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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Masood Mashayekhi
Mob: (97-150) 340-3913
Mob: (98-912) 4444-944
P.O. Box 55981
Dubai, U.A.E.

1st invention:
Name: Emergency cooling system Description: considering to the world emergent need to vaccines and medical products , and considering to a high expense of providing , keeping and Transporting of this products, I decided to invent this system to preventing spoil of medicine and vaccines, while the main cooling system of the medical consigner is going to be deactivate. This system involving liquid Nitrogen, which is safe for environment and the expense of providing Nitrogen, is very cheap too. In addition, we can seat this system for freezing the food articles rapidly. Also, this system is a perfect replace for food industrial company because this system can operate with rechargeable battery and does not need any compressor.

2nd invention:
New Car Safety System This system activates when the car loses control in situations like tire-blow-out, detracting running into another car or dropping in a big pot and hole etc. this system consists of at least 4 magnetic sensors and 4 compressed air bags made of Kevlar. The sensors are installed one on each side, one on the bottom, and one on the top and all are connected to a central processer. Two compressed air bags are installed in the vacant space of right and left doors which eject outwards from a small circular opening. The dimensions of the bags are big enough to prevent any damage or force to the body of the car and the passengers (about of the area of the carís door). As the car loses balance and the strength axels becomes displaced the sensor of the said in is activated and in a fraction of a second the compressed air bag pops out. Therefore, if the car has tipped on the right side and the impact inflicted is not very hard, the air bag on the right opens and puts the car in the previous position. In case it falls in air-bag the other bag will become activated and protect the car completely. This is true if there is a fall from certain height. Due to the strong material of the bags, under any circumstance and inflicted power to the body of the car, the car and the passengers stay safe. Another feature of this bag is the tolerance of pressure and heat. If the car slides on the road buffered by the bag for even 100 meters with high speed, no harm will be inflected to the car. In this invention we use 4 gravity sensors for detecting the axis of the car or vehicle. When the car goes out of CG point, the first sensor active and sends a signal to the air bag. In Less than a second right airbag will be active and tapping on the ground, so the car back to the first situation. On the otherwise, if the velocity of car is being high, it may it does enough and the car goes to overturning. In this situation the second, third and the fourth sensors being active and sending signals to airbags. During the car goes overturning, airbags are opening and covering all around the car. The stuff of this airbag is ďKevlarĒ which is very strong with Impact, taper stuff and friction. This cause, on the car accident which car is going to overturn, we can protect the passengers and the body of car of any injuries and damages.
In this system, we change the usage of airbag with a new material, and using gravity sensors to prevent car overturning and active airbags, for outside the cars and other vehicle. It can cause to decrease driving accidents.

Terry Wood

My name is Terry. My friend Jodi has an ideal called The Key Clapper. Just as you would clap your hands to turn on or off a light, you could attach a little sensor to your key ring or TV remote or any other small thing that one might lose. And when lost, just clap your hands and it would emit a signal to the sensor and make a sound to ind the lost item. Jodi has no access to the internet so you would have to call her home number (539-237-2398). Thank you for considering this invention.

Jose San Roman
(714)776-8501 or (714)342-0371

For the times when a word is misspelled, you call for a spell check and different possibilities are proposed; you should have the option to simply move pointer over each possibility and have them defined. This way you can either be sure of what the spelling, or you may discover new ideas for your document! You may either write back or call (714)776-8501 or (714)342-0371, thanks, I'm Jose!

Ivan Ivanov

To the attention of the potential investors, science and business organizations. I represent an unique and revolutionary invention. I've created a formula with which you can guess football (soccer) matches, with 90% accuracy. The formula is based on the football (soccer) stats from the given leagues, like standings etc. In the past 10 years I have been observing the leagues and I have been extracting and working on the data, analyzing it. This 90% success in guessing counts for the teams that are close to each other in the rankings of the current league - from one to six points of each other, meaning that the successful guessing is not affected by the coefficients or the rank of the team in the league! The formula is based on the base of a couple of principles which build a working model. The end result is a function of many aspects...

James Jones

I have invented a new recreational toy for a new born infant, that soothes a baby and entertain the family. Currently I have a basic scale model, pictures and drawings available upon request. Research has been done and there's nothing on the toy market of its kind. If interested feel free to contact me by phone. 520-248-8850 James Jones.

Curt Dilley

What I have is a design invention. They are trailer hitch receiver covers. They are unique in design, 1 of them has to do with trade unions and the other is based on the long standing rivalry between Ford Motor Company & G.M. or Chevrolet. I have the prototypes that I fabricated from hand. Obviously not cost effective to custom build. People love to accessorize their trucks.

Dave and Annette


1) I have noticed a wind farm developer is seeking technologies, of what to do with the energy created while very windy and demand is low. As we all know conventional batteries are comprised of toxic materials and are not very environmental friendly, let alone the cost factor. Not to mention the ratio of how much is energy generated to what percentage is saved (energy lost in performing storage task) including loss of storage capacity over time. Also the fact that stored power cant be stored very long due to the fact conventional batteries start losing their charge quickly, more so if cold. I could designed a battery for the storage of energy. Well firstly I am not sure if I should call it a battery ESS (energy storage system) , because it does not resemble a conventional battery as we are accustomed of seeing. This type does not require containment (open air system) or copper plates or lithium battery tech. Furthermore energy produced is equal to energy saved (no loss in performing storage task) also no loss if saved over time. Did you know that batteries used today start losing there storage capacities and performance after first charge, of course not noticeable but detectable nevertheless. Although not tested for how long ESS. would last, but due to the fact that no conventional battery tech is exploited in this innovation, I donít think any wearing of ESS. is observed. No dangerous materials would be used in the manufacturing of this technology or expelling of gases or waste while in operation. and no maintenance needed for ESS, at least in your life time I believe.

2) I would like to elaborate on a prior submission that I have posted. I guess I am to understand that manufacturers of major household appliances, are NOT interested in producing appliances that not only lasts several times longer, but also using a considerable less amount of energy to operate. There only interests is selling you a new one, with the hopes that it dies soon after the warranty is up. So this post is directed to a manufacturer that believes in honesty and cares for our environment. I could design new advanced cutting edge technology for the manufacturing of major household appliances. This includes dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, which this tech would mostly benefit. If television advertisement was produced, featuring this advanced technical advantage over leading competitors models, I then would guarantee this would put your brand in the lead. Place me in your research dept. under a 6 month contract status, and I can make this happen.


Christopher Mabuwa

Water Generator/Engine
I have developed a system for generating electricity using water as the main driving fuel. The device is portable enough to be installed on ordinary homes. I am seeking funds for R&D but it is very promising. It can greatly impact the Green Energy market. The technology can further be developed to be used on electric vehicles. I have two other ideas for green energy development. One will take advantage of a common, everyday event to generate wind powered electricity and the other will use air pressure to generate electricity.

Double Pot/Pan
A stove is one of the biggest contributors to a high energy bill. Now imagine cooking two different foods on the same stove plate at once. The double pot/pan will do exactly that. With one pan on top of another, it will make full use of heat energy that would have otherwise been lost. Primarily using the steam from the bottom pot, the top pan will absorb the heat energy through conduction.

Smell Detector
A device that is able to asses different smells in a room. When it senses foul odor in a room it releases an air freshener. It saves on air fresheners as they are only used when needed. Users can also "save" foul air patterns so that in future when such air patterns appear it releases air freshener thus it "learns" acceptable and unacceptable air conditions. The product will also target the health sector. Dangerous air chemicals will be detected early before they cause harm.

Bright Lights
It is a product that is lit as a candle and blown off as you would a candle. However it doesn't get used up as a candle. It uses technology that directly mirrors the sun by using various natural gases in the air as fuel. This technology enables it to shine as bright as an electric bulb despite using no electricity.

Mike Taylor

My name is Mike Taylor. In the last few years, I've been working on a number of inventions that I've had in my head for a long time Now, it's time to do something with them. I have working prototypes of nearly all of them. Here's a description of a promising one.

Vertical Gardens VG-83 is the perfect solution to an unsolved problem. Up to now, there has only been one solution to indoor grow lights. Very expensive to operate High Pressure Sodium systems. The cost to operate these runs into the hundreds and even thousands in electricity every month. The solution offered to this problem up to now has been L.E.D. grow lights which donít work. Vertical Gardens VG-83 runs on ballasts and high intensity discharge bulbs like itís 240 volt cousin, but in a 12 volt package. This DRAMATICALLY reduces the cost to operate, With only a slight drop in performance. The tested light output is 48,000 lumens, which is only slightly dimmer than the popular 600 watt 240 volt cousin which measures at 52,000 lumens. The VG-83 also works as an air deionizer, helping to clean the air in the grow room. The operating temperature is vastly lower than the H.P.S. systems making cooling the grow room VERY easy, further lowering operating costs. Because it runs on 12 volts, itís a perfect candidate for solar power, making it FREE to operate. Add that to a 1 year warranty and only yearly bulb replacement makes this the cheapest grow lighting system in the world! Now look at where it surpasses the othersÖ 8 bulbs mean 8 light sources. This dramatically decreases shadowing in the lower branches.
Rotating bulb mounts. Making it possible to change the light dispersing characteristics of the grow light to meet your needs. Cost to operate. 12 volt vs 240 volt, itís a no brainer. Very low operating temperatures. H.P. S. systems are VERY hot, the VG-83 runs VERY cool (cooler than L.E.D. systems) Thanks for your consideration. Hope to hear from you. Sincerely, Mike Taylor.



Salvador Beltran

Bathroom Innovations, This product keeps young and older persons entertained while in the bathroom, transforming it into a more pleasurable experience. Its simply not bulky, ugly, or dangerous to children or grownups. But most importantly it doesn't feel or look out of place, in contrary it will enhance the look and feel of the bathroom. At the same time it would be easy to use and be installed in all bathrooms by the consumer without the need for a contractor or professional in minutes. Very cost efficient to the investor, to manufacture (contact me for info), as well to the consumer by using Green Energy to function. I believe Brita faucets are nowhere near as innovative as to the function and use, compared to this product.


The "Track it" device. Have you every lost a cell phone? Or maybe you lost your iPad or galaxy tab and you don't have 3G service to track your device! Track-IT locates your missing device with it's built in GPS system! You simply sync your device with Track-IT, and when the day comes where you just can't seem to find your device, and when all hope seems lost. You then turn to your Track-IT device and simply select your device in the main menu and press the "red tracking button". Many people lose lots of money over losing and never being able to find their device/devices. Well not anymore know!

Dan Walsh
19616 N. 25 TH. PLACE
Phoenix,AZ 85050
(602) 821-7638

My name is Dan Walsh. My Invention involves the game of Table Tennis. I have designed a Ball Return System that increases the pace of play, creates even ball distribution during and between games. It provides fewer interruptions and minimizes time spent retrieving the balls. This makes the game more enjoyable to play. My design is simple, safe and innovative. Materials are available anywhere and the total cost is less than $15.00.Installation is universal, making it compatible with any table. Professional Evaluation by Lambert & Lambert. in December, 06, scoring an 88 which is in the top 30% evaluated. They called it " Unique", "Innovative" and "Handy-Capped Enabling". Recently submitted to Edison Nation where it also was reviewed well but came up short in the 5th of their 8 step process. A proto-type was constructed in '06 and is used on a daily basis where its performed flawlessly. The market is huge and consistent. My invention is a big improvement to the game. PLAY MORE...CHASE LESS!!

I am looking for investor for patent and/or Manufacturer with a licensing agreement. Thank You.

Sequoia Rollins
Backpack Massager

For kids and adults.. all ages. Wear it as a backpack while it massages and heats your back as well as your neck if needed.

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