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Investors: - To communicate with inventors about their inventions/ideas, you can contact them using the contact information included with each post. Some inventors have their own web page which includes a fully detailed explanation of each invention.

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F. Alhebshi

I hope this email finds you well. I would like to inform you that I have a useful product idea. The idea is about manufacturing a special vehicle to solve the problem of snow accumulation when snow heavily falls, which makes it hard to walk either with cars or feet. This problem doesn't allow people to go out to school and work easily. My offer is to sell this idea with its full description with 100,000 $.

Lucian Panait

This invention has been carried out because of the desire to make a product totally different from what it is today. Everything started with a forum for inventors from all over the world, where there are state. One of talk has entered and an investor who wanted to express his opinion about inventions.

He wrote: “I've been watching closely discussions on the forum of inventors, but unfortunately I have seen web pages that you have posted. I call a true inventor, the one who comes up with something that does not exist at present and which therefore invention manufacturing costs to be small. In this invention must be invested money.”

I can say that he was right. Many inventors more or less, create innovate than inventions. For me it was a great challenge and ambition, the contribution that person. After a long period of searching and constructi of models, we have been able to invent a new vehicle for cyclists.

For more information, please go to my web page, where to find photos and video shooting with it invention unique, original and revolutionary. This invention, is aimed at pleasure of free movement, with a small effort, but beneficial for the body.

In addition to theory of stress, it is possible to mount an electric motor. It can build an electric machine for one person or more than one person. Thank you for your attention and if interest please contact me via email.

My web page: http://qcycle.webs.com/

Debbie Daley

The Invention I have is to replace an existing product, though efficient, is not safe for either the Consumer or the environment. Replacing certain elements has enhanced the products performance to be more efficient, sustainable and Environmentally sound. It is my understanding that the consumers are buying products with the descriptions I have stated above. Specifically those with sustainability and environmental awareness. I am certain this product would sell and the R&D would be affordable as my formula would simply be Replacing that of the now existing formula. If you would be interested in knowing more of my Invention, please contact me.

Harvey Hagan
Douglasville Ga 30134

My invention, that I have applied a patent for, is to use a plastic square tube that is four or five inches wide and ten inches long, to hold up and bow the top mattress while making a bed. You put the square tube under the corner of a mattress. So, if the bottom sheet is real tight, when you are making a bed, it is a lot easier to pull the bottom sheet over the last corner. A lot of beds have tight fitting sheets. And everyone with arthritis or weak, can pull the sheet over easier, and tuck it in easier. Since the mattress is bowed, the sheet is easier to pull over the last corner and tuck it in. Also, if the mattress is next to a night table or a room corner, the device makes it easier for that situation too. I have lots of shapes, ones with handles, collapsible ones, and extra small designs. There really aren't a lot of improvements you can make. Try it your self with an object like a thermos that is four of five inches in diameter, and you will be amazed how easy it makes putting a tight sheet on the bed mattress. It is easy to lift the mattress and put it under the top mattress corner, too.

Chester Ely

Cheddar"s Custom Cleaner is a tool for steam cleaning motorcycle and sporting helmets that often become dirty, whether due to sweating, inclement weather, shared use, or prolonged storage. It can be time consuming and tedious to thoroughly clean a helmet as regularly as necessary. Utilize both a steam cleaner and a vacuum for optimal results.

June 11, 2014 Patent Pending, Application Number 14301689.

Wikimiaty Antona Dihardjo

There are hundreds of thousand car designers around the world, but they do not notice that car side mirror do not evolve since the first car was made, approximately 1945.

I drive Toyota Harries in Indonesia and I lost more than 5 times my side mirror which cost me each US$700 . This type of automobile side mirror with the whole casing can be stolen or taken by force easily within seconds by car thieves to be re-sold again, this has been happening in most third world countries. This caused a feeling of insecure, damage to the car, high expenses incurred and much hassles especially for expensive car owners.

I try to think to counteract the constant side mirror theft in most third world countries, where the casing of side mirror/rear view mirror are stolen and taken by force by car thieves within seconds.
This new side mirror/rear view mirror will be made to appear as if incorporated to the car body/door as a whole. Even if taken by force the mirror and casing will be broken to an irreparable extend, making it impossible for the parts to be re-sold again in the black market. This will discourage further car parts theft.

Attached please see the photo of old and new car that has the same side mirror and also my new modern and aerodynamic mirror which I had filed design patent in Japan and also USPTO Provisional.

I hope to cooperate with your esteemed firm to market this mirror to car manufacturers and I am waiting for your kind attention and favorable reply.


Abdo Fahoume

Hello: really I am afraid, I am an electronics technician I live in Morocco. I begin to develop a rechargeable battery without related industry, and it can resist for a few years,  bye bye charger. this invention will solve all problem of electricity and it will be useful in phone, pc, car, , airplane, , satellite.......... If you are not concerned please connect us to your colleagues ... I speak French, Arabic, English not much. Thank you ...

Arlene Grasley

I have an idea that would benefit everyone but a nudist. I'm looking for someone to buy my idea because I don't have the money for a patent. its a multi layered spring fall winter coat that combines into one for traveling. Great for hunters, campers, bikers everyone.

Max Garcia
+ 52 1 322 198 5356
skype: maxgarciac7081

Uses and applications: tec-mag-2014

Overview: no noise, no matter your size, no pollution, no magnetic, no radiation, no cutting blades, harmonization with environment, no emanation of sonic vibrations under maintenance, 0 kms amazing acceleration of the human body bearable , within the atmosphere known by matches. Vehicles: "all road" Water and below it (operation above the sea and below the surface), on any terrain under any traction - mud - swamp, or rural land, desert or jungle, even without access roads (even in space areas atmosphere, stratosphere), suspended at any height, no noise. Leave the vehicle suspended anywhere without wearing any type of fuel, and inaccessible. And in any degree of contingency .... Revolution aeronautical stations and national port and cargo industries, transfer, transport, mining, and propel the new satellites now orbit without extra cost of fuel

Goldie B

Inventor has created a SIMPLE, inexpensive, unique footwear accessory that gives customers an easy way to solve a common footwear problem. Small enough to carry in a purse or pocket. NOTHING LIKE IT!

Jim Loftus

I have 10 android app. ideas the one I like best is called “ make a word” I have a copyright on the game but I noticed someone else has that name. so it can be changed. the game is in-between scrabble and words for friends. it is a triple threat a game show idea a card game idea and a app. idea. I also have a book out “ jokers wild low budget sport card and dice games.” I have created sports games for 12 major sports.................using dice and a regular deck of cards. I am in talks with golf galaxy they liked the golf game idea. using dice. I also have a world series event for these games.

Anthony Tomaino
908 783-3851

My idea for a new invention is very very simple, hope one doesn't already exist. The basic hose reel, whether it be a basic model or top of the line is missing one important piece. There is a spacing between the reel and the outer edge that leaves room, when reeling, that allows the hose to get off track and causing the hose to get bound up. This, in turn, causes the hose to neither roll up or unwind. If the reel had a guard or shield in this spacing ,the hose can stay on track, making it easier to reel and unreel. I cant tell you the frustration I have fixing the hose and getting it back on track. I'm sure there are countless others that share this frustration. Please let me know if this idea is appealing to your investors and wait to hear from you soon.

205 486-5296

I invented a generator to run your home car boat plane no fuel water wind oil or fumes no admititions or drainage the first prototype was in 2000 my lawyer can verify this Mr Harkness I would love to speak to he must be in Texas that was where the prototype I made was first shown in Houston by Laron Freeman n his dad jack freeman Jr an taken to gulf of Mexico hooked to a boat it ran in the gulf all with out my permission Jeff Mobley is my attorney and partner of my invention please call to verify I will not allow my idea and invention to be stolen


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