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About 123 Inventions

What is 123 Inventions About?
123 Inventions is for inventors, entrepreneurs and companies. It is a web site based on the talents and abilities of people like you who have a drive to succeed and to be financially secure. We have a low overhead. I work at home on this web site and my Fast Cool Cars web site. I have the knowledge and know-how to get your ideas posted and displayed in a very professional manner. Since this website is maintained out of an office in our home, we also get work done around the clock. Not just from 9-5, Monday-Friday. Time is one commodity that cannot be bought or regained.

In Short - 123Inventions.com is here as a totally FREE service to help connect inventors with investors, or investors with inventors. If you have an idea, or a new invention, then send your idea in a brief description, along with any and all contact information that you would like posted with your idea here on 123Inventions.com. This website comes up first in most search engines for "Inventor Investor", so you can be assured that investor will meet inventor.

Why 123 Inventions?
123 Inventions is number 1 (top of the page) in the biggest and most popular search engines. When looking up such key words as, "inventions investors" Those two words are searched for thousands of times daily. The results for that inquiry are tens of thousands, and we are number 1. So when you decide to submit your idea, you can be content in knowing that when searched for, your web site will be found, since it is listed on 123 Inventions, the most popular, highly ranked invention web site on nearly every search engine. More traffic through this site, and your post, means, more possibilities of your idea making you money. You have the idea, and the drive to make it happen, or you would not be here. So make that smart investment now. Get your idea posted at 123 Inventions, and know that it will be viewed by many potential investors, and companies.

What is 123 Inventions for?
123 Inventions is a very popular, well established web site, for posting ideas and thoughts. We provide professional webpage design and setup. You can have a personal page dedicated to your specific idea. It contains your own email address and other contact info you wish to provide. You can also post pictures, charts and graphs, along with the description of your idea/invention to help gain the interest of investors, companies, and buyers. We can also provide you with a hit counter on your page. This is a handy feature, and a wonderful tool to see how many viewers you have that visited your personal webpage. Best of all, it is Free - included with your page setup, if you so desire.

What else can we do for you?
We can give you free advice on your thoughts and invention ideas. We provide personal responses. Not pre-generated form letters. We answer your specific questions. We provide you with a Links Page, so that you can see plainly that we are a competitive company (because I know too, that money does not grow on trees,) so that you can feel comfortable in knowing that you are getting a good deal for the services that we offer. You may decide to have your idea posted in two or more web sites. That is fine, and a good move on your part. Although a little more costly then some can afford. That is another reason that we offer the Links Page, in case you would like to post your invention on other web sites as well.

Inventors -
Please be aware that there are many scammers out there in the Internet world, that will try and make money off of you. Or talk you into giving them more information about your specific invention idea so they can steal it from you. Always make sure the one or company that you are dealing with is on the up and up, and being truthful with you. Sometimes it will seem hard to delineate between real interest and scammers, so just beware. Unfortunately these types of people are infiltrating everywhere they can to take advantage of people, and make a buck or more.

Ron & Heather Landry

Who am I?
I am the website founder, and owner of 123 Inventions. Ronnie C. Landry II. I have also taken up web design in the little spare time that I have. Check out my other popular web site at Fast Cool Cars. This site is very popular, and growing everyday. It is the best car enthusiasts website on the net. Besides being an inventor, Fast Cool Cars, is another one of my interests.

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