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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Robert Hawkins
Home: (425) 896-9757
Cell: (425) 260-9156

My name is Robert Hawkins and I have developed a revolutionary new computer mouse and keyboard replacement called the "Electronic Looking Glass" "!CE"© (input cueing emmersion). I used to work at XBOX and Microsoft in the Mice and Keyboard Hardware Division, but was frustrated by what I saw as not pushing the computer "touch" interfacing envelope there. I have taken a very different approach and philosophy in designing the most ergonomically correct, fun and comfortable way to enjoy touch interfacing with a computer. It is very cost effective and equal to the cost of a keyboard and mouse. I have a full working prototype which I have video taped and put on YouTube. You can find the video on YouTube by typing "HAWKvision !CE. I also have a public Face book page that shows the invention. You can find it on face book by typing “HAWKvision Electronic Looking Glass”. There is also a cute story tie in about "Alice" bringing her "Autoelectric Looking glass !CE" to Wonderland where she introduces them to “computing”. You can find it on face book by typing in "Alice and her Autoelectric Looking Glass".

The Electronic Looking Glass is based on !CE (input cueing emmersion – patent pending), and is a touch panel that allows user to manipulate the computer with their hands without ever touching the screen, keyboard or mouse. A semi-transparent, normal view image of a person’s hands appears on the computer screen (just as if they were really reaching up and touching the screen), allowing the user to “touch” and manipulate the screen in the same way a mouse interacts with a computer while the hands rest comfortably on the desktop. All actions can be executed by a hand, pen or paint brush; no special device is needed to interact with the touch screen. It is 100% of the desired ergonomics of a computer work station as described in MIL-STD-1472, MIL-STD-2525B, NASA-STD-3000, ANSI/HFES 100 – 2007 Department of Energy FEOSCH, OSHA Computer Workstations, with the cost effectiveness, flexibility and versatility of a touch screen, keyboard and mouse.

A correct focal length/real time image capturing system senses where your hands are which allows faster key stroke action allowing faster typing than a tactile/physical keyboard as well as complete mouse emulation including traditional hovering and mouse over ability. Instead of moving a pointing device, you just point to where you wanted to move the cursor. Ghost hands appear semi - transparent on the main monitor when you are using it. The technology uses a painting method, facilitating the quickest and most intuitive hand motions, achieving input without a traditional peripheral keyboard and mouse, and is also the best way to draw. The "controller/combiner" are a separate piece of very application specific analog/digital hardware outside of the computer to accomplish all of the combining of the image capturing and graphics processing to achieve the speed necessary for “mirror reflection speed" video reproduction matching, true 100% real time.

Potential Use Cases:
Complete replacement of a keyboard mouse and graphing tablet; Digital art; CAD; Gaming; Aircraft and vehicle controls; Military, Manufacturing; Dental and medical environments; Robotic surgery; Signing documents right in the screen; Handwriting quick notes and sketches in e-mail and Fax replacement among others.

I am currently looking for monetary help/resources to complete a more refined "High Definition" version of the Electronic Looking Glass in exchange for a part in my company "HAWKvision emmersion computing LLC.. My plan is to license the technology to existing hardware manufacturers. The working version I have is extremely low resolution and the monitor output is not formally presentable. It works enough to show the concept, but it is not "good enough" to generate serious interest with potential licensees. I would be interested in partnering for this needed funding. It is paramount to complete a more robust better working model of the Electronic Looking Glass in order to generate the proper sales interest.

Please contact me. I truly believe is the best way to use a computer.


John Cliff

CAG Hi-Tech Cooker is Energy saving cooker that recharges itself Energy Efficient and Dependent
This is a cooker that is designed to cook for a short period of time and Generate power for home.

1). Gas heater substances or electricity heater
2). Thermo generator
3). Induction or Metal
4). Battery charger Customized Rapid
5). Solar Battery
6). Inverter

Every items here will have their own compartment inside the hybrid cooker. The compact hybrid thermal electricity generator or the charger will be the primary source of the electricity to charge the battery. The compact hybrid thermal electricity generator will be heated by the primary source of the heater inside the hybrid cooker which will be the Gas heater system or electrical burner. Once the heater is heating the compact hybrid thermal electricity generator, then this will be used to charge the batteries inside the Hybrid cooker. The surface of the hybrid cooker might be induction or iron burner and every burner on the cooker must contain thermal electricity generators to charge batteries in the unit. The burner surface will be used for cooking while the burner housing will be used to heat the thermal electricity generator, meaning the heat generating from the burner will be recycled and reuse. The cooker body will have outlets for electricity use like we can plug-in other electrical appliances. The inverter will depend on client demands. The unit will contain two inverters one inverter will be for the burners this inverter will reverse from 220V 12V, the burners will not be using the source direct from the battery; this will make the battery more useful and durable.

Marvin Harding

Computer User Pain Relieving Vest or Jacket: - Provisional patent application number: 61849940

A "Computer user pain relieving vest" is a garment which prevent or alleviate pain while using a computer. It provides support to the neck, shoulder area, chest, upper and lower extremities in the back while using a computer for an extended period of time.

A "Computer user pain relieving jacket" is a garment which prevent or alleviate pain while using a computer. It provides support to the neck, shoulder area, chest, upper and lower extremities in the back, along with the arm region while using a computer for an extended period of time.

I have absolutely no doubts about its ability. I have not been able to get it into the right hands so I thought I would ask for your assistance if Possible?

It will benefit millions if not billions of people who suffer from pains from use of a computer. It will benefit mankind in the computer environment we live in today.

This invention is very unique and new, looking to license manufacturer's a product that will be very popular and profitable amongst the masses. Its an untapped market for compression garments. I know for a fact it will benefit man kind, especially in the work force. This is the potential market for my invention. Just click on the URL below:

http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm ((approximate internet users in the world))

Not only in the USA, but around the world! Studies have shown that computer users, 65 TO 70% and upwards suffer from pains my invention treats!

Once people hear the name of the invention it will resonate. It will be a hot item based on its use. Who doesn't want to get rid of pain???

David Puckett
55 Lakeside Drive, Roanoke, AL 36274

1. Police vehicles with built in tazers on all four sides, with four activation buttons built into the stirring wheels-2. Ice coolers with built in CD players-3. Ceiling fans with baby's lullabies-4. Remote control optioned riding lawn mowers-5. Riding lawn mowers with built in CD player-6. Thirty to second peculating coffee makers-7. Tables with built in CD players (great for cake walks)-8. Animal collars with built in location finders-9. Refrigerators with built in CD players-10. Tables with built in CD players (great for cake walks)-11. Animal location finding collars-12. Micro chips to be implanted into all convicted repeat offenders of all federal, felony and misdemeanor crimes-13. VCR's with built in CD recorders (great for transferring beta and VHS recorded concerts, comedies and songs from music videos)-14. Cassette tape players with built in CD recorders-15. Game consoles that will play all past, present and future games, and also, play and record Blu rays, CD's and DVD's- 16. Refrigerators with built in micro chip audio/video recorders (great for identifying criminals and residential activities)-17.Eye glasses with built in recording devices-18. Watches with built in recording devices (great for kids)-19. Hats with built in micro chip audio/video recording devices (great for gathering civil and criminal evidence)-20.Airplanes with built in long range CD recorders (both inside and outside, on all sides of the plane)-21. Fighter helicopters and jet with built in DVD recorders-22. Military tanks with four built in cannons with button pushing firing mechanisms- 23. Fishing rods with built in fish locating device (which would have a small attached screen built into the reels)-24. Remote controlled fighter helicopters and jets-25. Audio CD books-26. Necklaces with built in hearing aid micro chips, which would have a one hundred foot frequency range, so voices will be clearly heard without any devices to be put in the ears (great for avoiding being robbed)- 27. Punching bags with built in timers-28. Wireless, battery operated remote controlled boats and helicopters, which would go one foot high in the sky-29. Twelve hour long VHS tapes-30. Grass killing spray and seeds, which is un-harmful to animals and people-31. One hundred disc changer-32. Battery operated speakers with a volume of twenty to fifty, which would work with computers, portable players, ipads, nano pads and mp3 type players-33. Color changing corsages-34. Pool tables with built in CD players-35. Automatic disintegrating powders and sprays (great for fighting wars in foreign countries)-36.Explosive baseballs, footballs, Frisbees and golf balls (great for fighting wars, being as the enemies wouldn't know the difference with the fake and real)-37. A device implanted into convicted persons, which will alert local authorities of any sincere desires of committing the same or other civil and criminal offenses-38. Color changing toe rings (great for kids)-39. Shark repelling sprays-40. Thirty second popcorn making machine-41. Capsules and pills made to completely cure HIV, aids and cancer-42. Color changing Christmas ornaments- 43. AM/FM radio battery operated and electric operated boom box with built in 8 track, CD and double cassette deck player/recorder-44. Deer and rabbit finding devices (great for quick hunting trips)-45. Capsules or pills made for anger control.

46. People repellant whistles (made to instantly cause unwanted guests to move out of others body and ear reach)-47. Instant disease detecting device, which alerts hospitals everywhere within a one hundred mile radius of it's appearance (to be implanted in body)-48. Voice commanded pay phones, where you put your money, and then, say the number you want dialed, collect or direct-49. Color changing beach blankets and towels-50. Broom/mob, which means one sides a broom, the other a mop (to come with a dust pan)-51. Cabs and taxis with built in location finders-52. Cross shaped animal cages-53. One minute food cooker-54. Canoes with built in motor and stirring wheel (great for when unexpected storm comes)-55. One thousand time battery charger, which would come with four of every battery type available-56. One year lasting battery made for running vehicles, so there'd be no more need of buying gas for the vehicles-57. Fiber glass tents-58. Water proof cell phones, chips and batteries-59. Voice command desktop and laptop computers that instant download whatever you say to, with one minute CD/DVD burning drive-60. Chink sealant-61. Color changing umbrellas-62. Twelve slotted toast maker (for big families)-63. Scratched disc repair spray, which would instantly remove scratches from discs-64. Color changing flags-65. Color changing vehicles-66. Boxing bag with built in adjustable timer-67. Six to twelve seated motorcycles- 68. One minute potato chip maker, where you coat your sliced potatoes with whatever you may want, then cook them, with the flavor soaking in-69. Color changing bicycle and motorcycle seats-70. Color changing cell phone covers-71. Recliners with built in CD players-72. Four layered wheels (for all vehicles, so they won't flatten so fast)-73. Battery operated glow in the dark tombstones- 74. Twenty feet long play-sets, just like the ones you see on regular play grounds-75. Color changing graveyard crosses-76. Color changing animal collars-77. Instant dirt and stain remover, which would eat away the toughest stains, no matter what they may be-78. Two hundred to five hundred foot high ladders (for some of the tallest places)-79. Color changing toy tools-80. Plant and tree growth soil, which would make whatever you plant grow fifty times faster, no matter what the weather is like-81. One hundred pack of papered CD cases-82. Twelve shelved tackle boxes-83. Color changing fishing lures-84. Vegetable flavored water-85. Cereal flavored milk-86. Cereal flavored ice cream-87. Powdered drink with coffee and tea mixed together- 88. Pet training whistle, where you give your pet a command, blow the whistle, and then, the pet does what you say-89. Battery operated Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii game consoles with red, white and yellow hookup chords-90. Computers you can play all Playstation 1-3, Xbox, Xbox 360 and Wii games on, with built in wireless control detector, or where you just hook up your game controllers into your USB ports-91. Mp3 players with wireless recording abilities, where you just click on sync to device on your computer, and your comedy and music downloads will be transferred to your device, as they would if you attached the device to the computer-92. Color changing book covers-93. Color changing vehicle wheels-94. Snake repellant spray-95. Alligator repellant spray-96. Crocodile repellant spray-97. Color changing medallions- 98. Color changing bow ties-99. Ten foot flame throwing pen-100. One thousand foot high and long movie theatre building.

Trevor Booth

I have a unique innovation. I have done to the aquarium filter what Dyson did to the vacuum cleaner . Sales to Us, Europe and China could be massive, this idea is fully patentable. I need a big investor, I am happy to receive only 1% of the wholesale value. No sales emails to this address please!

James West

Hi, my name is James West, and I had an idea while lying in bed with my son's Nintendo 3DS in my hand. These are very cool items, and they have dropped in price. They support Netflix, and it's cool to watch a movie privately in bed, but a pain to hold the little thing up above your head. I see a lot of items with an adjustable arm (lamps and what not) that clip onto something like a dresser or nightstand. How about one of these with a bracket attached to hold a 3DS or PSP? With this you can lay back and relax, fall asleep, or whatever without tiring out your arms. Let me know what you think.

Ken Champagne

Hello, my name is Ken Champagne, my invention would be used in both private and commercial applications. It is easy to accommodate various markets and their requirements, for shape, size, color, texture, and even material. This product is made from materials that most manufacturers have readily available in their warehouses and already meet the United States government standards needed for manufacturing this product. I believe my invention will be very profitable with low start up costs as a healthy hygienic alternative. If you are interested and want to set up a meeting please reply to kenchampagneinaz@yahoo.com thank you for your considerations.

Bernard Munikwa
+263777102239 or +26339253163

I have invented a repetitive sequence of weight that can continuously rotate a shaft which can in turn be used to power various machinery to perform work. I call it a gravity mill or a weight mill since it is the weight acting under the influence of gravity which causes work to be done. The Weight Mill can be built to any desired scale in desired number of sets to produce enough power for the planned requirements. The Weight Mill is most suitable as a stationary structure but it can also be made mobile at a suitable scale by addition of axles and wheels in order to transport goods or perform work requiring mobility. The Weight Mill rotates at a constant velocity and cannot accelerate. It can decelerate and stop under load and braking action respectively. The Weight Mill is solely driven by gravity and does not require any other motivational agent to start, run and stop. I have patented the invention and looking for investors to commercialize it. Contact: Bernard Munikwa at bmunikwa@cooltoad.com or +263777102239 or +26339253163 for details.

Concepcion Cabrera

It's that time of the year again where we get rained on or get too much snow. What I was thinking of is to invent a cover for shopping carts that way when it rains or it snows, the brown bags and plastics bags and of course our purchases, won't get wet while we push our shopping carts to our cars to unload the products that we just bought from the store.

This water repellant material will be placed securely at the handle of the shopping carts and opens and closes when needed. It sounds simple enough to use and very practical.

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