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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Hair Queuer

Hair queue is very popular hairstyle in many cultures. Ladies usually need help from another party to do it. my invention is a small device which work on electrical power or batteries and help the lady do it herself in a few seconds. it makes doing a hair queue much easier and faster. if you are interested email me.

Benson Chanda

I have able to come with an idea on how to increase the power supply of an electric car and to give its engine an exhaust sound. This is by fitting a special dynamo into the car that is "multi-cabled" depending on the number of them in a car, they will make it go faster. A special exhaust can be put into the car order to give it the sound as that a gasoline engine. That's one thing many would not like to miss in their cars. This special exhaust consists of a fan and some pipes.

Andre Bravin
800 Pacific Ave # 309
Long Beach, CA 90813
(310) 897-7416

My invention is very simple. It is a finger protector against blister or skim damage when playing cord instruments. See attached drawing. I am looking for a investor.

James Puma

My idea is for Fan Board. A reusable electronic board where you can load your favorite sports teams logo or words of your own choice on the go at any sporting event, whether it be your kids soccer game or a professional event. How would you like to load your teams logo with Go team Go! Or your favorite players name after a homerun? On the go sports fans would be able to load anything they wanted while the game is happening in real time. My idea consists of an opaque rectangular LCD screen with a white border with round edges. The electronics and circuitry would be cheap and would keep the price low for everyone to enjoy at any type of sporting event.

Nick Smith

It runs, it flies, it transports, destroys, explores, and knows everything there is. A suit designed to do whatever you want. Some used for military work, some for transport, others for exploring the deep space so we can discover the unknown and break the barrier between what is possible. The fully designed suit can do anything. figuring breaking new technology and all being adaptation and process. Full cpu board and computer screens to skim the world and suit from basic info to how the generation speeds are and energy usage. All within a suit! This suit will lead to major advantages in the world. Email me at mr.mannic@gmail.com or call at 8474364324. My name is nick smith and I believe life would be easier and the world would be better in research and discovery from my suit.

David Peterson

I am a Shipwright who has been plying my trade for nearly 40 years. In that time I have had to blow off, or brush off the line I am trying to cut on because the saw is throwing sawdust on it as I cut. Two weeks ago I attached a hose to the air that comes from the motor and ran it to the sight on the saw. Now as I cut the air blows the sawdust off the line before I get to it. I know this idea will come about one way or the other, I knew it when I was cutting down the first line in 40 years that was dust free. Thanks: David Peterson Boat Repair

George Mills
4927 Voorhees rd
New Port Richey Fla. 34653
fax 727-842-1514

Inventor George Mills, has created a device for those suffering with difficulty walking due to MS or other debilitating chronic illness. The device works by picking up the feet and moving each foot forward in a way correct for stable walking movement. It is ideal for those relearning to walk, as a temporary aid, or for permanent use.

Thousands will benefit from this innovative device by restoring their mobility, and for investors, this represents a powerful business opportunity.
To learn more about this device and how to purchase the invention contact George Mills at 4927 Voorhees Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34653. Phone: 727-255-0084. Fax:727-842-1514. Email: millsinc007@yahoo.com

Calvin Schaneberg

Trash Can Leash - Tired of having your trash cans blowing all over the neighborhood on a windy day after the trash man empties them? Here is my idea to fix that problem. I am calling it the Trash Can Leash. The Trash Can Leash consists of 3 main parts. A 12 inch long stake holder, which is driven into the ground, a 42 inch tall stake that locks into the holder, and a 3 foot chain with a quick clip on each end of the chain. The whole thing would be made of stainless steel. The ground level disc (see drawings) would be powder coated in bright yellow so as to be easily visible. That way, you can find the base stake the next time you need to use it. And since the disc is at ground level the user could mow over the area without fear of hitting anything, nor would it cause a tripping hazard. The way that the Trash Can Leash works is that the user pushes the base into the ground where they usually set their trash cans out for pick-up. The base stays there permanently. The stake itself is then put into the hole and given a twist to lock the stake into place. Then the chain is attached to the ring at the top of the stake, threaded through the handles on the trash cans and clipped back to the ring of the stake. When the trash man comes to empty your cans, he unclips either end, takes the cans and empties them, then re threads the chain and clips it back to the cans. No more trash cans in the middle of the road on a windy day. Nor do you have to drive around the neighborhood looking for your trash cans. When you come home from work (or where ever) you simply twist the stake in the opposite direction, pull it out and take it back to your garage with your cans. There is nothing to trip over, or mow around. When Autumn comes and there is no longer a need to mow the lawn the stake could be left in place. That way, you would not have to try to find the base when the ground is covered in several inches of snow. A clip on instructional sign attaches to the top of the stake to remind the trash collector to re-clip the now empty cans to the stake.

Terrance O'Neil
2001 East Tropicana Ave. # 1068
Las Vegas,NV 89119

I have a proto type and only a provisional patent. I need to sell it due to medical reason, we have spent over $12,000 for this .We will sell it for a portion and take a lost. If you can help us and if you make a million on it great we just want a portion of what we already spent. We had Davidson build it and I have the Porto type with me. I pulled away from Davidson.

Dave & Annette


Hi, I can develop a multi sensing module, with the help of engineers of the same interests and access to a nanotech electronics lab. This module device would be capable of controlling and monitoring multiple applications simultaneously. After configuration is completed, no further input or output is required. This is achieved buy a newly developed system of detection. This device does not receive or send any wireless signal, therefore security would not be a issue. Tampering within the system via external sources would be impossible, therefore instigating a improvement of wellbeing in every household. note: This is not a alarm system of any sort.


Everett Wilder – VP of Marketing
WMW Innovation Company
14951 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 400
Dallas, TX 75254

The newly patented Sure-Strike® is the only strike plate in the world that self-adjusts to misaligned deadbolts and helps resist against kick-in burglaries. You are familiar with the strike plate on your front door, that small piece of metal on your door frame that your deadbolt extends into? Sure-Strike is a revolutionary new strike plate for door jambs that does two things for entry doors to homes and apartments: first, Sure-Strike fixes the problem of deadbolts that are hard to turn, catch, or won’t lock due to shifting foundations, expanding/contracting soil, shifting doorframes, or swelling doors; and second, Sure-Strike significantly enhances home security by replacing standard strike plates with a heavy-duty plate with screws and components that extend all the way into the studs of the doorframe.

Security/Safety: Patented pin system allows bolts to fully extend (if bolt not fully extended, the deadbolt is not locked and is easy to pry open) Much larger/thicker strike plate made of cold rolled steel provides added protection Two 3 1/2” steel hardened steel screws extending into studs for extra strength Housing containing pin system extends into the studs virtually extending the deadbolt into the frame of the home

Alignment/Adjustability: Patented system of pins and springs that retract as needed while the others wrap around the deadbolt like a glove for a perfect lock every time. Allows bolt to throw fully into the door jamb Solves deadbolt problems associated with shifting foundations, expanding/contracting soil, shifting doorframes, swelling doors because of weather Solves problem of constantly reposition the strike plate on the doorjamb (weakness doorjamb)

Other benefits: Looks better than making bigger hole and repositioning a standard strike plate Easier to work deadbolt by elderly, children and disabled (no need to “force” a “sticking” door) Tight fit against weather stripping prevents drafts (energy efficiency) Sure-Strike makes deadbolts dead-on. Every time. sure-strike.com

Elisha Evans

Hello my name is Elisha Evans and my invention is a condom that will change color when it comes in contact with an sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Dave & Annette


So it appears that manufactures believe, they made automatic dish washers very efficient with water consumption. Well they would be very wrong with this claim. Set me up in your research dept. With your team of engineers “under a freelance contract status” and I can resolve this, creating efficiency by a large margin. With the rising cost of water and lack of, this would be a major achievement in the preservation of this highly precious resource. If you are a manufacture of all major household appliances, I could redesign all your appliances including microwaves, placing your company in the lead due to this advanced high tech. Providing our world with green technologies. Remember all my work is satisfaction guaranteed.


Lance Stears

To any interested investors:

Instead of listing all my ideas down, lets just say. that currently I have a list of 12 ideas and it grows every month. unfortunately, I have no money to get patent, or even start on marketing. Pick one from list or several, I have submitted a few ideas to companies, they are all interested, and want more money to get started then what I currently have. e-mail me and pick one or more ideas and lets make a deal.

Thank you for taking the time to read my submission, Thank you for your interest.

Wael Al-aeesa
Saudi Arabia - Abha - Al Murooj

My invention is very useful too for divers of (amateur and researchers) it gives (gas oxygen throughout the period of survival of the diver under the water surface) so that the ends of his work without fear or awe of the (often the most important problem to have) so I want to support the transformation and development of this invention to Asthaddamhaly reality and Astthamarh including Bnfl back to the three of us (the company invested - including divers in the world piece - and I). thank you (note: I am not talking only in Arabi)

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