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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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David Puckett
55 Lakeside Drive, Roanoke, AL 36274

1. A remake of Red Sonja-2. A one hour animated cartoon series based on the Marvel: What If? comics (only to be released on DVDs and Blu ray/DVD combos)-3. Full length motion pictures based on the Marvel: Civil War book series-4. Cartoons based on TNA Impact Wrestling-5. A remake of the movie KISS movie Phantom Of The Park, or as it's now known as, Attack Of The Phantom-6. A new Transformers animated series, where half of the fallen autobots and decipticons are brought back to life to team up with their saviors to continue the autobots/decipticons war-7. A full length movie(s) based on the DC Comics Crisis book(s)-8. A remake of James Woods and Michael J. Fox's movie The Hard Way-9. Movies based on actor/comedian Eddie Murphy, Katt Williams, Eddie Griffin, Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle's lives-10. Movie theatres that will music concerts from the greatest artists, bands and groups of the past, present and future, as well as, one of their vhs and/or DVD documentaries, MTV Unplugged and VH1 Behind The Music episodes, to be played before their concerts, which have not been released to the public in any way, shape, form or fashion. There would also be a CD and/or CD/DVD handed to the theaters' customers, along with drinks, popcorn and candy for the price of $20 per adult, $15 per child and $12 per senior citizen. Drink refills would be $1, candy $2.50, small sized popcorn for $3.00, medium sized popcorn for $3.50, large sized popcorn for $3.75 and extra large sized popcorn for $4.00. Parties of ten would get a ten percent discount, twenty parties get twenty percent off and so on. The bigger the party, the bigger the discount. Only parties of fifty get these discounts. However, the drink, food and music isn't included in the party packages.-11.A new 3 Stooges TV show-12. A cartoon series based on the Marvel characters Cloak and Dagger, Thor, Dr. Strange, The Defenders and Ghost Rider.-13. A full length movie(s) based on the Marvel Infinity Gauntlet comics-14. Full length movies based on the DC vs. Marvel comics-15. A What If? animated DC Comic series-16. A remake of the cult classic Plan 9 From Outer Space-17. The Eddie Griffin show- 18. Katt Williams: Pimpathon- 19. Full length movies based on the DC/Marvel Crossover books-20. A remake of Ready To Rumble-21. A TV series called In Remembrance Of, which would be a talk show about the dearly departed-22. A series called What Would've Happened If...?, which would be a fan interactive show, where the fans are given the opportunity to decide, deceased or alive, what celebrities and stories they'd love to see in alternated realities. The fans with the same requested will see their favorite celebrities in a whole new light. This series would have to run twenty to fifty shows, per season, for twelve seasons, or until fans stop making requests. Two free movie tickets would be rewarded to those whom's celebrities are chosen.-23. A new Super Friends animated series-24. A TV series based on the encyclopedia-25. Animated series with music artists, bands and groups' voices, whom would be chosen by their fans. Two front row seat tickets to their concerts, whom can only be chosen once, per series season, would be awarded to the fans whom would choose them.-26. A TV series called At Home With, which would be a reality show based on lives of past and present wrestling industry people, chosen by wrestling fans, where tv cameras follow them around for twelve hours, but for only one day, from eleven in the morning, until eleven at night, with the winning fans getting two ringside seats to one TNA and one WWE pay per view event of their choosing-27. Movies documenting some of the greatest southern gospel groups ever to exist, such as The Nelons, The Cathedrals and The Perrys-28. Fan interactive New Scooby-Doo movies, where Scooby and the gang meet some of the fans all time music artists, bands and groups, as well as, actors and sports personalities, with their favorites' actually record their voices for the shows. The selected fans would receive two front row tickets to a NFL football game of their choosing.-29. An animated fan interactive series where the TNA Impact Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment superstars would be chosen to be written into storylines, so there'd be feuds between fan decided athletes, as well as, whom would do the action calling, interviews, and also, whom would be the feuding general manager(s). The choosing winning fans would get flown in to the studio to do their voice overs, and also, be put in a motel(s), with room service included.-30. Full length movies based on the in studio music making of the world's greatest music artists, bands and groups.-31. Movies that document the constant on goings of putting together live concerts and wrestling shows-32. A Dukes Of Hazard animated series-33. Full length animated movies based on the greatest eighties arcade video games.

Wilbur Lewis
FC23301 Love Hill
Central Andros Bahamas

All good inventors usually have many ideas and inventions that they are developing or need final touches to complete. They also have seen some of their ideas reach the market before they could have initiated them, many times from not having the right connections. People who have seen some of my creations in various fields often say ‘You have ideas’. I am an inventor who is multi-talented in many fields and have seen many of my ideas went on ahead of me by others who had similar ideas and monies are being made from them. My inventions cover many different fields and most of them are fresh and innovative and have not been marketed as yet. Educational Game Show for Television –People from every nation on earth will want to participate with great interest
Car cam cctv for vehicles or boats where ever you leave them- live viewing when you are away,- certain features will necessitate being put in place as the popularity of the system grows through marketing. Replacement of the engine as we know it from fossil fuel to a much more powerful mechanical system that does not utilize combustion. Application will range from vehicles, boats, planes, generators etc. Race TRAQ System- A constant changing and adaptable system that will change the way we view and appreciate competitive sports. Hand fishing line tangle preventer gear. Dining table manual or auto conveyor – a new way of presenting the dishes to each person without hand passing them Web site ‘whoowl’ –A new and innovative way of sharing information about people, places, and things.

Let me describe one of my inventions The Race TRAQ System This is an innovative way to comment on competitive sport in real time and later to edit the commentary to take advantage of all of the features of the Race TRAQ System, thus giving a more polished and exciting version for the archives. This system will create several new fields of endeavor where training is required on top of natural abilities to flow as a commentator. Let’s look at Track and Field as an example, more specifically the relay where athletes pass a baton than is prone to fall and spoil many dreams in a flash. In the Race TRAQ System there will be baton less exchanges and the entire track will be enhanced to gather real time statistics that will be helpful to the commentator and viewer in real time and for editing later, also exciting to the viewers/listeners from the start to the completion of the race. Every event will be modernized and dull events will become much more exciting to watch and listen to.
The principles of this system will adapt to any competitive sport. Please contact me if one or more of the categories are of interest to you. I am working solo on these inventions and I am able to produce many more in other areas, even on request. I am also working with a partner on other ideas as well. I will be interested in profit sharing or outright selling of the ideas/inventions.

Jayamohan Kandasamy

 I have an idea for exercising tool that will activate left part and right part of the brain at the same time ,it improves brain function well, improves decision making capabilities etc, may be it will give lots of benefits if its get success may be doctor also recommend this tool for every patient. I believe it has many benefits to our human..

Rachael R. Reed

My invention combines a toothbrush with toothpaste in one convenient easy to use product which distributes toothpaste directly on top of the bristles of the toothbrush. The toothpaste requires a uniquely designed cartridge that fits directly into the bottom of the toothbrush. The toothpaste cartridges are easy to change and can contain any type or brand of toothpaste.This product is easy to use due to simple mechanics. It is convenient for children as well as the frequent traveler and those with disabilities.

Apostle Robert Muli

I have several scientific discoveries in the field of energy, but the disclosures were published by a certain publisher as an ebook a few days ago. The ebook is available for preview at smashwords.com/extreader/read/366921 I published it because of my desire to help mankind with my ideas and inventions. We need cheap or free energy which is clean for sustainability. You may preview it and decide what you can do with it.

Shravan Manthri

I would like to propose an idea to bring the laptop comfort in cell phone. It is like having something like a convertible car top to the cell phone. The screen is stacked onto the side of the cell phone when not in use. With a touch of a button on cell phone we can activate the screen and it will come out into a big screen ( you can have of options. Ex: you can extend the screen from 7 inch diameter till 14 inches). After the use when you press the button the screen will be stacked up onto the side of the phone. This screen should be an accessory and should be easily detachable and replaced.

I believe this should be good to read, watch games/videos, play games and will minimize the use of Touch pads and laptops when you are on the go. As per my online research, although we have many projectors, this is cost effective and very easy to use with out requiring a wall for some big projector :-). I think and strongly believe this idea has a lot of potential in today's market both technically and financially. I would like to patent this idea. I am looking for the serious investor who is willing to sponsor for the patent costs. I am open to the negotiations.

Travis Torgerson

This invention/ idea is revolutionary. My product will reduce pollution, eliminate electric companies and supply its own means of energy. It started as a small machine to allow contractors at construction sites with no power and give them the energy needed to run their equipment. I've over time now figure how to provide a whole new source of energy that will allow buyers to purchase the product at a cost that when paid for they receive energy for life with no more than small maintance fees.

Nico Kriek
tel: 00268 76479493

An estimated 3.5 million refugees are living in tents. Syria alone has produced 1.6 million refugees. 62% of urban population in Sub-Sahara Africa live in slums. Then we have a ever growing number of natural disasters leaving millions of people homeless. This is a growing problem and we believe we have a come up with a amazing solution. We have developed a simple, compact, light weight, durable, very sturdy, eco friendly structure made of 50% recycled material. To crown this we have designed a very unique roof on which you could grow vegetables, while containing the nutrients and collecting the unused water. We would with the right backing be able to start production with in a few months. We are looking for a serious investor to help us bring this unique, life changing invention to the people who need it the most.


New light weight portable cement molds now allow for the capture of leftover cement on the jobsite while producing a value added landscaping product. As most people are aware you can always count on leftover concrete after a pour as most contractors error on the side of caution when placing their ready mix order. The new molds also give the DIY a new avenue for making custom landscaping blocks by adding color or monograms to the molds for making their own unique landscaping blocks. This new product is a great way to take your next "sustainable or LEED" project to a whole new level. For more information please visit: formablok.com

Matt Keigher

I have devised a method of threading pipe/conduit , I also have a proto type and patent on this product. I aim for it to be cheaper, quicker and easier than the product on the market at the moment making it a great investment opportunity, I look forward to hearing from anyone with interest..
Pictures and plan's can be supplied upon request.

Gary Sirchia

A popular common household product that has been used several times a day through out the world has expanded it's line, however, due to this existing enhancement my combination will monopolize the market. The existing product makes multi-millions every year and the simple enhancement will earn even more.

Ann Marie Hardenbrook
Founder of Carbrella

In Florida you never know when it's going to rain. Thus comes the "Carbrella"! It is a one of a kind vehicle umbrella. This umbrella is a sleek magnetic casing that is held on to the top of your vehicle by a magnet. It provides shelter from the rain, sun, and snow. Inside the casing are antenna like supports that come out of the housing and carry the umbrella like material which is activated by a remote key fob. This helps insure the driver stays dry while loading and unloading children, groceries, elderly, ect. 99% of my friends and family want one now and every time it rains I get messaged saying they wish they had one. If you are interested in learning more about my product you can reach me by email

 Ron Scott
Computer Access Security System/Application/Service/Product

Password management has been increasingly become a growing source of frustration among users struggling to maintain control of their ever-expanding lists of passwords. Adherence to proper password configuration protocols has long since been disregarded in favor of easier, less stress-inducing methods such as: using simple names or birth dates as passwords; using the same password over multiple platforms; or even disabling password protection completely. Unfortunately, this behavior significantly diminishes password security effectiveness, leaving devices, apps, sites, files, etc., susceptible to unauthorized access and intrusion.

I have developed a solution to this widespread problem. At its core is software capable of automation most of the tasks traditionally left to the user. The result is an exponential increase in both ease of use and password security effectiveness. The system utilizes current technologies widely supported in virtually all modern computers, tablets, smart phones, e-readers, etc.

I'm looking for smart, talented and passionate people to help me turn what I believe to be a great idea into a phenomenal product. Expertise at every level is required. From coders, hardware and application specialists and developers, to business, legal, finance, patents, and everything in between. This is a sub-basement level opportunity with nowhere to go but up. Join me and contribute to the effort and let's ride this baby together all the way to the penthouse! Please do not hesitate to contact me for more specifics and details. Your time is highly appreciated.

Jaime Bonfante
hecto_r2010@hotmail.com - upgradetech@yahoo.com

I am Jaime Bonfante the CEO for ComputerMate Technologies Ltda. in Brazil. We have developed an innovative an a revolutionary solar generator that only requires 8 seconds contact with solar light to start generating electricity permanently. Its requires no batteries to store energy and requires no expensive solar panel system installation on the roof. The EX5 prototype is finished and tested working 100%. He is looking for financial partners to join him in this venture to get the necessary funds to be able to run the first commercial level production of this innovative solar generator.

See photos attached and other pertaining information. Let me hear your interest on joining this venture to put you in direct contact with Jaime, the inventor.



Peggyann Bonk

I have suffered now for about 4 years from sever hot flashes and night sweats from going into early menopause immediately after I had a tubal ligation at the age of 45. My idea of a great invention, if not already done, is the opposite use of a heating pad. A cooling pad to help those out there with hot flashes, sprains, etc. I am not an engineer and not sure how this would work exactly, but think it would sell in the millions. I would surely buy one. Can you advise if this is already something thought of, or if I am on to something?

Geneva White
2150 Stoneham Drive
Indianapolis, In 46260
(317) 657-6982

Hi my name is Geneva White and I would like to enlighten you on this wonderful idea I have. I have came to the conclusion that having babies is hard work so I came up with GentleMe. GentleMe is a diaper bag with compartments for everything just like a purse. It has a bag for wipes and diapers, a baby first aid kit, a built in cup with scoop and lid for milk to go, two pockets in front, and bottle straps in the inside to keep bottles from moving and also a pocket doe moms phone for easy reach. I think this idea is great because it will keep mommy organized when leaving with baby. Thank you for your time.


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