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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Wael Essa
My Location: Saudi Arabia - Abha - Al Murooj

I have many important inventions and very useful to the world
1 - oxygen cylinder endless
2 - shoes for all seasons
3 - Do not delay paving works
4 - Tongue Cleaner
5 - No need to cook anymore
6 - under a snowy areas (prevents sliding cars)
7 - Health lollipops (reduction of food transported to drink)
8 - Heaters Small (heating bath water in a short period)
9 - warm duvet
10 - sandwich maker (sandwich is many in a short time and quickly)
These are some of my invention, I need to have a supportive company or businessman and the power of the massive investment for the manufacture of these inventions and also needed to laboratories, workshops and experiences in order to succeed.

Jennifer Moseley
Dickson, tn

My invention is in your the kitchen, called the chicken shaker. It is a bowl with a lid on the inside it has a lid with holes for flour to flow through. put flour, chicken and shake no flour mess on your floors, counters, or hands.

Ralph G. Alvarado
AL-Vardo Innovations/2Step Shoe Co.
3355 N. Five Mile Rd, #257
Email; yoda3333@msn.com

I have two companies that I am trying to get off the ground. The first company name is 2Step Shoe Company. I have designed and have a patent on Tippy Toe Shoes that is a sandal sneaker. The other one is a Denim sneaker; plus I have a design for a new suit jacket for men and maybe women as well.

AL-Vardo Innovations is a design company with military defense ideas and green energy. Plus a new idea to save lives and properties from flooding zone areas in all states.

If anyone (investors) is interested please contact either company at the above information.

Ken Smith
Automotive Convenience Idea
Phone: (281) 636-4570

My idea helps busy moms keep their SUVs organized and safe. It is very low-cost to produce and is highly marketable in stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.. Once this product is available, millions will want to buy it!

Muhammad Altibani Syria—Hama—Aldahrieh—Jesr Alhadid
Mobile: 00961-71-973401 (from Lebanon)

Invention: new engine (Axial Internal Combustion Engine) Subject: cooperation proposal for the marketing of a patented engine
Dear Sir:
My patented engine is a much cleaner and energy efficient - the axial internal combustion engine. It is almost new in all its different details while keeping simple for manufacturing ease. It is very economic and will be a much welcomed solution for the environment issues. (3stroke:2+1) It runs with normal fuel (petrol, diesel, gas) and is suitable for cars, trucks, trains, chains, ships …etc. It is a very serious, important and promising innovation. I am ready for any information request Documents: patent 5227 (Syria)


Hi there my name is Ralf and my product name is matrix light (light in paint) what we do is put programmable light in any surface covered with paint. We are looking for a investor/partner to push our patent product to the market we have videos on youtube under Ltx customs


Cliff Woresha Msioki
P.O.Box 20045 - 00200
Nairobi, KENYA
Email: cmsioki@gmail.com
Mobile: +254717061535

The Claw Hammer has a global market and in almost every household, you will find it. Having used the current Claw Hammer in the market, it is not able to pull up longer nails without bending or twisting them. My invention solves this problem.

Souvik Biswas


this particular machine I suppose is to provide appreciable amount of energy by using the non-conventional strength of permanent magnets(bar). The arrangement is given the the simulation scene and
has been tested successfully as to give a minimum of 300-400 rpm which can be multiplied with the help of gears.


a small light wheel is mounted on a pivot and a bar magnet is fixed at its edge. the wheel is free to move.6- to 8 bar magnets are placed with similar poles facing the magnet on the rim of the wheel. With a initial manual force. The wheel moves. The north pole of the magnet on the rim gets attracted to the south pole of the external magnets. Due to inertia it overshoots the position and the south pole of the rim magnet repels the external magnet proceeding forward. This makes the wheel move infinitely without break.

David Puckett
55 Lakeside Drive, Roanoke, AL 36274

I've come up for the perfect twelve hour long invention ideas. We all know there's a lot of people that enjoy music and movies, that also love to download and burn music videos, wrestling matches, concerts and so forth. As we all know, music CD-rs last only eighty minutes, which is great, unless you're cruising the road for hours on end, or maybe even, throwing a huge party. Of course, there's those of us that just love to listen to music throughout the days or nights. Some of just love to watch movies, which is also great, except for the fact, that DVD-rs only last two hours in regular players and only six hours if you play them on a computer, or maybe, just copy your old cable or satellite recorded tv shows and movies to blank DVD-rs that way. My invention ideas are twelve hour long blank CD-rs and blank DVD-rs, which I believe, would last much longer than some mp3 players would.

And then, sold all over the United States, I feel my invention could make millions in one year's time. We could sell them, with five in a pack, for ten dollars, a ten pack for fifteen dollars, and so forth. It'd be five dollars for every extra five blank discs. I'm hoping we could sell up to one hundred discs in one case. I've thought about this invention idea for years and want this to happen for me. Just so you'll know, I'm on food stamps and monthly checks. Therefore, I can't afford to pay anything upfront. It'll be next month before I can get more time on my cell phone, but I'm looking forward to hearing from you. My cell phone number is 334-646-9029.Due to my thirty five dollar monthly phone plan, I get five hundred anytime minutes, and also, unlimited e-mail, text and web. Thank you for your time. God bless you all. Respectfully.

 Here are some more of my invention ideas.-
1. Batteries that last for a full twelve months-2. Instant fat burning gel-3. Electric guitars with twelve hour lasting built in studio-4. Dual VHS/DVD instant recorders, where you just click a button, and your movie(s) are automatically transferred to DVD's, which also lets you choose which movie(s) you want to transfer to DVD's.-5. Toothbrushes with two songs of artists, bands and groups' built in, which would be battery operated and water proof-6. Color changing shirts and jackets, where the customer chooses between six to twelve colors to be put in, which would be waterproof-7.Coffee makers with built in mp3 attachments-8. A TV with built in compact disc and dual VHS/DVD recorder-9. Walkie talkies with built in automatic voice recording device, so people will have proof of their entire conversations, just in case they're ever slandered or threatened by others.-10. Cell phones with same features, which would come with USB cables, so all conversations can be transferred to computers, then burned to CD's, which is great for legal situations-11.Glow in the dark flashlights- 12. Home phones with built in automatic voice recorder, which would come with USB port, for the same purpose as the cell phones-13. Portable CD recorder with built in am/fm radio, where you can program what artists, bands and groups, as well as, their songs, with built in voice command-14. Color changing frisbees-15. Color changing footballs-16. Rotary fans with built in CD players-17. One hundred CD and DVD instant duplicator-21.Earth orbiting satellites designed to instantly locate child pornography-22. Earth orbiting satellites designed to monitor and record criminal activities everywhere, meaning inside and outside, as well as, downstairs and upstairs places-23. Actor and musician night lights-24. VHS/DVD dual recorders that automatically skip ads and commercials when you record your shows and movies on VHS tapes and blank dvds-25. Desktop computers with built in CD, DVD, VHS, cassette and 8 track recorder drives-26. A CD hand held cam recorder, just like the old VHS tape ones-27. Stoves with built in CD players-28. Twenty four story high yacht, being twenty thousand foot long, with twenty thousand rooms, an around the yacht dock (for boarding and un-boarding purposes, a huge performance stage and huge casino-29. Rotary fiberglass doors with flashing lights and pet doors at the bottom-30. Battery operated can openers-31. Battery operated power saws-32. Fish attracting gels and sprays, which would be used to cause fish to come after the bait on your fishing pole hooks-33. Cash registers with built in DVD video cameras-34. Instant clean spray, which would work on all surfaces-35. Everlasting dog bones-36. Odor devouring trash bags-37. Xbox 360 game console with built in CD/DVD burner-38. Flashlights with built in video recorder.

Mark Warner
1807 Scarlett BLVD
Lynn Haven, Florida 32444

Toilet seat with "hands free" integrated robotic wiping mechanism, that uses and disposes of toilet paper, into the toilet bowl. This product will automate a function, that most people perform every day of their lives, all over the world. Product currently has patent pending status.

Economic and financial information Looking for licensing agreement, with manufacturing company, but will entertain commercial suggestions. Market is 80,000,000 family homes in the US alone. Promotional video and prototype available for viewing. Check out my website here:  robocleanseat.webs.com

Voshawn Parker
email voshawnparker@gmail.com

 I created my invention 1 1/2  years ago. It was inspired by another device that is out on the market but only used in high end spas, plastic surgeons offices. Without giving to much information on my device, due to the fact that it is not patent, This "Device" is in the Skincare/anti aging industry. Please contact me as soon as you can to find what your company provides, for new inventors. I do have a confidentiality agreement that you can sign, if you would like to learn further.

Eric Lara

I have made a homemade soap/shampoo and would like to release it into public.

Freya Flowers
Gutter Pro

I have invented and manufactured a new anti blocking system (Gutter Pro) which is fitted to houses around South Wales. I now seek investors to further increase the systems marketability, fully patented across Europe.

Fahim Mahmood from Bangladesh

I, Fahim Mahmood, submit my engine idea of "Double Bar Single Wheel Rotary Combustion Engine" for publishing in your site. I made simple description below. The drawings are attached as attachment and my contacts are listed at the end of this report.

Background of the Invention:
This invention is basically best suited for automobiles and power generation. It is an improvement for rotary spark ignition internal combustion engine. Now a day’s reciprocating engine dominates clearly all other rotary engine in automobiles because of its high torque and high engine rpm. Moreover its wear rate is also lower compared to rotary engine. However reciprocating engine basically converts reciprocating motion to rotary motion and lots of power is lost through this motion conversion. The most efficient SI engine has fuel efficiency not more than 30%. That means lots of heat is lost through exhaust. In rotary engine there is no motion conversion, so lots of power can be usable, i.e. higher usable power leads to higher fuel savings which provoked me for the invention of the proposed rotary engine. Though Wankel engine is the most responsive in rotary engine sector till now, but due to the low torque at low rpm and sealing problem compared to those of reciprocating engine, this type of engine tends to be obsolete now-a-days.

Basic principle of this engine:
My proposed rotary engine consists of two rectangular shaped bars and a wheel. Two dissimilar radius circles are considered in my invention. The circle of larger radius is the main circle and the other one is the circle of the wheel or the wheel itself. The center of the circle of the wheel is offset from that of main circle such that the smaller circle remains within the main circle and it just avoids touching the main circle. The length of each bar is equal to the radius of the main circle. These two bars are incorporated within the wheel such that each one end of the two bars is centered at center point of the main circle and the remaining two free bar-ends slide but are hinged at two specific points at the periphery of the wheel. The bars rotate with respect to the center point of the main circle and the wheel rotates with respect to the center of the wheel circle. One of the two mating ends of the bars is fixed with power shaft and this bar is termed as prime mover while the other end is only hinged with this power shaft(10).When this prime mover(3) rotates, the wheel rotates and eventually the wheel makes the follower bar(5) rotate by guider hinged wheel. As a result differential volume is created among the bars and the wheel with rotational progression of the prime mover, i.e. compressed volume and expanded volume are created repeatedly with rotation of wheel-bar assembly and a spark in compressed volume creates combustion which accelerates the rotation of prime mover at counter clock wise direction and hence power is generated at the power shaft.

I shall submit details of my drawings if investors are interested about this engine. You may look for video of working principle of this engine in Google search as New Rotary engine by Fahim Mahmood in YouTube, Thank you.

M. E. Anthony
Lanham, MD

Hello to all investors! I have a new invention idea unlike any other out there! It’s practical AND extravagant at the same time! My invention will stylishly protect your shiny rims and hubcaps! Drivers will want to protect their investment and shield their rims from mud, snow, salt, rocks, bugs, and dust while making a bold statement! Drivers will love us because no more time will be wasted scrubbing and shining rims and hubcaps once they buy one of our reasonably priced products! Instead, they can make a statement by representing their school, favorite team, or personality! Contact me via email to jump on this opportunity that could have Ford, GMC, and Honda knocking down our doors!

Chris Vaca

 My idea is an improvement on snow removal for homeowners who hate shoveling their driveway. There are many types of snow removal products on the market, while similar products sell for as much as $2,800, my product will be easy to use and a fraction of that price. It would be great for single mothers, seniors, people with bad backs or anyone who hates shoveling the driveway every time it snows. From the center of the country on up, potential customers are in the millions. While visiting my sisters on Long Island N.Y. I performed my own door to door survey of 100 homeowners. All thought it was a good idea and would consider buying one if the price was right. When I asked what they would spend, their response varied from $150 to $400, which my product can easily be sold. The important fact is that all 100 homeowners would purchase one.

David Holcomb
919 780-9513

Good day, Investors & Buyers; I am an inventor. I have many inventions in which I am seeking funding to market. I will name a few: Weather Shoe / Utility Shoe / T-Brakelight / Sky-Pen / Impact hardhat & Helmet / Endless Battery. All of these inventions have the potential to profit within one year!

Lisa Hartke

1) I would like an electronic recipe device with an LED screen that would self-support itself under my kitchen counter and pull down when needed . It would allow recipes to be transferred from my computer/smart phone/internet to it. It would also have a keyboard for altering the recipe as it is perfected and would also show equivalent measurements. It would have multiple timers with the ability to see/write what each timer is for. 1. dough in fridge 2. oven 3. pick up Johnny at 4:15 and would calculate the difference in current time to time needing to be picked up. 1 hour 45 minutes pick up Johnny and then count down. Could also beep on phone to remind you of upcoming timer expiring and tell you; Johnny needs picking up now. Oven needs to be checked now, Dough is done now. It would have Bluetooth capabilities, would be Smartphone compatible. Could also talk to smart devices in future to interact. Could take list from LG smart fridge and tell you what you can possibly prepare based on ingredients left in fridge. Could use wireless technology to search recipes online that would support ingredients available.

2) I would like an invention that scans my approved bills and automatically pays them by the due date from monies in my checking account. This device would also scan my receipts and put them into categories for future accounting/tax purposes. I would like to open a bill once, decide if it's correct or not, scan it (saving a copy for future reference) and allow me to throw the physical copy out right then and there never having to see it again.

Walt Graves
Divot Repair Putter
3251 Lyndon Drive
Little River, SC 29566
(843) 399-4043

Listed below is my name, company name and description of my product. I am looking for an investor, partner , lease option or buy out of my business. It would be helpful if interested party is connected with the golf industry. After checking out my website and you think there is a possibility of you helping me or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My name is Walter Graves and I am the owner of W.H. Golf, LLC and inventor of the Double Duty, the divot repair putter. Listed below is a brief description of my putter and you may visit my website, www.divotrepairputter.com to get all the pertinent information.

I have designed, patented and had manufactured a golf putter with a divot repair tool forged in the head. The putter is made of 431 stainless steel, 360 gram head weight, standard 36” shaft length w/ grip, 72 degree shaft angle, 3 degree face loft, F2 swing weight and face balanced.

The putter comes both right and left handed, with head cover and has been submitted to the USGA for evaluation and was deem to conform to The Rules of Golf. The putter also comes in a belly putter with shaft lengths of 40” to 43” ( assembled on order) and they also conform to the USGA Rules of Golf.

The putter may be used by all golfers but is more suited to the older or disabled golfer in that they can repair ball marks on the green with out bending over.

The Double Duty divot repair putter was submitted to Golftest USA and received an 8.5 rating for its putting ability on a scale of 1 to 10 which earned it a 3 star rating and a seal of excellence. You can check the Golftest USA 2011 putter test results for verification.

I can be contacted at walt@divotrepairputter.com or by phone at 843-399-4043 Monday through Friday 9 AM to 9 PM EST.

Thank you for your time and I await your reply.


Godwin Jones
No 6 Ndia Street, Iriebe, Rivers State, Nigeria

Please I have a new ideas, on vehicle monitoring security system, new vehicle body system, new outdoor and indoor lighting system, talking door bell with inspirational words, new phone camera system, power indicator light for countries without constant electricity, home/offices switch, new socket for bulbs. The design for power indicator light, switches and sockets for bulbs are ready (Not final design but suggested design, both hand and computer design which investor can add colors to, also add his or her own idea )I need an investor, the ideas are great and investor will never loss, he or she will succeed from this ideas and will attract millions of people worldwide. I look forward to hear from You!


I am an inventor and like most inventors, a jack of all trades. A few years ago, I had invented a system which facilitated the take away meal consumption but I was not totally satisfied. I realized that when I was eating in a standing position, my two hands were often busy :~ It was so very difficult to drink and eat and more difficult to do something else on the side, like typing on my phone. I wanted to develop a simple and practical new system.

The idea came simply to my mind during a flight when I saw the tray in front of my seat. Quickly I drew the different parts of my idea, made a prototype and did tests until the comfort and the stability were satisfactory.

Today, I introduce you Easy Tray, your Easy Tray which, with no doubt, will facilitate your take away meal and bring you the comfort you were lacking ! ;)    http://myeasytray.com/?lang=uk

Donald Parker

The Smart Highlighter is a new writing utensil that is ergonomic and allows a person to better see the text that they are highlighting or writing. It works by positioning the users hand in such a way that it would no longer block their view of the text they are trying to highlight. After procuring a prototype of the pen from a 3D printing company, I was surprised to notice how comfortable it feels. I did not anticipate this feature of the design and immediately thought that I'd like to have a writing pen of this design as well as a highlighter. I've allowed several people to try it and everyone loves the way it feels. The effect is cerebral and they are indeed very excited about this new product. I am absolutely convinced that it will have a significant impact on the industry.


Ruth Blount

My idea is in the medical field. This will help protect wounds, broken or bandaged limbs It's waterproof,  reusable. Will help to control germs and infections.I have a company to help me. I need $ 9,170 this will get it to market. They already have a company to make it. Royalties will begin in 6-8 months. Contact information email mmsb@toast.net or phone 662-455-7082 Will sign a contract.

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