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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Paula Smoothy

Hi my name is Paula and I have been giving my dog an ice block whenever I have one for quite sometime now. I don't know if anyone has already marketed this product but I think icipoles for dogs would sell really well. There are different flavors that could be developed by alternating vegetable and liver treats and chicken, beef, lamb, and pork stock. I know that if people wanted to give their dogs icipole they can quite easily make and freeze them their selves but its not about that it is all convenience. We are a time sparse society and if it saves time then people are going to buy it. Thank you for reading my idea and I hope something can come of it if it hasn't already.

Carrie Bossie
PO Box 351
North Stonington, CT 06359
Mobile: (860) 514-1709

Hello. I am writing with regards to an idea that I feel would make life easier for those health nuts that are constantly on the go. I know I love a salad for lunch. For years I have struggled with how to transport the dressing. I have bought small containers of all types and they leak every time. I have tried elastic bands and these don't help very much. I have had to put the container in a plastic bag to avoid a mess. I really don't like to buy a pre-made salad with a packet of dressing. I really like to take my lunch from home. So an idea came to mind. A salad container with a separate, built in compartment with a spout and a removable lid, placed on the side of the compartment. You can fill it with dressing and salad from the top. One lid will cover the contents entirely. When you go to eat, simply open the entire lid, remove side lid of the dressing compartment, the dressing will pour out into the salad. If you wish you can re-cover salad container and shake entire contents to 'toss'.

I would love to see this in stores. It would certainly make my life easier, and I'm sure it would be a hot seller to many others looking for healthy, travel lunch ideas. It has been a pleasure sharing this.

Kadianne Blair
876-804-5275 or 876-955-9076

The device is called Stoveir. Similar to a microwave. It's a kitchen gadget that boils eggs, ground produce such as yams, potatoes faster than a stove. The device would look something like a blender with the bottom transferring heat to the part that shape like a cup. It would come in more than one size. Also a size that looks like a small bowl using the same bottom. It would be rechargeable and portable so people could carry it camping. Also computerized like a microwave which shows the length of time to boil eggs as oppose to boiling yams, potato, etc. It should be able to boil these things faster than if you use the stove. This same device could steam vegetable and cook a small chicken stew as well.

Mark A. Becker
Becker Innovations, LLC

I recently launched this product at the Minneapolis Boat Show with excellent response!! Introducing the world’s first & only private inflatable bathroom shelter (The Cann). There is now a private, safe, convenient, comfortable, and legal way to take care of nature’s business. No more unnecessary trips back to shore for boaters. It doesn’t require any extra room in your boat, as it simply replaces the pedestal post under your existing boat seat. The Cann is easily set up or dismantled in less than a minute. It inflates in less than 10 seconds! It is designed to accept a common portable (flushable) toilet available in many retail outlets. Check out my web-site at www.thecann.com for further benefits and details.

I also invented a vinyl bag unit that is completely portable, and can be used for numerous other applications such as camping, picnics, tailgating, remote work sites, concert events (no more long lines, to use dirty portable toilets). Simply keep it in your car, plug it into your cigarette lighter, and you’re good to go.

I’ve already test marketed this product. I just need the funds to take it to the next level.


Lenwood Thomas

I have designed two different articles for use in the bathroom area. The first one being a toilet paper dispenser that dispenses both dry and wet paper by setting of a sensor, one for each paper type. The dispenser would be ideal for high end hotels and casinos. The next item is a 4-5 compartment shower dispenser that would hold your liquid shower needs, shampoo ,body wash, conditioner etc. The toilet paper would work by electricity or battery and the shower aide would be an air pump dispenser type non electric. I have drawn up diagrams of both articles but need assistance getting them produced.

Radislav Popadic

Super switch GA presents a new way of controlling variety of appliances, lights etc. Almost anything can become a switch/push button. There are no limitations considering the shape or dimensions (if you choose switch can be bigger than human body). You can turn on/of the final consumer simply by touching the object (must be conductor) you choose to be a switch/push button anywhere on its surface. The originality of Superswitch GA lies in the fact that no longer two wires are needed to connect the switch/push button. Superswitch GA works with only one wire.


Shakir Ahmad

I have invented a self energy generator which does not required any kind of fuel, solar, or wind as input. its running itself. Very low energy required for start up. Once it is started it uses its own generated energy to continue running. The generator generates hundred and thousand times more energy then it consumes forever. It is based on universe working principle. Thanks for your support.

Kimberly Jones

Hi my name is Kimberly Jones and I have a lifetime idea for women who love to where high heels, that would change our lives....ever been with out with your lady to a club, out to eat, movies etc. The one thing she's  gonna say at the end of the day "MY FEET ARE KILLING ME, I CANT WAIT TO GET HOME TO TAKE OFF THESE SHOES"....trust me I know. Well I have the answer for all the women all over the world and those words will never be apart of our vocabulary.....

Sheri Brown

 I am in hopes that I have come up with an invention to make cleaning a little easier for stay at home moms, dads, or the working adult with little time on their hands. My idea consists of an item that can slide onto, or be clipped to the side of a dining table, counter, coffee table, etc. When you wipe off the table, whether it is liquid or not, the mess goes into it and prevents a mess on the floor. It would be made of molded out of silicone for easy emptying and rinsing. I believe as a mother myself, that this would be great to have on hand, especially at those last minute moments when family or friends are coming over and you don't have time to wipe everything off, just to end up having to sweep or mop the floor. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Veysi Kurt
Earthquake Detection and Notification System Six Hours in Advance
İncirli Cad.Bakırkoy-Istanbul

 "Earthquake Detection and Notification System Six Hours in Advance" invented by Veysi Kurt. The prototype system is operational in Istanbul, Turkey and we are detecting and notifying the earthquakes which will occur both in nationwide and around the world. If you wish, you can track my notifications whether they are right or wrong at my website (www.veysikurtdeprem.com) in Turkish. So it is a great pleasure for me to invite you in Turkey to let you see the system with your own eyes. Please analyze the system for your evaluation and be sure that we are open to every sort of cooperation and collaboration to save the lives.

Vivica L. Lewis

This invention is for indoor pets, and would be a type of pet containment without the crates, cages or child safety gates. I have drawn up the simple but effective design that will take minimal to no tools for installation. I am currently researching the best materials for this invention idea so I can start on a prototype. I have never invented anything, but I am really excited about this product because I think it will be beneficial to pets and their owners. If you are interested in learning more and possibly becoming an investor or even a buyer please email me, serious inquiries only please.

Imre Okolicsanyi
(00 36) 20 424 3100

My name is Imre Okolicsanyi and I was born in 1958. I live in Hungary, Budapest. I would like you to help me to implement my invention which could be a new energy source. This invention does not need any external energy source and it is totally environment friendly. In order to make a prototype I would need professional staff or an expert preferably a physicist who could double check the reliability of the invention. This invention could be used in several areas however mainly to generate pure electrical energy for homes or cities depending on the capacity of the prototype. Due to the fact that it was never tested I would really appreciate if you could help me to execute and study the prototype. I hope you will be interested in my invention. Please do not hesitate to ask any question regarding the invention via e-mail. Best Regards,

Grzegorz Godlewski

I am from Poland and I live in Poland. I have worked out innovative idea of four stroke internal combustion engine and I am looking for an investor to accomplish that idea. In general description it concerns an increase of an engine efficiency to about 50 % and similarly lower use of fuel. In addition, I am able to prove that this engine fulfils these parameters. I have been studying Physics so I know very well the thermodynamics. My offer is very serious and real. I am looking forward for your answer.

Linda Mayas
185 Sherman Ave
Teaneck, NJ 07666

My name is Linda Mayas, and I am the creator the Easy2Dry Visor. It is an original, all new patented personal care product that I believe would be a great item to package along with hair dryers or alone.

Easy2Dry Visor is a heat shield protector for women (and men) who use heat to dry their hairs; the visor is best suited for people who use hooded dryers and wish to protect their face and ears from the burning heat. I found seating under the dryer for any length of time is too much and time is not being utilized fully because you are forced to shut your eyes due to the high heat. With my product, that problem is eliminated. You can work on your laptop, read with ease and comfort and you will not even realize time passing you by. It is a simple, great product that delivers result.

Fred Frappier
The Restasure

It is a idea that is located on shoulder and has a small pillow. ALOT of nights my 1yr old wakes and has to fall back asleep in my arm laying down.

John Levin
219-413-8049 ~ 219-508-9109

Hi, my name is John Levin. I am 28 years old and live in Portage IN. I have a great idea and I am putting it up for sale. Install a gas relay switch to stop gas to the oven and pilots when not in use. will keep children from bumping into the knobs and accidentally starting fires and or filling the house with gas. very good idea and had nothing but good feedback. I can be reached at 219-413-8049/219-508-9109. johnlevin1984m@gmail.com. or fax to 219-850-4189

Heather Joy McLaughlin
355 East Lawson Avenue
Foley, Alabama 36535
Fax number: To Savannah Park Apartments ATTN: 355 Heather McLaughlin

I have an invention that I would like to make possible. The software invention as of yet does not have a copyright, witness, or patent, or provisional patent. I did my research on provisional patents and it costs approximately $110.00 US dollars to go ahead with that, money that I do not have. I have $95.00 on a prepaid debit card and I was hoping to make an investment in my invention but I do not have enough money to get a provisional patent. I thought to myself that I should get an investor with this idea of mine so that I could get a patent and be able to bring my new software product idea to fruition.

The relative amount of money that this invention could make is a lot, more than 1 million dollars every year as I'm thinking, and what this idea is, is the ability to put your own laughter and smiles, and a picture of yourself or an avatar that you can create using the software that would allow you to personalize your own messages in the form of messages with email on sites such as Facebook, Myspace, gmail, yahoo, and anywhere that an email can be sent. This idea is very profitable, and I thought of it because I was tired of using the same language such as lol, or haha to describe my mood and laughter. This software would allow you to choose your favorite music also to send a block link of your favorite music-a link that when you press the button, it takes you to see the picture of the person, a personalized greeting, and a page of all your own with your favorite music that can also be used for marketing yourself. I think this would be very special to most people out there who would like what their own voice and laughter sounds like and what a picture of their own smile would be.

Personalized messages are a plus in today's modern world because it can shine your light on someone who is needing some virtual satisfaction in that area of emotional involvement, it could add empathy to the world, and that is the problem that I'm looking to solve as an inventor. I've said more than 100 words, so I apologize but it was necessary to explain my software product idea. I believe I would like the product to be sold for $7.00 per person, and this could be of course paid for by big companies such as Google and facebook and even youtube who want their users online experience to be powerful instead of frustrating. It's frustrating for me to tolerate messages that have lol meaning laugh out loud, and I want the possibilities to be endless when it comes to recording laughter.

I want to make available an application for a mobile device to be able to record your laughter on your phone, making it easier for people with cell phones that do not have recording devices at home on their computer. I believe I would need $300,000.00 to be able to bring my idea to fruition and to get it patented. Thank you for your time, currently I have no drawing of what the product looks like because it's a software idea. Please find me also at LinkedIn where you can see my professional experience if you are interested in helping me invest. I am a songwriter and currently living off of SSDI money because I have a mental handicap of being Bipolar 1. Thank you for your time.

If you would like to call me about my invention, please feel free, but note that afternoons are better than mornings, and Wednesdays is not the day to call until 2:00p.m. CST. So that means in California it would be two hours behind- if you are calling from California the best time to call is Wednesday 12:01 p.m. your time because it would be 2:01 pm here in Alabama.

Julian Agunabor
Phone : 2347032208558

1) I have an invention idea when invented will kill Mosquitoes when used, to bring zero death rate caused by Mosquitoes bites in homes. As this killer is claiming lives every minute.

2) I have an idea for a hidden indoor security camera for recording theives or other scene at home to assist in any investigation. interested manufacturers or investors can contact me.

3) I am looking for mobile phone company to buy my invention idea. This idea when invented will touch lives of everyone World - wide using this phone. Interested investors or manufacturers can reach me through these contacts: Phone : 2347032208558

Steve Howe

I'm tired of trying to remember when my baby ate last. A bottle with a built in timer would help.

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