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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Avery Goodman, President
Wipe Aide, LLC
5757 W. Oklahoma Avenue #102
Milwaukee, WI 53219
Office: 414-327-1893
Fax: 414-918-8764
Cell: 414-241-6143

Are you looking for an incredible, brand new product to add to your product line. We are interested in signing a licensing agreement with your company for Wipe Aide, the toilet paper moistener. We believe that this will be a very profitable, low risk and high reward product for you. Wipe Aide, the toilet paper moistener, is a terrific, new potty training product to help toddlers be cleaner, more confident and actually get excited about using the toilet. Wipe Aide, the toilet paper moistener, earned MetroParent Magazine “Kid Tested…Mom/Dad Approved” award. I’d like to schedule an appointment to give you a product demonstration and explain the amazing, daily benefits Wipe Aide offers everyone in the family. Please respond and we’ll be happy to ship you a free Wipe Aide dispenser. You will love it!

Wipe Aide has been issued two U.S. utility patents.

When compared to “flushable” wipes, Wipe Aide offers the following benefits: Save Money: Refillable, good for over 1,000 wipes. Just pour in a bottle of water and you’re good to go! Easy to Use: Just push down to evenly moisten your toilet paper. You can easily control the amount of moisture. No Worries: Only toilet paper is flushed. Keeps You Clean & Fresh Great for the whole family!

Wipe Aide, the toilet paper moistener, customers absolutely love how easy to use and convenient Wipe Aide is. Wipe Aide evenly dispensing a mild cleansing solution onto your toilet paper by simply pushing down on the aerated, blotter head top. The Wipe Aide dispenser is refillable/reusable so it’s a tremendous value and consumers will quickly and easily spend money to buy such a economical product that has so many great benefits. Wipe Aide dispensers could easily be sold filled with a mild cleansing solution and with refills. Wipe Aide has been issued one U.S utility patent and has one U.S. utility patent pending.

Please go to our website: www.wipeaide.com and view the Wipe Aide video and videos that show the frequent problems that “flushable” wipes are causing. Wipe Aide is being sold at our ecommerce website, Amazon.com and eBay.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to developing a mutually beneficial and profitable relationship with you.


John Crowder

While pondering through my ideas I found two of them most needed. The first is every get tired of shoes rattling in the dryer? I have a solution? "The Shoe Guard Box" all this is really a plastic non square oval basket that you place your shoes in clip a latch and walla no more noise of banging shoes in the dryer. Inexpensive device to make and you can ask a lot of people this would be a great thing to own. All I have to do is place my wet heavy shoes in a plastic basket and let it rip.

The second, kids love to get into the refrigerator at home constantly. I have a solution? The Re-Lock which is a easy to install metal or plastic lock mechanism that attaches to the refrigerator inside the doors and slip a latch on and lock the refrigerator. I have a child that does this and has a eating disorder when we are sleeping he gets up in the night and raids the refrigerator. With this invention anyone can lock their fridge and walla problem is solved.

Daniel Murillo

Hi my name is Christian I believe to have an invention that will change the world. I believe my invention could replace all other energy resources. my invention is a new way to produce electricity. this invention uses a resource that is 100% renewable and reliable as long as it is maintained. This machine would lower the cost of living all over the world. I believe that is for better than coal, hydro, solar, bio fuel, wind energy, all put together. however I was not born a millionaire so I need an investor. This invention may be worth more any other invention before it. I don't believe I would be exaggerating when I say it is a trillion dollar invention. this invention is at the contraception stage so I have no patent and no prototype yet. this invention sounds to good to be true I know but it can't be afforded to let it go by. a importunity like this only comes once a millennium.

Jasper Jones

1) I have a patented idea that I want to either sell or license, it is called the U-WALK. it is a motorized walking machine for rehabilitation purposes. It will help patients with leg, hip, knee injuries to be able to regain strength to walk again. The u-walk consists of a motorized base that accommodates the devices motor. It has two flat rectangular foot bars and two handle bars, both of which are fully adjustable are attached to the base. The foot bars feature straps which fastens around the legs to better stabilize the legs while on the machine. It also has an adjustable control speed dial. The u-walk can also be manufactured as an manual machine and a water rehab therapy machine or hydro-therapy device. The targeted markets can be: health care industry, health care and medical suppliers and also most major sporting goods stores. if interested you can contact me at 252-535-0044 or e-mail me at jasperjones57@gmail.com, I also have a video link that I can supply for you to view the concept. my patent# US 7,887,464 B1

2) I've come up with a new revolutionary way for women to do and apply hair products and shampoo to their hair without the mess of their hands and using those tight fitting gloves that come with most dyes or hair color treatments and perms. If you're interested with my idea please contact me anytime at 252-535-0044. My idea does not have a patent yet because I don't have the money to patent it or get it marketed. or just have my idea sold. I need some one honest to help me with this excellent idea for the hair and beauty market.

Luke Deptula
774-329-6156 or 508-852-3284

My invention is called the "Step-Up-T" its a footstep for your toilet  seat. My invention will improve health and toilet performance. Why lift dirty toilet seats at public restrooms with your hands or even your own dirty household toilets ? so nasty, so much germs and future plagues. So I have invented the "Step-Up-T" its a footstep on the floor next to your toilet.. you step on it and it lifts the toilet seat up for you automatically and if you step on it again it puts it back down automatically and may even also flush right away (upgrade version) !!! Don't try to steal my invention lol I already have paper work and its patented on a few different web sites and I also contacted 6 top toilet companies with this idea. It is like a footstep for a trash can, why use your hands to open a trash can... this is for your toilet, why use your hands to lift your toilet seat and then hold your private parts to do your business... nasty and creepy... Every toilet will have one of these "Step-Up-T" soon !!! my name is Luke Deptula .. my phone numbers are 774-329-6156 or 508-852-3284 .. I live in Worcester, MA. 01606 USA

Anthony McGraw

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my invention idea. My name is Anthony McGraw, and I currently live at 5165 Ridge Court, Hudsonville Michigan, 49426 if you are interested in contacting me via mail. My invention idea is to create a bed with various settings to provide the consumer with a back rub/massage while they sleep. For some people, the setting would be placed on low, in which case it would only feel like someone were lightly touching your back. Others might want a more vigorous rub, more akin to a massage. I, for one, know that I sleep much better when my wife is lightly rubbing my back, which gave me the idea for this in the first place.

Thank you again for taking the time to read about my invention. If you're are interested in buying this idea from me, please get in touch with me either via mail, or my cell phone number. (802)338-6336. My email address can also be used, which is tony.mcgraw.christian@gmail.com.

Thank you again! Hope you have a wonderful day.

John Sebesta

My idea would take basically any plugged in appliance or machine that is plugged into a wall socket that was adapted with a wi/fi connecter. To be controlled via a smart phone or other blue tooth or computer. It could also mean that any machine could be set, open/closed from anywhere through wi-fi connections.

Raji D

It well -known fact, that illiterates alone are operating computers. so , those who have not acquired a level of education could not operate computer , operate internet system, and could not gain a knowledge on any subject unknown to them. To eradicate this situation prevailing in the computer world it would be some simplified software or device and it is , if available in a computer it would be possible for even an ordinary lay man could operate computer , gather some information or data easily to achieve this object it is therefore suggested that a simplified software or device which could easily operated even by un-illiterate will pave a long way for improving the knowledge and level of education with the result awareness in the society will certainty increase . A theory as to how this goal could be achieved could be submitted if this thought is accepted.

Landon Benson

Hello, my invention is a "Toilet Odor Removal System". The purpose of it is to never experience foul odors while using the restroom ever again, and to purify the bacteria in the air within the toilet bowl while it is in use. Another feature of the invention is to look atheistically appealing and possibly come with a toilet bowl cleaner brush.

Stacy R. Cassidy
Mobile: 02102497711
New Zealand, North shore

I am the inventor of THE WELCOME GRILL. the T.W.G. is a stylish mat sized grill/grate built in and installed in the floor inside of new or old homes. T.W.G. would be located on/in the floor inside of the home "obviously on the floor as you walk in the door". Front door,back door or both. You stand on the floor leveled grill in your socks, feet or shoes. Then just flick a switch or push a button preferably on the wall at easy reach. Then T.W.G. with its vacuumed powered suction will suck the odor, sand or dirt right from your very sole every time. T.W.G. will be powder coated so the customer can choose the color they desire. Tired of coming home after work or a run with sweaty feet? Sand/dirt in your shoes haven't got the time to take your socks off? Sick of replacing your welcome mat? Get the new in home innovation THE WELCOME GRILL. T.W.G. The new stylish home feature. Brilliant for beach homes! will help keeping your carpet new & fresh! Please email me if you are interested in my world wide market invention. Thank you,

Mihail Buruga

I am a Romanian inventor and my patent refers to an ergonomic seat cushion which eliminate completely all negative effects caused by sitting long periods of time, such as hemorrhoids, adenoma of prostate, problems of columns etc. It has a preventive and protective role and can be achieved as a separate cushion (various sizes) or incorporated to chairs (especially office chairs). The investment is under $10,000.

Edward Guzik

I have a holiday window invention. It is called Window Light Housing. I have a Design Patent. It adjusts side to side and up and down to fit most window sizes. It has evenly spaced slots for lights of choice. Decorating windows for any holiday will take minutes rather than hours and leave no marks in your woodwork like the old fashioned ways of tacking or taping lights o your windows. It is made of inexpensive plastic and doesn't take up much room when storing. I am looking to sell the Licensing.

Melanie Kronert
Massage Mate 360
Resides in Australia

This is a new age of massage! No more expensive or painful massages- the new robotic-like Massage Mate 360 does all the work for you. You wont have to lift a finger!

This great device consists of three massage legs to get into those sore and aching muscle tissue. Each leg has controllable vibrating heads and heat emitters. It straps onto or grips onto any area of the body ( Adjustable Velcro straps or grip handles are still undecided- to help the device stay on the body). With a ball and socket-like base it is also able to swivel right reaching all of your pressure points!

Miguel Octavio

I have a great product for the trucking industry. It cost around 3 dollars to build . I will show it only in person to the company that want to buy. Every trucker must adjust the tandems on the trailer, according to the weigh of the freight, not doing that cost $ on dot tickets, most of the time that is easy, just pull a handle , lock the wheels, and slide the tandems, but not everybody drives a new trailer, so you need a fellow trucker to pull the handle while you shake the trailer, a dangerous job to pull that handle, especially in the winter. The device I invented will pull that handle, I need an investor to cover the cost of a patent, or to pay cash for my idea . Thanks again for your time.

Lisa Collins

This is BibEase™ [PAT #6955272 B2] , a bib designed to fit baby bottles. The bib goes on the bottle, in your hand and is used to soak up leaks and spit up. Ultimately designed to aid in the feeding of the babies in the hospital; a disposable BibEase™ provides a more efficient way to better gauge the fluid intake that an infant/baby receives. Available to the public, a reusable BibEase™ is made of soft terry velour and flannel, in a variety of colors and prints. BibEaseä


Mario Villalobos

Hamburger Recipe: My invention is not a gadget. It is a recipe for a hamburger that will blow your mind. My wife and I have used this recipe for years while entertaining our guests and have yet to hear a response less than fantastic.  Please contact me. This is a definite worth while investment. Thank you

Tanul Sharma & Sanjeev Sharma

1) We developed a system through which we can generate electricity in the high rise buildings. The generated electricity can be used for the common area of the building. Once the system is installed, there will be no running cost arises thereafter. The electricity will be produced free of cost afterwards.

2) As we all know, there are so many difficulties and limitations to run any “Electric Vehicle”. We have to put the vehicle on recharge after a certain period when the batteries of the vehicle are exhausted. Henceforth, in the specifications of these types of vehicles; the manufacturers are mentioned vehicles’ mileage on the basis of per charge of batteries. Beside this limitation, in the current scenario all the ‘Electric Vehicles’ are meant only for the purpose of city vehicle. Though these types of vehicles are eco friendly (having all most zero emissions) yet, due to the limitation of re-charging the batteries these electric vehicles cannot be used as a common vehicle. We developed a system through which an EV can run continuously without having any interruption by means of removal of the limitation of intermittently recharging it’s batteries. We were like to get patented this invention, but now; we would rather prefer to sell this invention Instead of get patented. If you/your company is interested, we can fix the deal.

Cassidy Faulkner

Hello, I'm writing to you about an idea I have thought of for a new invention known as the Missing Remote Alarm. I thought of this idea while trying to find my missing TV remote in my bedroom, and realized it would just be a lot easier if I had an alarm to send a signal to the remote control and the remote would release a noise inquiring to me where it was. Thank you for your time, Cassidy Faulkner.

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