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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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Fernand Lapointe
ZAP - Zone d'Amusement Populaire
1311 Chemin de Chambly, Longueuil, Quebec, J4J 3X1
Tel. / fax : 450-677-0150 or 1-866-677-0150 toll free

I am a board games creator. I am looking for an investor partner to market my games. Please find attached pictures of the unreleased games I created.






Kenneth Mitchell

Hello I'm Kenny Mitchell I have an revolutionary idea that will affect million of people each day. In a society where we are becoming more and more health conscious consider this. Most of of visit the gas station at least twice a week and some of us even more. Hundreds even thousands touch the gas pump everyday and no one takes out time to to sanitize them either. Remember times on lunch break when you go to the gas station then go to McDonald to grab a bite but, you just pumped the gas. But you want a fry out of the bag but think about your hands. The germs that's on them but , I've got the perfect solution and have done all of the ground work on this project. I'm looking for some one that can direct me (us) to the next stage. Please contact me for further details. @ kennymitch079@gmail.com or (601)466-7588 anytime!

Bhupinder Dhadda

I developed a lock. It is designed to prevent accidents. It can build millions of dollars business.
Its used on commercial truck and trailer. These trucks and trailer has common problem that there lug nut become loose while they driving on the road and tires came off from the vehicles and cause of serious accidents, injuries and deaths. So this product solves this problem. Also prevent the theft of tiers and rims on vehicles. Please check this out and feel free to contact me at my cell 253-906-8013. Thanks. Have a wonderful day.

David Puckett
55 Lakeside Drive, Roanoke, AL 36274

1. Color changing bras-2. Six to twelve prong battery operated plug ins (great for power outages)-3. Electric jail cell bars-4. Electric prison fences-5. Four to six fragorance scented candles, which would have more than one aroma-6. Fried food scented candles-7. Candy scented candles-8. Battery acid type mase spray, which would work on animals and humans-9. Color changing store letters, to be used on such places as Piggly Wiggly, Fred's, Wal-Mart, Dollar General and etc.-10. Color changing air balloons, like the ones you go up in, while standing in a basket-11. Classic movie bobble heads-12. Vegetable flavored licorice-13. Cereal flavored licorice-14. Candy bar flavored licorice-15. Popcorn flavored licorice-16. Coffee flavored licorice-17. Cereal flavored doughnots-18. Candy cream flavored doughnuts- 19. Five to ten minute sobriety capsule-20. Color changing vehicles-21. One to two minute multi food frying baskets-22. Color changing flip flops-23. Instant plague remover spray.

Ralph G. Alvarado

My company AL-Vardo Innovations is a design company that inventions new product for the Motor vehicles/shoes/all branch of the military defense. But my small business need funding to get started with my first product and the rest will follow into places. The first one is so hard to get funded and get off the round. I need help to decide which direction to go in.

Trevor Finlay
Cell: +27 79 501 0804
Email: trevor@ledz.co.za
South Africa

Ventz - New Air Ventilation Product, South Africa, March 2013. Excellent Alternative to the Conventional Air-Bricks. Low Cost - No Electricity Needed. Quick and Easy to Install - 25 Minutes (No Demolishing Power Tools). Regulating Air Flow - Adjustable from Zero to Max. Elegant Stylish Design - Can be used almost any Building. Dust and Insect Filter - Easy to Clean and/or Replace. Main Functions: Combating Dampness (Cavity Ventilation) and Improving Air flow through buildings. Target Markets - Every and Any Building - Worldwide! (Rooms, Toilets, Offices, Stores, Change Rooms, Computer Rooms, Warehouses, etc.) The Potential Market is Huge! We are looking for Serious Investors/Distributors Worldwide.

Richard Hallisey

The Smoke Detector Testing Tool is a multi-purpose testing tool designed to assist fire alarm technicians test smoke detectors properly and efficiently. This tool saves time and money by providing the proper tools, at the proper time, in the proper place making technicians more productive. There is no other tool like this. The Smoke Detector Testing Tool Is The Better Way. Manufacturing/Distribution/Licensing Information, Richard is 50 years old.

Engin Engin

My name is Engin Agac and I am from Turkey. I learned that many companies have developed a device that prevents drunk driving. The devices look like significant but I still believe that this is not a final solution for the problem. I have prepared a project about this subject. I believe that the project that I prepared provides 100% solution. The important points of my project are shown below:
The Device Preventing Drunk Driving -
1) The drunk driver can never start the car as he cannot pass the alcohol test.
2) The device can detect the difference when the non-drunk driver changes place with a drunk driver.
3) If the driver starts the car and begins drinking alcoholic beverages the device detects this.
4) The driver is kept under control automatically and during every stop and run.
5) The driver should take and pass the alcohol test every day.
6) If the driver should be changed then the new driver should pass the alcohol test.,
7) If any other person except the driver drinks alcoholic beverages, this will not stop the car or will not prevent the driver from starting the engine.
8) In case the driver "must" start the car even though he is drunk, he should define himself as "drunk" to the device. The device will not question if the driver is drunk or not in this situation. By this way the device sets a maximum speed limit and the flashers are turned on. If the driver tries to exceed the speed limit the car stops and the lights continue flashing.
Detailed Explanations for some articles above:
Article 2) If the non-drunk driver changes place with a drunk driver then the device will detect this. For example Robert is drunk and Matthias is sober. In this situation only Matthias can start the car and Robert cannot pass the test. If Robert wants to drive while the engine is running, the device will detect that it was Matthias who started the car and will not let Robert to drive. The device will recognize that Robert has changed place and came to the driver seat. In this situation it asks the test to be taken by the new driver. If he cannot pass the test, then the car will be stopped after the warnings.
Article 3) Example: Robert is not drunk until he starts the car but he starts drinking while driving. At this point the device will detect the smell and ask the driver to take the test again. If the driver is drunk, then the car will stop after the warnings.
Article 4) The driver who started the engine is always under control as he should take the test at every stop and run. The device checks the driver change at every stop and run, while the car is started. If one driver passes the test and start the car, and if he wants to change the seat to someone else after a while, the device checks if someone else has come to the driver seat. This control will be done at every stop and run. But if it is requested, this can be applied at certain time periods through the settings of the device.
Article 5) In this project the driver must take the alcohol test every day.
But if we develop the software we can achieve something like this:
1) If a driver never drinks alcohol and a driver change will never be done, the driver may take the test only once a year, once in ten years or he may not take the test during his whole lifetime. This driver needs to take the test only once. But this article makes it necessary for the driver to take the test if someone else but the driver drinks alcohol in the vehicle.
2) Let's think of a family consisting of father, mother, two sons and one daughter. One of the sons drink alcohol frequently but the other drinks only on new years. Father, mother and the daughter never drink alcohol and this family owns a car. How does the device works in this case? Should the alcohol test be taken every day? No, it is not. The device can recognize the members of the family. This means that the device can keep in its memory who is a drinker and who is a non-drinker. The device can also detect that the person who did not drink alcohol for a long time is now drunk and it notifies the driver that the test should be taken. Thanks to the software that has been developed, father-mother and the daughter should take the test only once and they do not need to take the test again during their lifetime. While the father, mother or the daughter drives the car, someone else in the vehicle should not drink alcoholic beverages. Otherwise they need to take the alcohol test. This situation does not prevent the car from running or does not stop the running car.
Article 6) A driver change can only be done when the engine is stopped. The new driver should pass the test before starting the car. The driver change cannot be applied after the engine is started.
Article 7) Let's say there are 4 people in the car (One driver and three passengers). The driver is sober and did not drink any alcoholic beverages. Even though the passengers are drinking, the alcohol smell will not prevent the car from starting nor the engine will not be stopped.
- For the car to be stopped:
* As the alcohol smell is detected, the driver is asked to take the test.
** The driver must take this test. Otherwise the car speed will be decreased and it will be stopped after the warnings.
*** If the driver is drunk as he takes the test, the car speed will be decreased and it will be stopped after the warnings again.
**** The device always warns the driver before stopping the car. If the driver denies the warnings then the car will be stopped.
The software scheme of this device is already prepared. Alcoholmeter and smell sensors are the components of this device. But the important point is that a software to achieve these functions. As the scheme is already done, the software needs to be written by your company.
To prevent driving without driving license can be achieved only if the driver licenses are renewed so that it can interact with the device that is to be installed in the car.
1) A person without the driving license can never start the car.
2) A person without the driving license can never drive a car in motion.
3) If the driver wants to change place with another driver without a license, this will be detected by the device and the car will be stopped if the warning is ignored.
4) The driver will be kept under control every second and he can never drive the car without the license.
5) The driver should take the driving license test once a day.
6) One driver can never use someone else's license.
7) If a driver change is needed, then the new driver should take the test.
8) At every getting on and off a control is not applied. The test is only applied in case of a driver change.
As you know I am not a mechanical technician or engineer and I cannot explain the details of my project by using scientific terms. But I can describe all details of my project.
Although alcoholmeter and smell sensors will be used in this project, not only these two devices will be functioning. The most important characteristic that differs my project from the others is that this device will be software assisted. I mean each article describing the features of the project will be assisted by a software.
My aim is to offer you the patent of this project to your company. If you are interested you can also contact me online, by phone or come to Istanbul and I can explain this project to you personally.
Detailed explanation and software schemes for both projects are available.


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