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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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James Holsinger
600 morgan st
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

I have the idea for a self sustaining car that the only need for the consumer is to keep it clean and it will run perfectly im really interested in finding investors interested in changing the world of automobiles as we know it. Everyone single person will need this car once fossil fuels wear out so it is very important that we get these cars made and sold so the world will be able to continue without the use of fossil fuels and help move on into the future as we know it.

Amber Donahue
103 Penn Spring Dr
Jim Thorpe, Pa 18229
570 325 4305

My idea was a baby item that would prevent the baby from moving around while changing a dirty diaper. a cushion , made from a changing pad material with a built in jacket that would allow you to put baby arms through then zip up and keep baby still while you were cleaning and changing them Something sort of like this shape of the Nap Nanny Pic attached

Ashutosh Phansalkar

Our Invention (Patent pending) is a completely developed concept and it is used for a novel product "Camtool" Auto Gripping Device for Orthopedic Surgery. This is a unique device for Orthopedic Surgeons. The information about this invention is available on our website mycamtool.com We are looking for suitable collaborator for finance and marketing this novel product worldwide in the field of Orthopedic Surgery.

Noble Mendez


We are excited to introduce to parents, grandparents, caregivers and diaper manufacturers everywhere a revolutionary new concept for disposable diapers. Discover a more convenient, sanitary and odor containment diaper disposal method. Please visit us at diaperpods.com for an in-depth description and contact info. Thanks for your time.

Danny P.
818-362-7348 or 818-585-4359

My invention is a stand combined with an aluminum ramp to work with all mx bikes. I have raced for over 15 years and this would have been perfect when I was competing seriously. I make tear offs for the goggles and would love to add this to my product line. the customers (dealers and distributors )I have test marketed this with are very willing to sell this as customers can buy the complete unit or an add-on if they already have the ramp. Attached are a picture and the prototype in use.



Tapping into an aging population, many seniors in America will still want the ability to move furniture however won't be able to. Also as walking becomes difficult it would be very nice to have this invention.

Basically like a regular recliner this recliner is very comfortable yet has rubber tracks installed on it so that it can move around the house.

Also we could sell just the tracks and attach them to the already existing recliners making life easier for the aging american population.


This invention would be similar to a television's "DVR" or digital video recorder (or a tivo). basically it would be a regular radio in a normal car except you can set up the vehicle radio recorder (vrr) to record any station at any time, in addition the vrr would be able to pause live radio and record any songs and save those songs to a database within the vrr.

I believe this would tap a huge market especially with am radio listeners. Rush Limbaugh receives 20 million listeners a week, Sean Hannity receives 15 million and several others receive millions as well.

Many people would listen to these programs however they are at work while the shows are on, and are unable to listen to them. This way they could record the am radio program or sports program and listen to it on the way home.

DVR's have already proven this would be successful.

Patel Alpesh

I had developed a project which uses pure water and increase the mileage of any internal combustion Engines from 20% to 70%. I had also designed 2-3 more projects which can bring a new revolution whenever implemented. I have ideas & Projects but I am not having Funding. So interested investors are invited.


The generating the electricity in your home windows.

The Increasing energy efficiency in the buildings, the reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the transition to a secure electricity - my invention is an elegant and modern solves of these pressing problems. The invention allows to use renewable solar energy almost in every house or apartment, and to produce the electricity for home needs. To cover the increasing need for electricity, we are forced to use dangerous technologies of nuclear power plants. Chernobyl, Fukusima... When will be our turn? Personally, I'm not going to wait. With my invention I will generate the electricity in my home windows. And what about you?

New invention, electricity, new power invention.

Keiron Ealy
1818 Corsicana street Dallas Tx 75201

3 seated tackle sports wagon My invention was developed not only for fisherman , it was also developed for the elderly , middle aged , and teenagers as well . My creation was also organized and planned for comfort convience , and portability and marketing values. Also has many other features for other use . I'm in search for a vendor that would be willing to market my product that has great potential for great marketing volume .willing to sale my invention for reasonable amount . I know my invention can be manufactured in a very prosperous marketing world . My patent has been approved as well.


I have a patent on a flexible spark plug in the United States, I have designed it and have prototypes I have a public testing coming up in July NASCAR wants more r/d before they will approve and I am busy getting the dyno testing done. And getting drivers at local tracks to use for testing and the response is mind blowing. I want to see this as the official spark plug of NASCAR. its called FLEXAPLUG GET BENT.

Mr. Vorobyov

The revolutionary technology for the production of electric vehicles - The increased security and incredible maneuverability, the universality and the transition of clean energy sources for cars - this is the only part of the tasks that my invention solves. The invention is a revolutionary solution in the fast developing automotive industry, more specifically in the production of electric vehicles. With this invention can be produced an electric car with function of controlled transformation. In addition, the invention will incredibly reduce production cost of the completed electric car, that’s will increase a profit for the producer.

New Invention, Many cars, one platform

Anulekh Chauhan
Business Phone: 09415473916
Mobile Phone: 09415473916
117/1090 m block kakadeo kanpur

Nano Ballastic Wind Generator - Stage of Development: Working prototype Idea Description: I have developed a wind generator on the principles of nanotechnology and robotics. This is a first wind generator without big blades and the dimensions are also too small i.e. 1*.75m and provide a output of 440v and 4.2kw.it is having a airborne design which can be fitted at roof top to perform all the house activities. Why is this a good idea: 1.cheapest generator every body can afford it. 2.common man can buy it. so selling will be high. 3.dimensions are too small. 4.remaining power can be sell to a grid. 5.easy to install. 6.even a 12 years old child can operate it. 7.portable design. 8.efficiency is very high. 9.maintenaace is low. 10.consumer can earn a money of it's by selling remaining power to grid. 11.market monopoly is there because there is no wind generator on the principle of nanotechnology and robotics

Dave and Annette


note: all of my innovations are in preliminary stages only. however with the help of potential investor{s},the invention then would be completed and necessary patent protection would be applied. as a example, Ford Motor Co. developed a type of a internal sensing device{s} that was integrated into motor vehicles, but there engineers are not aware of it’s potential, so I would be amicable, “if placed under contract with Ford” working in a freelance engineering status, to correct this faulty sensing module, the value of this correction would instigate a new class of smart vehicles and competitors will surely follow. all my work is 100% guaranteed or investment returned..


Danny Pacheco
phone 818-5854359

I have created a unique motocross bike lift built onto an aluminum ramp. It uses the weight of the bike in motion to lift itself up to a resting position. It is patent pending. I have 3 prototypes built and am using/testing cycling capabilities frequently at local mx tracks. They are all working better than expected. This product works with all sizes of mx bikes, making it appealing to dealers saving flooring space as comparable lifts require 2 different sizes. Video included. Can demo if in so cal. Need first run funding, have customers. Thank you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H66r7mZUa6A

Enrique Castaneda
3781 Porch St
Riverside, CA 92503

Please allow me to present my new idea for new invention: "The Piñata Party Blindfold" The purpose of this idea is to facilitate the party hosts and to add fun to their party by using this fun and easy to use Piñata blindfold. This idea came to me after attending several parties where Piñatas were part of the entertainment, and as I found out most of the facilitators struggled to quickly find or come up with a blindfold for the kids participating. So, why not offer a Piñata Blindfold Pack? This blindfold is easy and simple to use, simply apply and adjust if needed to the head of the party guests participating in the event and have fun. In this idea the Blindfold will come in different sizes and shapes and will be most likely be offered as package (different sizes or different shapes or colors). Please consider this idea as I am open to other improvement suggestions. Hope to hear from you soon.

Pinata Blind Fold invention


I have a multi-million dollar invention for OnStar Services (General Motors). My invention is a very unique and important safety feature that WILL save lives. It currently DOES NOT exist anywhere in the world! I'm looking for an investor that would be willing to fund the cost of patent filing as well as patent attorney fee, to secure a "patent pending" status, so I can start marketing it to OnStar/General Motors.

I will be perfectly honest, I don't feel comfortable disclosing details about my invention here, however, I am willing to disclose all details if we meet in person and after we sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement. I live in Los Angeles (CA) and I'm available anytime.

FYI: OnStar has almost 6 million subscribers in US and Canada. They offer 2 plans: $18.95/month plan and $28.90/month plan (US market). Canada's plans are just a bit higher. OnStar collects over $150 million in subscription fees every single month! Once they see what my invention can do for their customers and how it will increase OnStar's revenue, they will want to have it.

Johnny Starkey
13815 N Harrah Rd
Luther OK 73054

I have many inventions most involving tools you see I actually use tools to make a living so I no what suck and what doesn't there is no perfect tool for anything everything can be improved upon I can make someone and (myself) a lot of money I have turned the 9 steps of problem solving in to just 2 steps 1 define the problem 2 solve the problem its that easy I have been taking things a part before I could walk and I have always wondered why I half to no how everything works I have never seen anyone rig something up out of nothing like I can. There is a 99.99% chance I don't no what the heck I am talking about but I will find some one to invest in my ideas and when you hear the name Starkey you will know it is you should have invested either I know what I'm talking about or I'm full of crap its as simple as that I just want 10% that's all, a lot of good stuff comes from Oklahoma that increases the odds.

Its a square but with grooves in it so you can mark siding and the long angle marker so you don't half to flip your square around all crazy and other improvements and inventions nothing is perfect everything can be improved upon.

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