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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Daniel D

The elderly and handicap will benefit the most with this invention. Imagine trying to make your bed every morning while hardly being able to support yourself or being bound to a wheel chair, especially if that bed is in a smaller bedroom that has to be close to a wall or other furniture. Now imagine the ease of making that bed in a matter of seconds with one hand and almost zero effort. That's what this invention will do. Scooters and stair lifts are being provided to the elderly, this invention will be upon that list as soon as the investor is found.

Edward Legacy Jr.

I need help starting my professional career. I'm not exactly sure the processes involved in dealing with you, but I do know together that we would get a lot of attention from any major corporation. All of those ideas only took me ONE DAY to come up with, and days to draw them for four different ventures I had in mind to enter the business world. I'm using them now to get your attention. Those were my basic concepts I came up with that can be developed into so many more inventions.

I have all the ideas when it comes to everything. Toys, cloths, cars, architecture etc., any product design. Also complex design structures like marketing, music, video games, movies, psychology and the complete government and school system. And my artistry is beyond compare, I can add so much more to any drawing in so many more different ways.

I'm sure I can help you out with all of your business dealings in every way. Also be sure that I'm going to donate all my proceeds to straiten out our nation. So dealing with me has absolutely no risks involved, just benefits for everyone. I'm really not sure how to say what I'm trying to express to you so you can relate to me. So If you have any questions about any thing, please contact me. I'm sure I can convince if your not already. I hope you are interested. Thank you for your time. By, Edward Legacy Jr.
P.S. If you have any insight to what I'm trying to do, please share.

Very innovated invention ideas

Very innovated invention ideas

Daniel D

There are more architects, general contractors and subcontractors today than anyone could count. I work for a small commercial subcontractor that averages spending of more than $50,000 a year on construction plans. Every job requires several plans for all trades involved. There is also a rise in LEED requirements and going green. My invention not only will make paper plans obsolete but it will make an enormous impact for our environment, make hundreds of millions of dollars and can be done fairly easily with the right funds up front. This is the future of construction documents. I have spoken with several contractors and architects about my idea to get a feel for the demand and everyone of them stated that this invention is the greatest idea since sliced bread and would purchase it if it were on the market. Several stated that after one to two years, it would pay for itself. This is the invention that investors have been waiting for.

Valery Gulyaev
Toronto, Canada

Principle that will keep side mirrors of a vehicle absolutely clear in any rain or snow. No moving parts to obstruct the view or otherwise hinder the normal use of mirrors. Very easy to implement, no rocket science or other high tech. Will cost close to nothing in mass production. Can be offered as an option by manufacturers.

Richard Maher

I am seeking investors in order to start my company. The first product I am developing is a three-wheel stunt vehicle to be used in exhibitions at NASCAR race tracks and similar venues. This vehicle is completely unique. After extensive research I have not found another that matches it's capabilities and adaptability. In addition to the entertainment value, it can be modified for sale to the general public as a new form of the three-wheel experience, which I intend to do. As this if the least costly of my inventions, I would use this as the springboard to further fund other projects.

I would like the opportunity to present this and other vehicle related projects. I am in the process of completing the drawings needed to showcase the exciting prospects for such a product, and would be available at any time. Thank you.

Rachel Blain
P.O. Box 696 Junction City
Oregon 97448

A shopping cart for the elderly - As baby boomers age the majority of the population in the United States is expected to be elderly. In home care is quickly becoming popular among the elderly as well as their younger family members. Much like a new baby, elderly need special furniture and supplies.
A shopping cart - It is difficult to take elderly/disabled people to the grocery store. A care giver can not push a wheel chair and a shopping cart at the same time. Many elderly can not use a power chair. There are shopping carts with seats for children. Why not a shopping cart for an adult elderly and/or disabled person? Drop the baby seat down, turn it to the side and put a swinging door on it?

Istvan Lakatos
Managing director
Human Economic Organizer Ltd.
5600 Bekescsaba, Andrassy str. 12.
Tel: +3666444442
Mobil: +36703410763

The invention itself is a white powder which absorbs any kind of oil, from any kind of water perfectly./seawater, sewage/Itís prime cost is far the cheapest of the technologies known at the moment. Produced in industrial circumstances, it costs 300-400 euro/tons. 1,7 tons of additive is needed to the absorption of 1 tons of oil. Then the collected oil is easily and fully can be emphasized from the water. We have a short film, about how it works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxLObsi6iG0 If our product interests you, please contact us.

Sipho Tilato

I have invented a unique gaming console that uses a new processing concept called "+3D" (not 3D). I'm looking for investors who might be interested in helping developing the system and sell it to the world.

Dave and Annette


Hi, I have developed advanced electronic circuitry, that allows batteries to last at least 40 times longer then in conventional electronics, now this is not achieved buy converting direct current to alternating current, but a system management I called (pmb) tech, this system will allow your device to operate for several weeks between charging, imagine that. I have sent a proposal to a major electronics manufacture, and they told me thatĒ we donít think you could develop any thing more advanced then our engineersĒ and believed that electronics are already as efficient as can be. fellow inventors, donít let anyone tell you that everything has just about been invented, because only .0000001 has been, probably less then that I would guess. note: to investors, I have no reason to falsify any claims that I have submitted to this website, therefore I guarantee all investments returned if not satisfied. thank-you sincerely, Dave. also please note, all my innovation are not yet completed until investment is in place therefore I am not advertising inventions due to the fact it in not invented yet, protecting the right to obtain patentability.


Nichole Houston

My invention idea is to create a code reader that will tell you specifically what is wrong with a heater or air conditioner. It will also tell you where the problem is coming from. it would be similar to a car code reader. This would be a very valuable tool in the HVAC industry. This would fundamentally minus the troubleshooting hassle and issues that service techs. Experience in this field.

Edward Pagliaro

1. Install a soft foam nasal tip to the mask of a c-pap air way medical device for persons who suffer from sleep apnea. The soft foam tip would have to be attached in a way much like the pillow type of mask is now, but you would insert the soft tip into the nose, that along with a smaller head set would make the whole apparatus more compact and stable with less of a chance for movement during sleep. Which will increase the effect of the pump. The soft foam can be exactly like the material used for hearing protection. It will also be more disposable, offering the individual a cleaner mask set up. You can view most of the mask set ups on many different web sites to see how cumbersome they currently are. Offering a different type of mask may help thousands get the night of sleep that they need and will allow for a healthier person.

2. Install a zipper on shower curtains and the shower liner for easier replacement of the liner. Also a zipper system to attach the sides of the curtain to the shower walls for better containment of the water. Saving water damage to floors and walls.

Tracy Schott
Springfield Illinois
(217)416-6093 or (217)679-2776

My idea is to better an already existing product. I am confident that every house hold in America will have at least one or more. We all use garbage cans and have sanitation service but are not always available to retrieve our cans immediately since we work and by the time we get home to do so our cans are a block away, sometimes they have even been ran over and on a windy day you're lucky to find the lid at all. So my idea is to better the product by adding weight to the can by using sand to ensure they don't blow away and to secure the lid to the can much like a gas cap on your vehicle and by using wheels, the weight will not be an issue for people with physical impediments such as bad backs etc. And at the end of the day we know exactly where our cans will be and the only problem will then be people stealing your garbage can.

Gregg Dickenson

I have developed a replacement/retrofit engine to replace any type of gasoline internal combustion engine. It uses electricity to power itself, but it does not draw anywhere close to the amount of amperage that a traditional electric motor uses. There would be absolutely no need for gasoline, nor large banks of batteries to be stored on board the vehicle, thus eliminating all emissions while making vehicles much safer at the same time. I have built a small functioning prototype, but need assistance to take the idea further. My goal is to design a retrofit kit that converts any gasoline engine in a car or light truck to run on electricity only. If interested please send an e-mail

Robin Cassell
72 Bright View Lane
Watsonville, CA 95076

I have two inventions I would like to see created and marketed if possible.

1) the "Poop Scoop" This is a scissor-like, salad-tong shaped product about 1 to 1 1/2 feet long. But instead of a fork and spoon, it has two fork-shaped end pieces with teeth that slide into each other. It's purpose is to pick up doggie poop in grass. The forked end pieces are made such that they will slide between the blades of grass and not tear the grass up.

2) the "Feet Heater". My feet get so cold it's painful which can keep me from falling asleep at night. So I bought a heated back pad about 1 foot by 2 feet. I then folded the pad in half and used safety pins along the side and bottom of the folded pad to form a pouch in which to put my feet when they get very cold. Warming up my feet like this is heavenly and I get so comfortable I fall asleep right away.

Dave and Annette


Hi, I have also developed a video imaging device. this innovation does not require a substrate, as what is currently being used, such as LCD panels, led, and or plasma technologies. this video producing device, displays its image on what appears to be thin air (floating effect) there for image is not confined within the perimeters of conventional screens, that are in use today. imagine a bird for example, on video being displayed in this manner. it would appear virtual, due to no display screen being visible. and as the bird was flying away it would appear to be flying off into the distance. also the digital processing engine that runs display, would not experience any lagging or pixel confusing that all competitors processing units (CPU) do. this device operates outdoor also, in any weather and is not a projection. thanks sincerely, Dave. note: all my innovation are 100% guaranteed or investment will be returned to investor


Dave and Annette


Please let me start by saying, there is a certain task operation that normally takes two people to conduct (for safety reasons) that is taking place, and needed all over the world. I have developed a system (electronic device) that yes is already invented, but inventor or who ever designed it does not really realize what they have created. this device would enable one person to complete same task in a extreme safe manner. I have slightly modified this device, therefore making it useful in this application, saving just the USA alone mega amounts of money.
but even though they are 14.2 trillion in debt they probably still wonít care. I even offer a complete 100% money back guarantee if for any reason this device does not comply to what I have stated above. note, to congress putting taxes up wonít help, you must sell more then you buy to profit, that is the way it is, Donald Trump seems to know how to do that. also did you know that probably .0000001% of all that could be invented is invented?? even less then that I would guess


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