing there phones and spending a lot of money just to buy another phone I am talking about all those people who can only pay for a certain amount for a phone and I am one of them...

Reid Branston

My idea is a toothbrush which has toothpaste stored within the brush. A small container will be located inside the shaft of the brush with a rubber like panel on the outside. Simply pressing, applying pressure will cause the paste inside the shaft to become compressed, causing the toothpaste to shoot up through a small tunnel within the toothbrush up to the head of the brush. A small hole will be located here under the bristles of the brush. Toothpaste with oozes through these holes allowing application simple, done in one step. This invention will allowing easy application and is travel friendly. Any toothpaste of your like can be applied to the container within the brush through a tiny removable cap on the bottom of the tooth brush.


I took a bicycle tire rim coated it with plastic on the out side edge where the tire tube is suppose to go. then where the spokes of the bicycle tire were I replaced it with a low grade copper wire. Sealed the out side edge of the tire rim with steel coated in plastic. to make a hollow tube coated entirely with plastic on the inside, leaving enough space on top to drop magnets into place. magnets were arranged so the north pole of the magnet faced north pole of the second magnet after enough magnets were placed inside this circle tube the magnets kept spinning freely. the wire that replaced the spokes inside the rime carried the energy to a main wire and the energy is used to power any desired object. I also have ways to connect multiple circle tubes in series to produce more energy

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