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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Jason Gonzales

The Adjustable Rocking Chair (ARC) is a patent pending portable device that was developed by a licensed occupational therapist. Children can benefit from the rocking movement to increase posture, tone, and attention. It can also be used for calming. The rocking movement can provide vestibular and proprioceptive input for children with or without a wide range of diagnoses such as autism, mental retardation and cerebral palsy. The ARC is easy to put on most standard school chairs with glides or feet. It also comes in two different sizes to accommodate pediatric to college-aged students. The ARC is cheaper than buying a new rocking chair for sensory or calming areas. It is safe, easy to adjust, and not obtrusive. The ARC can also be used in daycare settings for soothing babies.

Albert Marcello
401 391 1267

I have invented an ice skate blade protector that has 4 wheels under it .This will convert your ice skates to Rollerblades . I have also invented a button that easily allows the user of my product to lock and unlock the wheels.

rollerblade, ice skate guard.

Jason Gonzales

Best Learning Game Ever

There is no fun way of studying no matter how old you are, what grade, what field, or what school you attend. Almost every subject or class requires memorization, memorization, and even more memorization. Most students cram all their studying before the test and memorize definitions, dates, people, etc. They partake in some sort of study group where they continue to memorize information. After the test they forget what they just learned in a couple of days. One answer to all the problems: Electronic Brain Gain.

It is proven that people remember facts, situations, and events better when associated with a memorable moment. This is only game that makes studying fun. It doesnít get rid of studying or memorization but it will definitely make them more interesting. Itís a game for all grades and can be modified to be easier or harder. Although memorization canít be avoided in any class, this game will make sure you remember what you just learned and will require you to keep remembering it. Since the game will be fun and competitive you are bound to have debates and laughs which will help you remember the situation and therefore the information. The device is portable or can be made into an app for a smart phone or iphone, so you can take it anywhere. Please contact me for more information.

Robert Klug
561 633 0233

My invention is very simple, easy on easy off called the caper. covers and protects expensive rims on all vehicles. this invention protects the cars brake ware and rims from the elements while parked. what I am in need of is an investor for my project, I have met with a patent etal. I have a prototype and again need an investor for an estimated 8500 dollars to go forward with this project. In return upon manufacturing and sales the % return would be 11% to14% neg. I have also stated that upon sales I would send to the Saint Judes children's hospital a steady royalty. with investment the choice would be yours, a steady % return while this item is on the market, or a straight return on your investment. The best way to contact me is via the phone. hoping this item will be of interest to you.

Daniel Bogdanescu

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen - I found your web page on the Internet and are interested to find your company by an investor who wants to implement a new product on the market two-wheeled vehicles category. I am the inventor and invention to which I Patent. For more information about this invention will invite you to join website:  bikeyox.webs.com , described the differences between two models of bike, first bike today and the invention is made ​​by me with the technological advantages of the concept. Thank you for your attention and waiting for a response from your company.

Dave & Annette


I have developed a radiation particle magnet and submitted a partial description to CNN. it was before the japans reactors started to leak, this device would be able to draw all radioactive particles to it. this device would also work for chemical poisons. CNN opened a website asking for the general public for ideas on how to get this accident under control, but it seems no one is manning the station. so now the radiation is now in the atmosphere and all over there food. also I see the USA has not yet shut down there reactors that are near fault lines it will be too late soon. Ron did you know that the second they put a nuclear station on line it is then when it is already out of control? what I mean by out out of control is if lets say a meteor hit it or a missile there is nothing they could do but let it leak and kill people and everything. however I am not against nuclear power its just that they built them completely wrong. Stayed tuned for next submission on how build a perfectly safe nuclear reactor for the production of electricity


Bruce Martin
Utility Patent # 61/319,441 - Easy Brush

By making it easier and more efficient. This innovative product contains and dispenses toothpaste out through the neck and bristles, eliminating the need for extra tubes of toothpaste. It can also help consumers to limit the amounts of toothpaste used in each brushing session, reducing money spent on toothpaste. Its compact, portable design makes it ideal for traveling, camping trips, or for everyday use. Consumers will enjoy the convenience and cleanliness of having a toothbrush and toothpaste all in the same device.
Easy Brush is designed to improve the teeth-brushing process by making it easier and more efficient. This innovative product contains and dispenses toothpaste out through the neck and bristles, eliminating the need for extra tubes of toothpaste. It can also help consumers to limit the amounts of toothpaste used in each brushing session, reducing money spent on toothpaste. Its compact, portable design makes it ideal for traveling, camping trips, or for everyday use. Consumers will enjoy the convenience and cleanliness of having a toothbrush and toothpaste all in the same device.

Problem[s] the Invention Solves: Traditional toothbrushes require separate tubes of toothpaste in order to clean effectively. After a few uses, tubes of toothpaste can become crusty due to residual toothpaste spilling out of them, creating messes on bathroom counters and sinks. Consumers may spend considerable amounts of time cleaning these messes, and may also lose money due to wasted, spilled toothpaste. When traveling, consumers must carry their toothbrushes and individual tubes of toothpaste with them, which can be very inconvenient. Toothpaste may leak onto clothes and other items stored in travel bags, which can leave unsightly stains. An effective solution is necessary.

Detailed Description of the Invention: Easy Brush is designed to increase the efficiency and ease of teeth-brushing sessions. This product can be comprised of three main parts: interchangeable heads, a body, and refillable capsules. The interchangeable heads may be constructed of a plastic stem with a tunnel, which runs down the mid-point of the stem and ends in the middle of the brush end. Standard toothbrush bristles can be located on the surfaces of the brush heads, and a tongue cleaner can be included on the backs of the brush heads. A snap attachment may affix the heads to the body, creating a tight seal. A cavity may also be included for sonic vibration. The body of the invention can be designed in a smooth, sleek form and a convenient grip component. On the body of the invention can be a molded tunnel, running from the top to the capsule compartment. Snap buttons may hold the capsule to the brush head in use. An on/off switch can be included to activate the sonic vibration feature of the invention. A clear indication strip may be used to indicate the amount of toothpaste remaining. The refillable capsules can be universal attachments and may be attached to all paste bottles for refilling. As toothpaste is pushed out, the capsules may clean themselves. Guides located along the sides of the capsules may help them to be placed into their proper positions. A lid may be included to provide a tight, sanitary seal over the top of the invention. This product can be made available in a variety of colors to suit user preferences.

David Tedford

I have a patent on a storm window bubble cover. I'd like to find an investor to help with this idea. I'm offering a very good percentage on your investment. Please don't pass this one by. The patent number is d542935

Elvis Weichel

This product would be a great addition to your home. Now, reuse water from the rain or snow by having this water saver tank installed. Get rid of gutters on lawns, while conserving water, and helping your water bill at the same time.

Vincent Gielen
Aestech product creation
De Koppele 131
5632LG Eindhoven

I have a patent pending (Europe and N. America) on a self-heating beverage cup. I have working prototypes and if needed I can send a presentation with a detailed description, thermal measurements and a cost calculation.

Invention listing:
A self-heating beverage cup that offers a fresh hot cup of coffee, tea, soup, or cocoa wherever whenever, with just one push of a button! Water is stored separately form dry matter (e.g. instant coffee) greatly improving shelf life compared to similar products. The simple aesthetic design allows for ease of use (the cup does not have to be turned upside down) optimal thermal performance and low cost.

Joe Orosz

I have invented several products for use of recycled tires in bulk, products will increase safety on highways and bridges. Provisional patent submitted. I can not disclose any more info, if interested please contact me at (mrorosz@yahoo.com) serious investors only with 1 or more million to invest.

Colin McGinn
Dallas, Tx
(678) 524-4265
mikethet33@gmail.com (Throw away account, Spam=Bad)

The future of self defense weapons. A wireless semi-automatic projectile electro-shock gun. It's as it sounds and would cost less than the competition. The gun is designed to be the size of a medium sized hand gun. Electro-shock bullets are clip fed and cost about the same as normal handgun bullets; A huge leg up on the competition. I have a functional bolt action proof of concept. Has been tested on myself at around 40% power. I've drawn blue prints/schematics. Distance is double or better than current electric self defense products on the market. Also better against multiple targets or misses, due to clip feeding. Further R&D is needed to work out power levels and materials.

Nehemiah Wasonga

'Automatic feed trough' is an agricultural invention that can be used to feed animals even when the farmer is away. Once the feed has been placed in all the troughs, the animals can feed  continuously minus the farmer staying around to add the feed incase it is finished. This invention can create time for farmers to concentrate on other activities.

Kevin McDonald
313 415-2541

This is a great product if interested please feel free to call kmc, my product is crime prevention that most Americans will need in today's world I can't give to much info, call me and lets do some business or maybe sell to the right buyer.

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